When to Start Buying Baby Things: How Early Is Too Early?

By Lynn •  Updated: 05/24/23 •  8 min read
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Did you recently find out that you’re pregnant and can’t wait to hit up all the baby shops and boutiques? We know the feeling. But how early is too early when purchasing baby items? In this post, we’ll discuss everything you should consider, including when to start buying baby things and where you can pick up high-quality and affordable items for your baby-to-be!

When to Start Buying Baby Things

So – you’re wondering when to start buying baby things…

If you want to know when is the best time to buy baby items then you’re in luck! Because the short answer to that question is whenever you feel like it.

Seriously, mom and dad – feel free to begin buying for your little one as soon as you are ready to. Just be aware that there could be hindrances to buying too early as well as buying too late. 

For example, if you purchase baby gear too early, you run the risk of heartbreak. Risks for miscarriage are highest during the first trimester. 

Having said that, waiting too far down the line to begin making baby purchases may leave you ill-prepared once your baby does arrive – and that brings with it its own gnarly set of problems. 

baby surrounded by baby things

When is the best time to start buying baby clothes?

When to start buying diapers when pregnant

When to buy diapers can be a tricky topic. 

We all know how pricey they can be, and given how fast babies grow, it is possible that your baby will skip through sizes and you’ll be left with a bunch of diapers you have no idea what to do with.

On the flip side, if you buy too little diapers–or no diapers at all–you could find yourself on the run to the local market on a weekly, or daily, basis as you try to replenish all of the diapers that your baby has gone through.

So, what should you do?

We recommend stocking up on diapers but focusing on buying diapers of varying sizes. That way, no matter what size your baby is or how fast he or she grows, you’ll always have a stash of diapers on hand to hold you over for a while – or at least until your next shopping trip! 

Best time to buy baby clothes

The best time to start buying baby clothes is likely around week 13, which is when your second trimester begins. Your risk of miscarriage is much lower at that point, so buying baby clothes in advance won’t be as risky. 

Just remember to refrain from laundering your baby’s clothing until very close to your due date. Doing so will help rid your baby’s clothes of any dust, dirt or debris that may have collected while allowing them to sit in storage. 

Buying baby clothes in advance

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying baby clothes in advance; just try to stick to larger sizing, if able. 

Your baby will grow like a weed and before you know it, none of those itty-bitty newborn clothes will fit him or her. Buy a few newborn clothes, but also buy larger sizes in multiple sizes so that you aren’t in a bind when your baby gets bigger.

baby in basket

When to start buying baby furniture

When to start buying baby gear

When it comes to baby furniture, it may be best to buy it earlier rather than later. Once your first trimester has passed, you may consider eye-balling a few furniture pieces and buying some of the pricier items upfront or over time. This will keep you from stressing when your baby is on the way, especially if you’re low on cash. 

Best time of year to buy baby gear

It goes without saying, but shops and companies tend to heavily discount products around the holidays. Look for steep discounts on baby items in November and December and take advantage of them when you see them. 

Buying baby gear

Remember, it doesn’t really matter when you buy baby furniture, but because it tends to be more expensive than clothing, we’d recommend you go ahead and get the furniture out of the way, just to be safe. 

Can I start buying baby stuff at…

Buying baby stuff at 7 weeks

Buying baby stuff at 7 weeks is risky, but honestly mom and dad, you’re welcome to do it. Buying for baby should be fun and exciting, so don’t feel you have to rob yourself of those emotions during this special time. 

Is 8 weeks too early to buy baby stuff

Remember, when it comes to buying items for your little one, how early you choose to splurge is completely up to you. The first trimester has the highest risk for complications, but it is important to note that all trimesters have some risk associated with loss. 

Therefore, it is completely up to you when you buy your baby’s new things.

Is 13 weeks too early to buy baby things?

Actually, 13 weeks is likely the ideal time to buy baby things if you are into buying early. And because it marks the beginning of your first trimester, it is less risky to buy at this time as opposed to 7 or 8 weeks. 

Can I start buying baby stuff at 20 weeks?


In fact, this is a great time to get your baby shopping done because it is during this time that you will likely find out the gender of your baby, if you so choose. 

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early?

No, it isn’t bad luck to buy baby stuff early. 

Although some moms and dads feel that if they buy too soon it may, in effect, “jinx” the pregnancy, this simply isn’t true. Try instead to relax and enjoy this time. 

pregnant mom in autumn colors

List of things to buy when pregnant

Things you need to buy for a baby

There are countless things you’ll want to buy for your new baby. These things range from baby bottles to cribs to diapers and so much more. To start, we’d recommend sticking to baby furniture and then branching off from there. 

What do you get when you have a baby?

Categorically speaking, you’ll want to make purchases for your baby within the following areas:

  • Clothing/blankets
  • Baby gear
  • Nursing and feeding
  • Hygiene
  • Nursery
  • First aid and safety
  • Toys
  • Anything else your heart desires such as books, maternity clothes and the like

First things to buy for baby

What are the first things to buy when having a baby?

When having a baby, try your best to focus on baby furniture. It’s the most expensive, and sometimes, the most important. Having these items bought and out of the way will likely be a load off of your shoulders when the time comes for your baby to arrive! 

Baby stuff I need to buy

Again, you’ll need items to feed your baby, keep him or her clean, baby furniture and so much more.

Things to buy when pregnant

When you are pregnant, you’ll likely be feeling the pains of fluctuating hormones and the weight of a growing infant in your belly. In the midst of your wild pregnancy to-do list, remember to be kind to yourself and consider stocking up on things like nausea candies, maternity wear, nursing bras and food that you can prepare ahead of time to make your postpartum experience much easier.

When should I start buying maternity clothes

When should you start buying maternity clothes? 


You may find that your normal clothes–and especially your pants–fit tighter than they used to very early on in your pregnancy, usually due to gas and bloat. So, break out the maternity yoga pants and get comfy… for the long haul!

Where to buy baby items

Buying baby stuff online

Buying baby stuff online can be insanely convenient, especially if you know where to look and how to do your research. We recommend reading the reviews on everything before you purchase it, though, to ensure that you are buying baby items that are of high quality. 

Where can I buy baby stuff?

Amazon and BuyBuyBaby are great places to start when buying baby gear. Also, Carter’s has amazing clothing pieces for infants that are cute, durable and long-lasting. 

Where to buy baby supplies?

You can snag baby supplies at virtually any local market, but places like Wal-Mart and Target are often best priced. You can also peruse Amazon for awesome knick-knacks for your little one that you likely didn’t even know existed!

When to Start Buying Baby Things: Only Do It When YOU Feel Comfortable

To close, remember that the memories that surround having your first, second or even third baby will always be near and dear to your heart. Thus, you shouldn’t rob yourself of the opportunity to buy for your little one as soon as you feel ready. Just be careful to focus on the most important items first, like furniture and diapers, while purchasing clothing and other smaller items, diapers and fingernail clippers, whenever the time feels right for you. 


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