What Does It Mean When a Baby Stares at You – Here Are the Reasons

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 09/30/22 •  6 min read
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Have you ever wondered what does it mean when a baby stares at you? If you’ve ever locked eyes with a baby whose eyes are outstretched, unblinking, and unwavering, you’re likely to have wondered what it all means. And though you may be tempted to pass it off as something quirky babies do, there are actually a few reasons the staring could be taking place. Interested to know what those reasons could be? Brace yourself! We’re gearing up to answer that right now! 

what does it mean when a baby stares at you

Why Do Babies Stare at Strangers?

The reasons babies stare at strangers can be tied to a variety of things. The following are some of the reasons babies tend to start intently at strangers.


When a baby stares at you, are you moving, talking, or gesturing with your hands? If so, it could be that the baby is drawn to your movements. Just as a baby is drawn to the movement of a ceiling fan or swaying trees, he or she is also drawn to the movements of humans. In fact, many babies even learn to talk by intensely watching the movement of our mouths.

Much of a baby’s fascination with movement comes down to his or her brain. Because the brain is developing at rapid speed, there are certain things, such as moving objects, that garner the attention of a baby more than it would an adult. Remember that to a baby the world is very new. As such, even small and mundane actions may be of major interest to little eyes. 


Much like movement, babies may be drawn to certain sounds. Again, if you are talking to another person it could be your voice that is drawing the baby’s attention. If you are clapping your hands, snapping, singing, toying with your keys, or even turning the pages of a book all of this could be of high interest to a child.

High Contrast Coloring

Okay, here’s where things get really interesting! Did you know that babies are attracted to high-contrast coloring? It’s true! Babies can be drawn to sets of colors that are in high contrast

So, how does this translate to why a baby might stare at you? Consider your physical characteristics. Do you have lighter skin, dark hair, and bright red lipstick? If so, you’re likely to be the apple of a baby’s eye! Dark skin with white or light hair is likely to garner the same amount of attention. 

Don’t have any of that going on? There may still be something about your appearance that’s keeping the baby’s stare so strong. Can you guess what it is? Read on to find out!


Yep, you probably knew it was coming. Some babies actually stare because you are attractive! Just as humans stare at attractive people for longer, studies show that babies stare for long periods of time at attractive people than they do at unattractive people. So, the next time you wonder, ‘Why do babies stare at me?” consider it a compliment! 

Anything Else That Garners Their Attention

Honestly, there’s no telling what makes a baby stare at you. Although the above reasons for baby staring are viable, the truth is that we’ll never really know what’s going on in those little brains of theirs. It could be virtually anything that is making it hard for a baby to keep his or her eyes off of you. 

But that isn’t always a bad thing, is it?

Why Do Babies Stare at Their Mothers?

If you’re a mama and catch your baby staring at you, don’t worry. It’s usually a very good thing! Babies often stare to create a bond with their caregivers. This is especially true during bottle or breastfeeding

So, go ahead, stare back and smile. Your baby will appreciate the special bond the two of you have together!

Why Do Babies Stare at Me and Cry?

There could be a number of reasons babies stare at you and cry. Remember that babies are thought to be deeply intuitive, and thus, if you are sad, angry, or emitting other negative emotions, it may be off-putting to a little one. 

Apart from that, it could be just that the baby has gas or is discontent for reasons unrelated to you. Honestly, babies cry and smile often for no reason at all. So, try not to take it too personally. 

What Does It Mean When a Baby Stares at You Old Wives Tales?

The major assumption when it comes to old wives tales and baby stares is that the person the baby is staring at is attractive. However, we know that there can be several reasons a baby is staring other than attraction. These include high contrast characteristics on a person’s face, shiny jewelry, deep or interesting voices, movement, and so on.

what does it mean when a baby stares at you

What Does It Mean When a Baby Stares At You? Could Be a Number of Things!

There are a number of reasons that you may catch a baby staring at you. Whether they attracted your movements, your face, your voice, or even your dangling jewelry, you may catch a baby staring at you for reasons you aren’t aware of. 

Rather than feel uncomfortable, it’s usually best to smile back and wave. Remember that a baby’s brain is always growing and developing. Thus, what grabs their attention may vary and may have no particular rhyme or reason at all! 


Why do babies stare into space?

Babies that stare into space usually do so because they are enamored by something. Whether there’s something floating in the air or they are simply “spacing out”, staring is usually a sign of good brain development.

Why do babies stare at nothing and smile?

It may seem as though your baby is staring at nothing, but your baby may be thinking of something or may be noticing something that you aren’t privy to. Similar to daydreaming, babies do this even when there doesn’t seem to be anything going on. You never know what’s going on in those little brains! 

What does it mean when babies stare at you spiritually?

There’s no specific spiritual meaning to when babies stare at you.

What does it mean when a baby girl stares at you?

 A baby girl staring is usually out of curiosity or interest, however, it can also be a baby’s way of bonding with you. 

Do babies stare at attractive faces longer?

Actually, they do! Just like adults, babies tend to stare for longer at faces they find attractive. 

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