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If your baby is measuring big, will it come early? Well, that depends on a few things. In this article, we’ll delve into what it actually means to come “early” and also, the reasons why your baby might be so big in the first place. 

if your baby is measuring big will it come early

What Does It Mean If You Are Measuring Big During Pregnancy?

Measuring “big” during pregnancy means that the baby’s estimated height and weight are larger than usual.

So what exactly is defined as larger?

Usually, a baby that is 10 lb or more is considered larger than average. This is often referred to as “fetal macrosomia”.

Will I Deliver Early If My Baby Is Measuring Big?

There’s a lot of myths when it comes to pregnancy, like toddlers being able to tell when you’re pregnant.

Just because your baby measures big does not mean that he or she will come early.

Although your baby may technically be measuring early, it is important to remember that your baby is still whatever age they are gestation. This means that even if your baby is measuring 36 weeks at 34 weeks gestation, its development is still at 34 weeks.

Consequently, your baby still could use more time to develop in the womb and may not yet be ready to be born even though they are measuring bigger.

What Happens If Baby Is Measuring Ahead?

Ultimately, what happens if your baby is measuring ahead is up to you and your doctor. Though you aren’t likely to spontaneously go into labor just because your baby is measuring big, it is possible that your doctor may ask to schedule an induction earlier than your due date. 

This is usually because your doctor wants to avoid potential risks and complications associated with delivering a baby that is very large. It can help avoid an unwanted c-section.

Does Large Fundal Height Mean Early Delivery?

Now you know the answer to the question, “If baby is measuring ahead will it come early?” you may still be wondering about fundal height. Fundal height usually refers to the measurement from the top of your uterus down to the top of your pubic bone. It is how your doctor determines your baby’s growth and development.  

If your baby’s fundal height is measuring large, your doctor will discuss options with you for delivery depending on the situation. Not every mother will be required to be induced and/or have a c-section just because their baby is measuring large.

However, it is important to solicit your doctor’s advice and listen to any suggestions they may have about lifestyle changes to ensure a safe and healthy vaginal delivery. 

if your baby is measuring big will it come early

What Does It Mean When Your Baby Is Measuring Bigger Than Your Due Date?

When your baby is measuring bigger than your due date, there could be a variety of factors at play. Your doctor may be able to pinpoint the specific reasons your baby has come to grow so large. But the reasons why also may not be clear. 

Either way, your doctor will give you tailored advice about any lifestyle changes you may need to make to prevent your baby from growing much bigger in the future.

What Causes Babies to Measure Big?

The following factors can often play a role in why your baby may be measuring big:

  • Genetics
  • Giving birth to larger babies in the past
  • Pre-pregnancy diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy weight gain
  • Pre-pregnancy obesity
  • Delivery is overdue

If My Baby Is Measuring Big Will I Be Induced?

Remember that even if your baby is measuring big, it does not necessarily mean you’ll need to be induced.

Ultimately the choice is yours. However, we do recommend taking heed the advice of your doctor. 

Take a look at the following questions mothers often have about delivering large babies at varying times in their pregnancies.

Baby Measuring Ahead in Third Trimester

If your baby is measuring ahead in the third trimester, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot birth the baby vaginally on (or after) your due date. Speak with your doctor about potential risks and complications before making a decision as to what’s best for you and your baby.

Baby Measuring a Week Ahead on Ultrasound

A baby measuring a week ahead on ultrasound isn’t usually anything to worry about. In fact, ultrasounds have a reputation for being off by about 1 pound, more or less, than the baby’s actual weight. 

Can You Be Induced at 37 Weeks If Baby Is Big?

It’s possible to be induced this early but not likely. Doctors generally induce at around 39 weeks to allow your baby plenty of time to mature. Still, speak with your doctor about any concerns you may have. 

if your baby is measuring big will it come early

What Happens If Your Baby Is Measuring Big at 32 Weeks?

Most likely? Nothing at all.

You certainly won’t be induced this early even if your baby measures big. You can, however, try to decode why this may be the case, and if there are any dietary or lifestyle changes you can make to make the birthing process a bit easier. 

If Baby Is Measuring 2 Weeks Ahead Will It Come Early?

A baby measuring 2 weeks ahead will likely not come early on its own.

However, your doctor may advise you to have your baby early via induction. But this isn’t always the case. 

Measuring 3 Weeks Ahead Will I Deliver Early?

No. Your baby won’t come early just because it’s measuring 3 weeks ahead.

If your doctor recommends you deliver early, it will be up to you whether or not you abide by their recommendations. 

What If My Baby Is Measuring 3 Weeks Ahead?

If your baby measures three or more weeks ahead, your doctor will likely perform a few tests. They may also order an ultrasound to get a better understanding of the situation.

Afterwards, they will give you tailored recommendations depending on your situation. 

If Your Baby Is Measuring Big Will It Come Early? Not Always…

Just because your baby is measured big, doesn’t mean that he or she will come early. Whether you’re worried about being induced or your baby coming on its own spontaneously, you typically don’t have too much to worry about if your baby is a bit larger than average. 

Still, fetal macrosomia can be dangerous if the baby gets too big as it may complicate delivery. Speak with your doctor to get the full breadth and scope of your options concerning delivery. 

To save yourself the stress, check out what to wear during labor in preparation!


How accurate are ultrasound measurements?

Ultrasound measurements are often off by 15-20%. 

What is the maximum baby weight for normal delivery?

That will depend. Babies that are 10 lbs or larger will be considered larger than normal. If your baby measures this large, your doctor will determine the next best steps.

What is considered a big baby?

A “big baby” is considered to be 10 lbs or more. This is often referred to as fetal macrosomia.

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