BLW Signs of Readiness You Need to Know

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 06/28/22 •  4 min read
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Is your baby ready for baby-led weaning (commonly known as “BLW”)? BLW signs of readiness are on many parents’ list of questions. Thankfully, we’ve got the information here that you need to determine when it might be best to introduce solids for baby-led weaning to your little one. Let’s get started. 

What Are Two Signs That a Baby May Be Ready to Begin Weaning?

Signs of Readiness For BLW

One of the most important signs that your baby is ready to begin weaning is his or her age.

While this “sign” isn’t something you’ll actively be looking for like the others, it is very important that you wait until your little one is able to digest the foods that he or she eats before introducing them to him or her. Otherwise, you may risk giving your baby a belly ache along with other issues that could potentially be long-lasting.

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Another sign that your baby is ready for baby-led weaning is if they are showing an interest in food.

Remember, however, that interest in food may occur even before your baby is ready to start eating. So, be sure to only consider this as being a sign of being ready to eat if your baby is 6 months or older

Baby Led Weaning Starter Foods

Signs of Readiness For Solids

Signs of Readiness For Purees

Purees are an excellent place to start for very young babies just beginning to learn to eat. It can help get them used to the taste of food and help acclimate them to chewing and swallowing. 

Signs of Readiness For Baby Cereal

Baby cereal is often one of the first recommended foods for babies, especially for those who wish to introduce baby food earlier than 6 months (though we don’t recommend this).

Bear in mind, however, that baby cereal is not a required meal, even as a starting place for babies at 6 months, and in fact, there have been concerns about levels of arsenic in most rice cereals that may prove harmful to babies.

Not a fan of cereal? How about baby rice? Check out our post on it!

Signs of Readiness For Baby Food

Regular baby food can be introduced at the same time as any other baby food. As long as your baby is 6 months of age, showing interest in foods, and is showing other signs of readiness.

Keep reading for even more signs that your baby is finally ready to start sampling foods for baby-led weaning

Signs of Readiness For Solids BLW

Other signs of readiness for baby-lead weaning apart from being 6 months of age and showing interest in foods include:

  • Holding Head Up Independently For Long Periods of Time
  • Engaging In Chewing Movements With Mouth
  • Getting Objects to Mouth By Hand With Accuracy
  • Sit Up with Little to No Support


Can You Start Blw at 4 Months?

You really should not start baby-led weaning at 4 months. A lot of the research conducted has determined that 4 months old is much too young for a baby to start eating table foods. Rather, it is recommended that a baby’s diet continues to solely be made up of milk until he or she is 6 months old.
Note: Try not to wait much longer than 6 months old to introduce solids. Six months old is the recommended age for introducing baby-led weaning (or any type of weaning for that matter) because the previously mentioned milestones generally happen around this time, and also, a baby’s body often requires more nutrients than what mother’s milk or formula can supply around this age. 

BLW Signs of Readiness? Age is Key!

Apart from your baby being able to sit up alone, hold his or her head up, and showing interest in food, your baby’s age when introducing food is of the utmost importance. Introducing food way too early can cause your child digestive issues as well as to have other consequences down the road. Therefore, it is best that you wait until your baby is at least 6 months old before introducing him or her to baby-led weaning. 

Happy feeding!

Here are some food you can start with:

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