3cm Dilated…How Much Longer Until Labor?

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 10/15/22 •  6 min read
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At 3 cm dilated how much longer until labor is a question worthy of a good answer. After all, when you’re in your third trimester, waiting until your due date can seem like an eternity. Whether you’re tired of lugging the extra baby weight or simply can’t wait to meet your little one, it’s likely that that special day can’t come soon enough. So, how much longer do you have to wait if you’re already 3 cm dilated? Join me and we’ll find out in today’s post.

3cm dilated how much longer

Is 3 cm Dilated Considered Labor?

When asked about 3 cm dilated how much longer, the answer is that it could take anywhere from a few hours (or less) to a few days before you meet your baby.

Surprised? It’s true! 

Being 3 cm dilated does not automatically mean your baby will come today. It also doesn’t mean your baby won’t come very soon. It’s all a matter of how quickly your body progresses. And guess what? No two labors are the same! 

Can You Be 3 cm and Not in Labor?

You absolutely can be 3 cm dilated and not be in active labor! Here’s why. 

Labor is technically defined as a woman who is having contractions that lead to cervical dilation. At this stage, the opening of the cervix is usually in the 6-10cm range. The contractions you’ll feel won’t be Braxton Hicks, but rather, will be regular consistent contractions that bring about the further opening of the cervix. 

A woman can be walking in public at 3-4 cm dilated and not be totally in labor. This happens often with women who have had multiple children before. Some women report having gone anywhere from a few hours to a few days before their bodies went into “full-blown” labor. 

Typically, however, a woman that has reached anywhere from 6-10 cm dilated (with 10cm meaning the baby is coming out) will be having contractions. This woman will also be in active labor. 

3cm dilated how much longer

How Long Can You Be 3 cm Dilated Before Going into Labor?

If you are 3 cm dilated and are also experiencing regular contractions, you are in what is defined as the “early stage” of labor. This is when your uterus is 3-4 cm dilated and contraction intervals will range anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

With this information, you may find yourself confused. I thought you just said 3 cm wasn’t labor? Now you’re saying it is? 

Don’t worry, there’s an explanation for that, too! Remember that 3 cm dilated only means you’re in labor when followed by regular and consistent contractions. Thus, the timing and intervals between your contractions are important. They can help you identify whether they are “real” or Braxton Hicks-style, based on their length and frequency.

3 cm Dilated No Contractions

Remember, if you have no contractions but are 3cm dilated, you aren’t truly in labor. You are, however, on your way to meeting your baby very soon. You may even see him or her before the next week arrives! How exciting! 

Still, talk with your OBGYN about approximate time ranges as it specifically relates to you. Other factors, such as effacement, also play a role, so be sure to listen to your doctor for a better approximation of your delivery date. 

How Long Does It Take to Dilate From 3cm to 10cm?

The answer to this is similar to, “3cm dilated how much longer”? It really depends.

Typically, someone who is walking around without contractions at 3cm dilated may see their baby within a few days. If, however, you’ve got regular contractions accompanying your dilation, then your cervix could dilate in as little as a few hours. 

The early labor phase is very unpredictable and is usually much longer for first-time moms. So, hang in there. If you’re 3cm dilated you’ll likely be cradling your baby in your arms very soon!  

3cm dilated how much longer

Can Your Water Break at 3 cm?

Your water can definitely break at 3 cm dilated. This is also the time when your doctor and nurses may elect to break your water themselves. Either way, if your water is broken, it is a clear sign that things are progressing. So, if you notice that this occurs be sure to phone your doctor or midwife right away! 

How Can I Speed up Labor at 3 cm Dilated?

So, you’re 3 cm dilated and want to know how to speed up labor? Here are a few tips for 3 cm dilated how to speed up labor: 

  • Take a Bath and Relax: Contrary to belief, hot baths won’t actually induce labor but they sure do feel good! Just be sure the water isn’t too hot. It can cause your baby to become overheated and can put your body in distress as well. The main point here is to relax. The more relaxed you are, the better your body is able to do its thing. 
  • Walk: Any kind of movement is great for getting labor started. By standing up and walking around, you put pressure on your cervix which can help speed things up.
  • Have Sex: There’s said to be a hormone in semen called prostaglandin that can help ripen the cervix for labor. Thus, sex may be a great way to get labor started. 

3cm Dilated How Much Longer? Not Long At All!

Although you can walk around at 3cm dilated without being in active labor, the truth is that you are getting very close to the real thing. In fact, some women who are experiencing contractions with dilation may already be in the early labor phase. 

Despite this information, please be sure to speak with your doctor to get correct information about your dilation, effacement, and labor as it relates to your specific situation. 

Until next time! 

3cm Dilated How Much Longer Until Labor? – FAQs

How many cm dilated before they will break your water?

About 3-4 cm is typically the norm. Speak with your doctor for details. 

Is it normal to be 3 cm dilated at 36 weeks?

It is certainly possible!

If I’m 3 cm dilated 50% effaced, how much longer?

If you are 3cm dilated and 50% effaced no contractions (or even if you are 3 cm dilated 70% effaced no contractions) you may or may not be in labor. It is impossible to know exactly how much time is left, but know that it isn’t much. Get in touch with your doctor and get your birth plan ready. You’ll be holding your baby very soon!

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