Can Pregnant Women Drink Hot Chocolate?

By Lynn •  Updated: 12/26/23 •  7 min read
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Every woman that has ever been pregnant likely knows the angst of not knowing what’s safe to eat or drink. And because a lot of cozy caffeinated drinks have gotten a bad rep, you may be wondering, “Can I drink hot chocolate while pregnant?” Join us as we set out to answer that question in today’s post. 

Can Pregnant Women Drink Hot Chocolate?

Yes, pregnant women can drink hot chocolate. There is nothing in a cup or two of hot chocolate that will negatively affect you or your baby. In fact, some studies seem to indicate that eating milk chocolate and drinking hot chocolate during your pregnancy can actually do you a lot of good. 

can pregnant women drink hot chocolate

Can Hot Chocolate Cause Miscarriage?

Hot chocolate does not cause miscarriage, though it is worth noting that experts recommend that pregnant women do not exceed 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. Because a cup of hot chocolate generally contains about 5 milligrams of caffeine, drinking a mug or two of it certainly shouldn’t hurt you or your baby. 

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Is Hot Chocolate Bad For Baby?

Hot chocolate isn’t bad for your baby, but the excess sugar can be. Consuming too much sugar can lead to negative complications for you and your baby including gestational diabetes, hindrances to proper brain function for your little one, and much more. 

Hot Chocolate During Pregnancy First Trimester

Drinking hot chocolate during the first trimester shouldn’t affect you or your little one, but be sure to monitor the amount of caffeine you drink in the day. Since it is recommended that a pregnant woman consume no more than 200 milligrams a day of caffeine, you’ll want to keep a record of how much dark chocolate, decaf or caffeinated coffee, and yes, even hot chocolate that you consume throughout the day. 

can pregnant women drink hot chocolate

Are Hot Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, most hot drinks are safe to consume during pregnancy.

With that said, however, it isn’t so much about the temperature of the drink as it is what makes up the drink. If what you are drinking contains alcohol, an excessive amount of caffeine, or is composed of anything else that might prove harmful to you or your baby, then you may need to skip it, whether it is hot or not. 

What Drinks to Avoid While Pregnant?

Drinks to avoid while pregnant include: 

  • Drinks With Excess Refined Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated Beverages
  • Drinks Sweetened With Artificial Sweeteners 
  • Unpasteurized Drinks

Can I Drink Chocolate Abuelita While Pregnant?

It is okay to drink Abuelita Hot Chocolate while pregnant, but be aware that this Mexican chocolate drink contains refined sugar which should be limited during pregnancy. You should also not consume too many cups as Abuelita hot chocolate and other chocolate products do contain small amounts of caffeine within each cup. 

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Can I Drink Milo While Pregnant?

As with many chocolate products, the amount of caffeine in Milo is very low. According to the company, 20 grams of Milo is the equivalent to only 2.2mg-4.8mg of caffeine. Thus, it is perfectly safe to drink Milo if you are pregnant; just be sure to watch your sugar intake. 

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Nestle Hot Chocolate During Pregnancy

It is safe to drink Nestle Hot Chocolate during pregnancy. As always, watch how many cups of hot chocolate you consume, and also, the amount of sugar being consumed while pregnant. 

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Why Do I Crave Chocolate When Pregnant?

Chocolate cravings can show up anytime, but especially when you are hormonal and pregnant. So, what gives? 

There are many reasons you could be craving chocolate during pregnancy including nutritional deficiencies and just being plain hungry. No matter what the reasoning is, you can feel free to go ahead and scratch that itch as chocolate has been shown to be good for you during pregnancy.

Still, moderation is key. Remember, too much of a good thing can eventually become a bad thing, especially when sugar and caffeine are involved. 

Craving Hot Chocolate Pregnancy Boy or Girl

Old wives’ tales have it that those craving salty, savory or sour give birth to boys while those craving sweets give birth to girls. Since hot chocolate falls in the category of sweets, you may have a girl on board – but really, there is no way to tell the gender of a baby by cravings alone. 

can pregnant women drink hot chocolate

How Much Chocolate Is OK During Pregnancy?

It is recommended that women take in no more than 24 grams of sugar per day, and no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day when pregnant. Thus, you will want to keep track of how much caffeine and sugar you are consuming daily to ensure that you stay within that realm. 

Need ideas for how to keep sugar consumption low while also indulging in your favorite chocolate decadents? Try researching a few refined sugar-free chocolate drinks and desserts! 

Note: “Refined sugar free” is NOT synonymous with “sugar-free” or artificially sweetened. You’ll still want to avoid artificial sweeteners while pregnant. 

Can You Eat Chocolate While Pregnant?

Yes, you can! Just remember that the darker the chocolate the higher the caffeine! Also, be sure to watch your sugar intake. 

Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder in Pregnancy

Cocoa powder has been linked to many benefits in pregnant women including relief from fatigue, stress, and mood swings. Cocoa powder is also stacked with healthful nutrients that are good for both you and your baby. 

Another bonus? Once you’ve had your baby, you can use oat milk for breast milk supply and combine it with cocoa powder or semi-sweet chocolate chips for a rich and decadent treat that can decrease the feelings of stress while increasing your milk supply!

Eventually, even your toddler can enjoy the benefits of cocoa powder in chocolate milk there are many vegan baby milk alternatives, like oat milk, available for little ones, but you’ll want to wait until your baby is at least two and even then, only serve chocolate milk sparingly as a fun treat.

Drinking Chocolate Milk During Pregnancy

Is It OK to Drink Chocolate Milk While Pregnant?

Just like hot chocolate, the trouble with chocolate milk would be the sugar more than anything else. While most chocolate products do contain a level of caffeine, most caffeine levels aren’t high enough to be concerned about. Similar to hot chocolate, chocolate milk only contains 5 milligrams of caffeine per cup. 

Hot Chocolate: Not Off Limits For Pregnant Women!

To close, hot chocolate isn’t off-limits for pregnant women which is something most chocolate lovers will rejoice about. Still, hot chocolate should only be consumed in moderation given its sugar content. Happy sipping! 


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