Best Diapers For Blowouts to Avoid Smelly Disasters

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 07/15/22 •  19 min read
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Almost every parent knows the pain of having experienced a major diaper blowout and what a mess it creates. And while there are things you can do to help keep the mess contained, you may also be wondering which diapers are the best diapers for blowouts. 

If that’s your question, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got the answers right here in this post for you. In today’s blog, we’ll be detailing some of the most popular diapers and how they perform when it comes to containing messes such as diaper blowouts. 

So, if that’s of interest to you, read more below. We’re getting started right now!

What Diapers Are Best For Blowouts

What Are the Best Diapers For Blowouts?

Diaper blowouts are explosive events that leave many parents reeling and unsuspecting babies crying in discomfort. 

In technical terms, a diaper “blowout” is when the force of a baby’s bowel movement causes poop to cascade out of the sides, and sometimes up the back, of your baby’s diaper. This leaves a crazy mess for you to have to clean up.

I’ve had my share of diaper blowout experiences, and trust me, they aren’t fun! And because my baby was exclusively breastfed, she had bright yellow poo (a completely normal and healthy color for infant poo in case you’re worried) that stained all of her clothing and anything else the poo touched.

Fun, right?

But don’t worry. If all of this sounds overwhelming, there’s hope! There are several diaper brands that work hard to contain messes like these. And there are also a few tricks of the trade that we’ll get into later that can help you overcome these issues so you can survive any unexpected explosion unscathed. 

Let’s get into the details.

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Huggies vs Pampers Blowouts

To start everything off, I thought it might be a good idea to hit you with the best of the two powerhouse brands on the diaper market. Those are Huggies vs Pampers. 

While the debate continues as to which brand is actually better, the fact of the matter is that both brands offer diapers that can act as a barrier to gnarly blowouts so you and your baby can get on with your day without fear of the unexpected.

The following are some of the best diapers for blowouts from both Huggies and Pampers brands. 

Best Huggies Diapers For Blowouts

Okay, so we’ve listed a ton of Huggies diapers here in this section (and even in other posts, such as their Slip ons and Pull Ups lines). But honestly, it’s because we couldn’t just select one!

Huggies diapers do a great job of containing messes. So offering multiple versions of these diapers gives you more options to choose from.

Note: Remember that all three of these selections perform well “under pressure”. But there are also a few things you’ll want to do when putting on your baby’s diaper to ensure that they perform at optimal level. We’ll get into many of those blowout management tips later in this post!

Huggies Little Snugglers

Huggies Little Snugglers were designed with the smallest of babies in mind. These diapers come with a pocketed back waistband and super absorbable liner to contain messes with ease. Huggies LittleSnugglers are hypoallergenic, lotion-free, paraben-free, and chlorine-free, which makes them the perfect pick for even your youngest babe. Still, Huggies Little Snugglers tends to be on the more expensive side. So if you’re looking for a cheaper Huggies option, be sure to keep on reading.

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Huggies Little Movers

Huggies Little Movers are named and designed after the time of your baby’s life when diaper leaks and potential explosions are likely to happen because of gaps created in the diaper when your little one is on the go. From crawling to walking, it is important that you select a diaper that’s not only comfortable but can flex and flow with your child’s movements in order to contain messes all day.

Thankfully, Huggies Little Movers diapers do just that! With contoured shapes and an elastic design, this diaper keeps poop and pee locked in. They provide elastic leg ruffles, a SnugFit waistband (great for their pulls ups as well), and a Dry Touch wetness liner. These keep your baby’s diaper from leaking before the next diaper change.

Just remember that these, too, are a bit on the expensive side. Meaning that replacing a box of these diapers may cost you a bit more than generic brands. But trust us, these higher-quality diapers are well worth the price!

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Huggies Snug & Dry

Looking for a more affordable Huggies option? Huggies Snug & Dry are a good pick for those who wish to prevent blowouts on a budget. Still featuring many of Huggies’ quality and patented designs, these diapers perform well in terms of containing mess. As long as you purchase the right size and put the diaper on correctly. The lower price point is reflected in the feel of the diaper rather than the performance. So if you’re okay with a slightly rougher texture than that of your standard Snuggler or Mover diaper from Huggies, then you’ll likely love this inexpensive option that works wonders for keeping poo at bay.

Note: I still use this cheaper Huggies Snug & Dry diaper for my young toddler. And it works well for containing messes at night even to this day. 

