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Best swaddle for 3 month old baby to 6 months of 2019

swaddling 3 month old

Babies love to be swaddled. Just like babywearing, swaddling helps babies sleep longer, soothes and calms them, minimizes the risk of SIDs, and reduces anxiety. Choosing a swaddle for a newborn is not difficult. However, choosing the best swaddle for 3 month old baby to 6 months may be challenging because babies at this stage […]

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Best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

Comotomo bottles are very unique in regards to their shape, design and the material they are made of. Unlike most bottles, comotomo bottles are made purely from silicone, which makes them soft and squeezable just like natural breasts. However, silicone is quite firm so warming milk in comotomo bottles may take longer than usual. Using […]

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Best sterilizer for comotomo bottles (A guide on how to sterilize baby bottles)

best sterilizer for comotomo bottles

Babies are susceptible to infections since their immune system is not well developed. Hence, their utensils must be cleaned, sterilized and dried thoroughly. Comotomo bottles particularly can harbour germs when milk dries and gets stuck inside the bottle and the nipple. To prevent your baby from getting infections, it is important to ensure that the […]

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