Best Swaddle and Sleep sack for 3 to 6 month old (2022)

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There are several factors that you should consider when buying a swaddle or sleep sack and one of them is age. Is your baby a newborn, 3 months, or 6 months? Picking a swaddle for a newborn (0-2 months) is not difficult because their needs are limited. They simply need a swaddle that creates a womb-like environment. However, choosing the best swaddle for 3 month old baby may be challenging because babies at this age want to explore mostly using their hands.

Nonetheless, most babies love to be swaddled especially when you choose a swaddle that meets their needs. Just like babywearing, swaddling helps babies sleep longer, soothes and calms them, minimizes the risk of SIDs, and reduces anxiety.

Some babies, particularly newborns, like to be swaddled with their hands in while older babies aged 3 months and above may prefer to have their hands out so that they can touch their face and self sooth. For this reason, you need to choose a swaddle that matches your baby’s preference and age. We understand this and that is why we have prepared this article to help you make a good choice when buying.

A comparison table of the Best Swaddle for 3 month old baby

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Best Sleep sack for 3-6 month old baby

1. Halo Sleepsack 100% cotton swaddle

Made from a material that is 100% cotton, the halo sleepsack is extra soft to protect baby’s sensitive skin. The fabric also stretches allowing the baby to stretch a bit when swaddled and not feel restricted.

The swaddle fasteners are large enough and can be adjusted depending on baby’s age. For instance, for babies aged 0-3 months, their arms can be enclosed in to minimize startle reflect. The hands can also be left free to encourage hands-to-face to self-sooth. For babies aged 3 months and above their arms do not need to be swaddled to allow them to explore with their hands. This feature helps in transitioning from swaddling baby.

This swaddle comes with an inverted zipper that opens from the bottom. It makes it easy for you to change the baby’s diaper without having to remove the whole swaddle.


  • It can be worn during all-weather seasons hence best swaddle for summer and winter.
  • Can choose to have baby’s arms in, out or near his face
  • High quality and durable fabric
  • Large and Strong Velcro


  • The swaddle wings tend to ride up under the baby’s chin leaving the arms unswaddled

Verdict: The Halo swaddle is the most versatile and grows with your baby from 0-6 months. It is the most appropriate for transitioning babies from swaddling.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Swaddle Transition Sleeping Bag

The Burt’s Bees Baby Swaddle is considered the best swaddle for 3 month old to 6 month old baby by most parents. This is because as babies get older, they do not like to feel constricted. They want to move their arms, touch their face and play with their legs without feeling restricted. The Burt Bee’s sleepsack offers just that.

The swaddle is quite roomy to allow easy movement of legs. The baby’s arms are not swaddled; hence, they can self-sooth and sleep with their arms up as they desire.

This Burt Bees’s sleepsack has a very strong and durable zipper that does not break easily. The zipper also starts at the top of the swaddle and goes all the way down. Therefore, you can easily change the baby’s diaper without removing the whole swaddle and waking the baby.  They also come in a variety of colors and designs for both genders to suit your preferences.


  • Made from organic cotton; hence very soft
  • It is thick but not too heavy
  • Plenty of room for baby to grow in it
  • They stand many washes in the machine without shrinking; hence, very durable
  • Breathable fabric


  • Seams may start to fray around the arms, neck and zipper if washed too frequently

Verdict: This is the most appropriate swaddle for babies who do not like feeling restricted as they outgrow swaddling. It is also a great transition swaddle as babies start to roll over.

3. Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack

Based on the reviews left by parents on several websites, the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack is the best baby wearable blanket for both newborns and infants.

These sleep sacks come in a wide variety of colors and designs from the quilted winter-weight sleep sacks to the fleece-mid weight and light cotton. Thus, if you feel that your baby does not like a certain design or color, you can always get one with their favorite design that they will love to wear every night.

The Deedee swaddle sleep sacks have shoulder straps that make it easy to put them on the baby even as she sleeps. This unique design is also patented, so you cannot find it in other sleep sacks.

The zipper is thick and large and runs on the reverse (top to bottom) to ease diaper changing.

They also come in different sizes from 0 to 6 months (small), 6 to 18 months (medium) and for older babies aged 18 to 36 months (large).

Baby Deedee’s sleepwear company is owned by a mom who understands sleep safety in the little ones. Hence, the sleep sacks are designed to eliminate the need for loose blankets in the baby’s crib that are linked to risk of SIDs in babies.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Super soft interior
  • High-quality material
  • A little warmer than most sleep sacks; great for camping and winter
  • Easy to get on
  • Despite being warm, the baby does not overheat


  • If you get a size bigger than your baby (oversize), the neck opening can easily come up and cover the baby’s mouth or nose. Thus, get the right size; small, medium or large depending on baby’s age.

4. Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic Sleeping Bag

This is rated the best-weighted sleep sack for babies.

Most babies like to feel the presence of their parents cuddling them even as they sleep. This is why the Nested Bean Zen Sack Sleep Sack is lightly weighted on the chest to reassure the baby of your presence. The good thing is that the weighted pad is filled with non-toxic poly beads similar to those used in baby toys.

The lightly weighted chest gives your baby the sensation of your palms; thereby, making them comfortable, which translates to longer sleeping hours.