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Best Pampers Diapers For Blowouts

Now that we’ve acclimated you to some of the best Huggies diapers for blowouts, it’s time to explore the best diapers for blowouts coming from the Pampers line. 

For this I’ve selected only one diaper, as this one, in my opinion, performs best for containing mess. That isn’t to say that other types of diapers from Pampers aren’t well-performing. But rather, some diapers from Pampers, particularly those for older babies such as Pampers Cruisers, aren’t as comfortable for active babies the way that Huggies brands might be.

Note: These statements are based PURELY on my experience. Many parents LOVE Pampers for their active babies. So be sure to go with what works best for you and your little one.

So, which Pampers diaper actually made the cut? Read on to see!

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers are a favorite in hospitals and amongst new parents. These diapers are exceedingly soft. And in my opinion, may even hold messes in better for newborns and younger babies than Huggies does (but that’s totally debatable!). Pampers Swaddlers contain Dual-Leak Guard Protection at the legs. They also feature soft and stretchy sides that contour to your baby’s every move. These aspects of Pampers Swaddlers along with its softness and comfortability may make this diaper number one on the list for containing mess when your baby is still small and inactive. 

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Which Diapers Are Best to Prevent Blowouts?

Looking to step outside the box a bit and explore other diapers that offer blowout protection? Here are a few other parent favorites that can help you contain mess and save your sanity!

Best Diapers For Blowouts Up the Back: Dyper Bamboo Baby Diaper

Blowouts up the back are nearly every parent’s greatest disgust. But thankfully, there are diapers that you can buy to eliminate this worry.

Apart from the Pampers and Huggies diapers mentioned above, the Dyper Bamboo Baby Diaper is also a strong contender when it comes to protecting against messes up the back and otherwise. These diapers are unscented plant-based, and hypoallergenic for delicate baby skin.

Still find that these diapers and other brands aren’t working to prevent blowouts up the back? Consider purchasing a diaper blowout blocker. Get one that extends up the back to keep your baby’s back clean and comfortable.

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Best Diapers For Blowouts in Newborn: Honest Company Clean + Conscious Diaper

Aside from the above Pampers Swaddlers recommendation, the Honest Company also makes a diaper that many parents say works well for their newborns.

Made from clean and conscious materials, this diaper is best for your newborn. It features an umbilical cord cut out to keep your baby comfortable while also working to keep poo in its place the entire time.

Be sure to select the correct size as your baby grows. This will add further protection against unwanted blowouts when your baby is this young.

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Best Diapers For Leg Blowouts: Seventh Generation Diapers

Leg blowouts are the most common type of blowout besides those that filter up through the back. Consider Seventh Generation diapers to be another good choice when it comes to keeping poo in its place around the legs. They feature 120-hour protection against leaks and sustainable plant-based pulp that won’t irritate your baby’s skin in between diaper changes.

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Best Diapers For Side Blowouts: Parents Choice – Baby Diapers

Believe it or not, the Parent’s Choice brand by Walmart is a strong contender in the world of containing blowouts, leaks, and messes. These diapers aren’t only affordable but perform remarkably well.

They have comfortable elastic sides and adjustable tabs. These can be wrapped snugly to help prevent blowouts that might try to sneak out of the sides. This brand of diaper can easily be found both online and in-store. They diapers can provide you relief from clean-up without you having to sacrifice too much in the way of quality and performance. 

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How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts: Tips and Tricks

Now, you’ve got knowledge of what diapers might work best for your little one’s nastiest blowouts. It might help to also have a few tried and true tricks of the trade up your sleeve for keeping poop at bay, no matter what brand of diaper you use. 

The following are tips to help you survive (and hopefully prevent) your baby’s next major blowout: 

