Can Toddlers Tell When Someone Is Pregnant? – Debunking Pregnancy Myths

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 06/20/22 •  6 min read
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Can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? Well, yes and no. Some moms believe that their younger children have a certain kind of intuition that can clue them in on a pending pregnancy. But is it true? Could be! Join us as we uncover the world of toddler intuition and answer the question of whether or not toddlers can actually tell when you’ve become pregnant. 

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy?

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy Before You Know?

It is possible that your baby can sense pregnancy before you know it, but it may not be in the way that you think. 

Babies are very intuitive all on their own, and as such, may pick up on stress or other minor shifts in your emotional patterns. 

Moreover, breastfeeding babies may pick up on things you can’t, like changes in hormones, as these very well may affect your breast milk in ways that you are unaware of. 

These minor shifts in emotions, hormones, and potentially your breast milk may cause your baby to become confused or anxious. Therefore, if you notice your baby becoming particularly fussy or cranky, it may be because you have another little one on the way…but not always!

can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant

Do Toddlers Have a Sixth Sense About Pregnancy?

Toddler Intuition Pregnancy

Aside from a baby’s intuitive inclinations comes a toddler’s naturally curious and inquisitive nature. Because toddlers are already quite clued in and interested in what is going on with you on a day-to-day basis, he or she is more likely to readily pick up on subtle cues that even you may not have noticed. 

Things like a rounder, firmer stomach and mood swings are likely to be much more noticeable to toddlers than they will be for older children or even your spouse. And though many moms believe that a baby looking between their legs means pregnancy is looming, the truth is that your toddler is much more likely to verbalize the fact that they notice your external signs of pregnancy (while humorously letting you know which differences they notice) rather than silently telling you by contorting their bodies. 

can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant

Can a Child Predict Pregnancy

Can a 1 Year Old Sense Pregnancy?

As previously mentioned, children of various ages can sense pregnancy, mostly because of their inquisitive and naturally intuitive nature. 

At age 1, your baby is at the delicate stage of technically being a “toddler” while still acting like a baby most of the time. Because of this, your one-year-old will likely still have his or her intuitive characteristics but will also be becoming a bit more inquisitive and curious as well. 

These properties combined may cause your baby to act a little differently around you, especially if you have already started experiencing mood swings, however, this is more likely to flesh itself out in clinginess and tantrums than it will in questioning at this age.

Can a 3 Year Old Sense Pregnancy?

A three-year-old could certainly sense pregnancy, especially if you’ve been displaying some of those (embarrassing) tell-tale signs. Excessive gassiness, bloating, overeating, and more can lead your three-year-old to ask a question or two (most likely in the company of other people). 

Either way, you can be sure that your three-year-old is watching you closely and can perceive changes in your mood, body, and overall demeanor… so if you hear your toddler asking a lot of questions concerning these things, look out–there could be another little one on the way! 

Can a 4 Year Old Sense Pregnancy

A 4-year-old is a bit older and can better connect what they know with the changes they notice. If your 4-year-old child is aware of what pregnancy is and if you’ve been talking about the potential for having another baby, your 4-year-old may be watching you intently to see if your wish has come true. Rest assured that your 4-year-old will likely notice any weight gain, gassiness, sickness, and any other external pregnancy symptoms you experience. 

Wondering if your 4-year-old can predict if you are pregnant without any clues? Most likely not. If he or she does, it may have been coincidental or based on other clues they’ve picked up. Either way, it isn’t likely that your child is making predictions out of thin air–though it may seem like it sometimes! 

can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant

Child Behavior When Mom Is Pregnant

Do Toddlers Get Clingy When Mom Is Pregnant?

Whether your child officially knows you are pregnant or is just guessing, your child will likely react in a strong way. 

There are times when children will be happy at the thought of a new baby entering the family, but don’t be surprised if they are not. No matter what age the child is, most children have difficulty accepting that mom is having a baby, especially if they were the only child to begin with. 

Common behavior you may see with toddlers, older children, and even babies in some instances include:

  • Fussiness (for babies)
  • Clinginess (all ages)
  • Tantrums
  • Stubbornness
  • Disruptions in Sleep
  • Mood Swings 
can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant

Bear in mind that many of the aforementioned baby, toddler, and child behaviors can signal other issues going on completely unrelated to pregnancy even if you are pregnant. No matter what the reason is for the negative behavior, be sure to do your best to understand your child’s emotions and work with them to help them sort out their feelings. 

Some ideas to help your child sort his or her feelings concerning the arrival of a new sibling include: 

  • Read books that talk about new additions to the family.
  • Read books about “big brothers” and “big sisters”.
  • Ask your child how they feel and give them space to vent.
  • Reaffirm your love for your child and try not to neglect time with them despite how busy you may be as you prepare for your new baby.
  • Involve your child (or children) as much as you can in preparing for the baby.
  • Once the baby arrives, continue to involve the children in helping take care of the baby, as this may help ease sibling rivalry.
  • Once the baby arrives, be sure to give the other child or children at least one time of the day when your attention is undivided and set upon them.

Can Toddlers Tell When Someone Is Pregnant? Sort of…

So, can toddlers tell when someone is pregnant? They probably can. By noticing subtle cues, shifting moods, and body changes, it may be that your toddler guesses that you are pregnant even before you know. Just remember not to look too deeply into the things that your toddler says and does; doing so just might get your hopes up! 

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