The zipper system is two-way to ease diaper changing. The zip goes from below the right leg all the way up to under the baby’s arm and opens up to allow you to get it on the baby easily.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted (2 buttons on each side). Hence, this sleeping bag is designed to grow with your baby. However, it is recommended for babies from 3 months to 24 months. There is a swaddle version for newborns.

You can also get this sleep sack directly from Nested Bean Website right here


  • Breathable material
  • Warm enough for cold nights
  • Super soft cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Helps babies sleep longer
  • Comes in a variety of colours and prints


  • Moms who have used the Nested Bean Zen sleep sack have nothing much to complain about apart from it actually helps your baby sleep longer.

5. Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit

Nothing makes a mom more comfortable than purchasing something for their baby that was designed by a fellow mom and most importantly a pediatrician.

The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was invented by a mom of four and a pediatric physical therapist. For this reason, you can rest assured that it is made with your baby’s safety needs in mind.

It does not restrict hip movement and neither is it too tight. Hence, there is no risk of your baby developing hip dysplasia. In addition, it is flexible enough to allow the baby to move his arms, bend his legs and wiggle about while feeling warm and snug.

It is considered one of the best sleepsuits for babies because it helps to transition your baby from swaddling and establishing a good sleep routine.


  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Babies sleep longer
  • It is flexible
  • Super soft fabric
  • Warm and great for winter nights
  • Thick


  • The baby may overheat if overdressed since this sleepsuit is warmer and thicker than most sleep sacks and swaddles. Dressing the baby in a Onesie and the Baby Merlin’s Magic suit is enough to avoid overheating.

What to consider when buying the best swaddle for 3-month-old baby

  • Size

Swaddles come in different sizes from 0 months and above. Thus, size is an important factor to consider because it determines how cozy and comfortable your baby will be when swaddled.

If you get one that is too small, they may feel restricted or even overheat. An oversized one on the other handle causes a suffocation risk.

Therefore, get the perfect size for a 3-month-old. One that is not too small and not too big yet it should have enough room to allow for the movement of legs. At 3 months, babies like to play with their hands and legs, so they should not be restricted.

  • Fabric

The material of the swaddle is also an important factor to consider. Different brands use different materials, which also determine their quality.

As we have seen in our reviews above, most swaddles are made from cotton. This is probably because it is super soft and high quality.

  • Weather

Are you buying the sleep sack for summer or winter? You need to consider the weather and get an appropriate swaddle for that particular season.

If you are looking for the best swaddle for summer, a lightweight swaddle would be appropriate. For cold weather, get a swaddle that will keep your baby warm; probably one that is fleece-lined or quilted.

  • Ease of use

A swaddle sleep sack should be easy to use. You should be able to change the baby’s diaper while still in the sleep sack.

Thus, you need to get a swaddle blanket that has a zip that runs from top to bottom. This will help you to simply unzip it from the bottom and change the diaper without waking up the baby.

  • Price

Bearing in mind that babies outgrow swaddling at around 6 to 8 months, you need not invest too much on a sleepsack. Nonetheless, get one based on your budget and factors that we have discussed above. You may find that some swaddles are expensive and do not meet all your requirements while others are affordable and have all the requirements you need.

FAQ about the best sleep sack for 3 month old baby

Q 1. Should I swaddle my newborn at night?

Babies are swaddled right from birth. It keeps them warm and mimics the womb environment, which enables them to adjust to the outside environment gradually.

Thus, it is okay to swaddle a newborn at night in order to make them feel safe, warm and comfortable. This translates into a sound sleep for the baby and you get to relax as well.

Q2. When to stop swaddling my baby

Swaddles have replaced the traditional blankets. This means no more loose items in the cot or crib that can cover the baby’s face and cause suffocation.

It is recommended that you should stop using a swaddle the moment you notice that your baby is attempting to break out of it or wants to start rolling over. This is because once they roll on their tummy, they may be unable to roll back up since their hands are swaddled; thereby causing suffocation.

If you want to keep swaddling your baby, a sleep sack that allows them to have their arms out is more appropriate than a swaddle that covers their arms completely. For instance, with the Burt Bee’s sleep sack, babies can use their arms to sit up since they are not swaddled in.

Q 3. Should I swaddle with arms out or in?

The decision on whether to swaddle with arms out or in depends on your baby’s age and preference.

Newborns are usually swaddled with their arms in so as to prevent startle reflex. As they get older, they may want to self-sooth using their hands; hence, they may prefer being swaddled with their arms out.

Most 3 month old babies will enjoy being swaddled with arms out.

Q4. Do all babies like to be swaddled?

Most newborn babies like being swaddled because it gives them comfort and warmth similar to what they were experiencing in the womb.

However, as they get older, they may not like being swaddled as much. This is because swaddling may restrict them from exploring and self-sooth using their hands. An armless swaddle or sleep sack is more appropriate for babies who ate being swaddled.

Q5. Are there any benefits of swaddling?

There are several benefits of swaddling as we have seen in one of our articles here.

Swaddling helps to prevent startle reflex in newborns, reduces the risk of SIDS, keeps babies warm, calms fussiness and promotes better sleep.


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