  1. Pull Out the Ruffles: The first and biggest tip I have for you is to pull your baby’s diaper ruffles out from around their legs. The “ruffles” exist around the leg holes of your baby’s diaper. They are supposed to fluff outward (not inward) after you’ve clasped the diaper closed. I cannot tell you the amount of joy that I had after discovering that this was the secret to keeping my daughter’s poo in. Anytime I forgot to pull out the ruffles (which was often) my daughter’s yellow infant poo would splatter everywhere and ruin her adorable clothing. However, when I pulled the ruffles out, she rarely, if ever, had a blowout. So, it really does work!
  2. Check For Gaps: Apart from pulling out the ruffles, you’ll also want to check for gaps in your baby’s diaper after you’ve put it on. Some places where gaps might appear are up and around your baby’s tummy or back (indicating that the diaper is too loose), the area where the tabs meet the diaper, and of course, around your baby’s legs. Remember that these gaps provide a space for your baby’s poo to seep through. So it is imperative that your baby’s diaper is gap-free in order to prevent major blowouts.
  3. Buy the Right Size: Buying the right sized diaper is absolutely crucial to preventing blowouts. A diaper that is too big will leave plenty of room for gapping. This leaves plenty of space for your baby’s poop (and pee) to escape. To prevent this, buy a diaper that fits correctly–not too small and not too large. This will keep your baby clean and comfortable. It can keep you from stressing out over ruined clothes and a poopy mess. 
  4. Do Your Research: Be sure to read up on which kinds of diapers perform well when it comes to both leaks and blowouts. There are some diapers that are the best for stomach sleepers and others that are best for blowouts (which are the ones we’ve listed here). Be sure to read reviews on the diapers before you purchase them. Reviews can save you headaches and wasted money as you learn from the experiences other parents have had with the product.
  5. Spend What You Can: It’s perfectly fine to purchase budget-friendly diapers (I always have). But if your baby has frequent blowouts and nothing seems to be helping, you may need to step it up a notch. Go with Huggies or Pampers rather than an off-brand. Though off-brands are cheaper, Huggies and Pampers diapers may perform better than your typical run-of-the-mill generic diaper brand. They may also be softer, especially if you buy the Huggies Little Snugglers, Huggies Little Movers, or Pamper Swaddlers varieties. And the added bonus? Companies like Huggies and Pampers usually have their own rewards programs that practically throw cash at you just for buying their diapers. It’s a win-win! 
  6. Buy Extras: Until you are able to get your baby’s frequent blowouts under control, it is a good idea to buy extras…of everything! Extra blankets, extra clothes, extra changing pad covers. (If you’re wondering “how many changing pad covers do I need for my baby?” the answer is at least a few) Especially if your baby has frequent leaks), and even extra accessories to help contain blowouts. Consider buying a diaper blowout blocker or diaper extender. These can help prevent your baby’s poo from coming up and onto their back.

Best Diapers For Blowouts? Take Your Pick!

So, there you have it! There are several diapering options available to you that can help contain mess and stress when your baby’s diaper blowouts just won’t quit.

Remember that no matter what diaper you choose to use, you should always follow the tips mentioned previously in our post. All these help minimize the chances of your baby’s poo leaking out. 

You can also purchase a diaper pail deodorizer to help with the smells!

We hope this has helped you! Until next time!


Do big diapers cause blowouts?

Bigger diapers can cause blowouts because they leave more room for gapping. The more space your baby has in a diaper the more holes and openings are created for poo to get through. Therefore, we recommend buying a baby’s diaper so that it actually fits rather than being too big, to minimize the chances of a blowout.

Why is my baby having so many blowouts?

There are many reasons your baby could be having blowouts. Aside from the diaper being too big, you may not be pulling out the ruffles around your baby’s legs which is really crucial when you are trying to prevent diaper blowouts. Be sure to read the above tips and tricks within the post to best prevent diaper blowouts in the future.

Do cloth diapers help with blowouts?

Yes, cloth diapers can be better than “normal” disposable diapers when it comes to blowouts for several reasons. Just be sure to look for high-quality cloth diapers to better contain the mess. 

Are diaper blowouts normal?

I can assure you, there’s nothing more normal than a diaper blowout. All babies have ‘em… it’s just a fact of life! 

How often do diaper blowouts happen?

Diaper blowouts can happen as often as your baby has a bowel movement if the baby’s diaper isn’t apt at keeping everything in check. Be sure to use the right size diaper and to diaper your baby using the correct techniques to keep poo in its place.

How do you change a diaper blowout?

To change a diaper blowout, be sure you have your baby on a changing pad or blanket that can be cleaned afterward. Remove your baby’s soiled clothing, but avoid pulling the soiled garments over his or her head (remove them from the bottom instead). Wipe your baby’s body and legs, and change the diaper as normal. Wipe, disinfect, and wash any soiled garments or equipment. You may also wish to keep a diaper caddy full of supplies so that the next time a blowout happens, you are prepared with everything in one place!

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