How to Hide a Pregnancy Bump For 9 Months – Tips to Make it Possible

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If you’re looking for tips on how to hide a pregnancy bump for 9 months, you probably have your reasons. In reality, most women may look to hide their pregnancy bumps at  least at some point in their pregnancy journey. So, how can this be done? And is hiding a pregnancy up until birth even possible? Maybe! Let’s look to answer these questions and more in today’s post.

how to hide a pregnancy bump for 9 months

In Which Month of Pregnancy Tummy Comes Out?

At which point a pregnancy tummy will show can vary from woman to woman. 

Not the answer you expected? Sorry, but it’s true. There are several factors that can play a role in how early you’ll show, including whether or not you’ve had kids before, your body type, stature, fitness level, and genetics. Still, most women will probably develop a noticeable belly bump and start showing they are pregnant between 16-20 weeks. But again, this totally depends on the person.  

Note: In case you’re wondering, some people like to suck their bellies in when they are pregnant, but this will only work temporarily. After a while, even this becomes an impossible feat! Still, there are stylish ways to conceal pregnancy using clothing, so be sure to stay tuned!

how to hide a pregnancy bump for 9 months

How Long Can You Hide Pregnancy For?

So, how long can you hide a pregnancy? That’s debatable. I’d like to say up until birth, but honestly, unless you wear a LOT of clothes, it may or may not be possible. Stick around until the end though as we’ll dive deeper into some creative tips and tricks that can at least camouflage a baby bump so that it isn’t so painfully obvious. 

How Can I Hide My Big Baby Bump?

If you are truly looking to hide your baby bump, there are ways you can do it. But before we get into my recommendations, I’d like to say that having a baby should be a joyous time in your life. Try not to get too caught up in what people think of you, especially as you get further along. 

As always, if you feel threatened or unsafe, be sure to reach out for help

With that said, let’s look into some ways you can hide, or at least conceal, your baby bump at various phases of your pregnancy.

How to Hide Pregnancy Bump Second Trimester

Hiding your baby bump during your second trimester isn’t as easy as hiding it in your first, but there are things you do to make it more plausible. Wondering, “How can I hide my pregnant belly at 5 months?” or “How to hide baby bump at 6 months?”  The following are a few of the things you can do to hide your baby bump during your second trimester. 

Wear a Flowy Shirt

Wearing a shirt that isn’t sucking on your belly is ideal when trying to conceal a baby bump. But be careful of those that drape as well. Some tops may not exactly be form-fitting, but because of the way they “drape” over the belly, they end up highlighting your tummy instead of detracting from it. 

Opt for a shirt that doesn’t accentuate any curves. The best ones are those that cascade over your belly (in a camouflaging way) instead of resting on top of it. Bonus points for selecting a shirt that’s also more form-fitting around the chest and arms, as this will further distract the eye from your bump. 

Wear Form-Fitting Bottoms

Pairing a flowy shirt with form-fitting bottoms works because it creates a naturally attractive profile that doesn’t scream, “I’m pregnant!” Plenty of fashionistas today pair either tight bottoms with a loose top or loose bottoms with a tight top.

Obviously, the latter won’t work well for you, but the former is the perfect solution for guiding curious eyes away from your big belly. 

Wear Darker Colors

Have you ever heard people talk about how much the color black is slimming on people? That works for pregnant women, too!

Opt for darker colors when you can to slim out your overall body profile. This works especially well when you’re trying to select blouses and tops! 

Nix Maternity Wear (If You Can!)

We know this won’t always be plausible, but try to avoid wearing maternity clothes if you can.

Maternity clothes are designed to fit smoothly and seamlessly over your bump. Believe it or not, this highlights the belly bump even more.

Thus, it may be a good idea to avoid maternity wear for as long as you are able. 

Use a Scarf

If the weather is cool and you are able to layer up a bit, try tying a scarf around your neck once and letting the rest drape over your tummy. Infinity scarves are great for this, but even a good ‘ole traditional scarf will do.

The trick is to distract the eye from the tummy by layering something over it. A scarf is a perfect accessory for the job!

Mix It Up With Prints

Just as dark colors can slim you out, patterns and prints can play tricks on the eyes by causing you to focus on them. Use this to your advantage by buying tops and dresses that are covered in loud and exciting prints.

This will distract from your bump as people hone in on the gorgeousness of your fun and vibrant top. 

Textured Dress

Whether you buy a ruffled dress or a blouse of many layers, this is one bonafide way to hide a baby belly when you are farther along. The ruffles and textures work to conceal any protruding tummies, until of course, you’re ready to spill the beans about your good news! 

How Do You Hide a Baby Bump in Third Trimester?

Now, if you are looking for answers on how to hide pregnancy until birth, the truth is that there aren’t many tips available to get you truly concealed. Still, there are a few tips and tricks you can utilize to make your bump less noticeable. 

Check out our following tips for concealing a really large baby bump.

High Waisted A Line Maxi (or Mini) Dress

Purchase a high-waisted a-line mini or maxi dress. These are sometimes referred to as fit and flare dresses. Alternatively, you can purchase a dress that is roomy and shapeless. Pair either of these dress types with a jean jacket for a discreet way to hide even the largest of baby bumps. 

Zippered Large Jacket

Last but not least, if it’s colder where you live, try wearing a large coat or a zippered jacket. Just make sure it’s roomy. Pair this with the scarf we told you about earlier and you might, just maybe, be able to trick people into thinking you just put on a little extra weight.

Clever Ways to Hide Pregnancy: Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve spilled the details on how you can conceal your pregnant tummy, let’s recap some of the most helpful tips mentioned thus far:

  • Use a scarf or other accessories to conceal a pregnant tummy.
  • Use darker colors for camouflage.
  • Use prints and patterns on top for even more camouflage.
  • Consider wearing tighter bottoms paired with a loose flowy top.
  • Wear a jacket or coat over your outfit. Make sure it’s zipped for the best results. 
  • Wear an a-line or loose-fitting maxi dress paired with a jean jacket to conceal a very large tummy. 
  • Slub shirts or very large sweatshirts are also a great option! 
how to hide a pregnancy bump for 9 months

How to Hide a Pregnancy Bump For 9 Months? It Isn’t Easy!

At nine months, you’re carrying a brand new life. Congratulations! Still, if you’d rather others not know, for the time being, there are ways you may be able to conceal your bundle of joy until the right time. By using darker colors, layering techniques, and patterns to trick the eye, you may just be able to pull off concealing your tummy for longer than you thought! 

Until next time! 


How can I keep my pregnancy a secret?

Use wardrobe techniques to hide your tummy and blame your emotionalism and nausea on something totally unrelated to pregnancy. 

Can you be 5 months pregnant and not show?

It’s possible but not very common! It all depends on your body type and genetics. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Still, be sure to see a doctor if something doesn’t seem right. 

How to hide pregnancy belly in summer?

Try to wear loose and flowy short-sleeved shirts and tanks. This is also a great time to check out ruffled sundresses and sleeveless blouses. Pair these with form-fitting shorts or capris, and you’ve got a cute and concealed look! 

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