Are diaper pails worth it?

are diaper pails worth it

Are diaper pails worth it?

Short answer, YES! Here is a list of the best diaper pails that control the odor very well.

Nothing smells worse than a soiled diaper that has been left in the trash for even a few hours. I was gifted a diaper pail by my lovely sister that I am currently using with my second born. I wish I had got one earlier because it is seriously awesome at trapping smell.

What are diaper pails?

If you are reading this I am sure you know what a diaper pail is but if not, a diaper pail is a garbage can that is specially designed for disposing of diapers and wipes.

Are diaper pails wort it? FAQ

Why do I need a diaper pail?

The smell of used diapers is nothing short of unpleasant and can make the whole house stink. Even rubbing the diapers in a polythene bag before throwing them in the trash can hardly prevent the smell from getting out.

If you like the smell of fresh air, then you really need a diaper pail. It traps bad smell and prevents it from spreading around the house unlike with a regular trash can.

Why not use a regular trash can?

I would want to imagine that your regular trash can is placed somewhere in the kitchen, right?

If that is the case, then throwing soiled smelly diapers in the trash can is not only unhygienic but also a health hazard. This is because the trash can lid is usually not tight enough so the smell will easily diffuse through and spread in the kitchen. Diaper pails on the other hand close tightly and no smell can pass through.

How do diaper pails work?

Diaper pails work in a really simple way. They come with a refill bag, which is fixed at the top and drops inside the pail. There is a chute at the top of the pail where you push the diapers through into the bottom of the pail and it closes. So the diapers stay inside the bag, which keeps the smell locked in.

Here is a better explanation of how a diaper pail works using a video.

Can I use regular trash bags in my diaper pail?

Buying the refills can be quite costly. Actually, the reason why some parents opt not to buy the genie refills is due to the high cost of the refills.

Fortunately, a number of diaper pails are designed to use the normal garbage bags such as the Ubbi money saving Diaper Pail and Munchkin step Arm & Hammer diaper pail

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