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The name Addison has been on the rise in terms of popularity, and we can see why. This charming and endearing name has unisex flair and communicates strength and leadership. But what about middle names for Addison? What names fit best? We will explore all of that and more in today’s post! Let’s get started. 

What Is the Meaning of the Name Addison?

The name Addison means “son of Adam”. It is derived from Old English and is often associated with strength and authority. 

The name Addison was formerly used as a surname. But in recent decades the name has shot up as a very popular first name amongst both girls and boys. Still, the name Addison continues to exist as a last name, especially in the U.K. However, it does well on its own as a first name, particularly when it comes to girls. 

One of the main reasons that many believe the name Addison became so wildly popular for girls in 2006 was due to a character cast as the lead in the show Grey’s Anatomy. The character’s name was Addison Montgomery and the show was released in 2005. By 2006, the name Addison began trending and entered the top 50 names for girls where it has remained even until now. 

And of course, these days, the most arguably popular Addison is Addison Rae Easterling (aka Addison Rae) of Tiktok fame.

Although the name is wildly popular for girls, it has decreased in popularity for boys, though the name is still considered to be very gender-neutral.

Is Addison a Unisex Name?

As previously mentioned, the name Addison is used predominantly for girls now, but it hasn’t always been this way.

The name Addison was formerly used either as a last name or a name for a boy, especially given its masculine meaning. Still, as with many names these days, the name has shifted from being masculine to feminine over time, and thus, many parents are now naming their baby girls Addison. 

This by no means means that you cannot use the name Addison for your son. This name is very much gender-neutral and will work for both boys and girls.

What Nicknames Are Good For Addison?

  • Addie
  • Adele
  • DeeDee
  • Dison
  • Sonny
  • Ozzy

What Are Good Sibling Names For Addison?

  • Addison and Avery
  • Addison and Emery
  • Addison and Riley
  • Addison and Kennedy
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Middle Name For Addie

Middle Name For Addison Boy

Looking for a great middle name for your little boy named Addison? Consider the following great fits: 

  • Addison Kyng
  • Addison Zev
  • Addison Gian
  • Addison Brennan
  • Addison Khalid
  • Addison Brayan
  • Addison Zavier
  • Addison Aidan
  • Addison Joey
  • Addison Harlem
  • Addison Kalel
  • Addison Jakai
  • Addison Crosby
  • Addison Kye
  • Addison Seven
  • Addison Branson
  • Addison Heath
  • Addison Wes
  • Addison Neo
  • Addison Ignacio
  • Addison Judson
  • Addison Elon
  • Addison Leroy
  • Addison Adrien
  • Addison Benedict
  • Addison Colton
  • Addison Kylen
  • Addison Augustine
  • Addison Granger
  • Addison Davion
  • Addison Jericho
  • Addison Coleson
  • Addison Zechariah
  • Addison Jaxton
  • Addison Wylder
  • Addison Joseph
  • Addison Anders
  • Addison Stefan
  • Addison Alfonso
  • Addison Mekhi
  • Addison Jovanni
  • Addison Azael
  • Addison Felipe
  • Addison Jamal
  • Addison Khai
  • Addison Jair
  • Addison Graysen
  • Addison Blaise
  • Addison Shepard
  • Addison Gordon
  • Addison Dangelo
  • Addison Turner
  • Addison Davian
  • Addison Bishop
  • Addison Kamdyn
  • Addison Arian
  • Addison Vance
  • Addison Cory
  • Addison Truett
  • Addison Kole
  • Addison Coen
  • Addison Elisha
  • Addison Brecken
  • Addison Harley
  • Addison Korbin
  • Addison Kellen
  • Addison Howard
  • Addison Aldo
  • Addison Kacey
  • Addison Jabari
  • Addison Kelvin
  • Addison Damir
  • Addison Kody
  • Addison Adler
  • Addison Maxton
  • Addison Everest
  • Addison Canaan
  • Addison Wallace
  • Addison Jacoby
  • Addison Jones
  • Addison Reuben
  • Addison Bronson
  • Addison Alfred
  • Addison Fisher
  • Addison Blaine
  • Addison Bowie
  • Addison Kristopher

Middle Names For Addison Girl

The name Addison is extremely popular for baby girls right now! Consider the following middle names for your little one:

  • Addison Meghan
  • Addison Angelique
  • Addison Aspyn
  • Addison Ellen
  • Addison Emmeline
  • Addison Leanna
  • Addison Tori
  • Addison Jaylene
  • Addison Ayleen
  • Addison Baylor
  • Addison Aubriella
  • Addison Gwen
  • Addison Emberlynn
  • Addison Paola
  • Addison Alisson
  • Addison Rylan
  • Addison Elyse
  • Addison Avalynn
  • Addison Luisa
  • Addison Tinsley
  • Addison Zainab
  • Addison Lexie
  • Addison Kinley
  • Addison Simone
  • Addison Tatum
  • Addison Clover
  • Addison Crystal
  • Addison Giavanna
  • Addison Ryann
  • Addison Judith
  • Addison Eleanora
  • Addison Tiffany
  • Addison Kathleen
  • Addison Joyce
  • Addison Natasha
  • Addison Arlette
  • Addison Sariah
  • Addison Iliana
  • Addison Deborah
  • Addison Maleah
  • Addison Valerie
  • Addison Austin
  • Addison Scarlette
  • Addison Kaisley
  • Addison Violeta
  • Addison Veda
  • Addison Natalie
  • Addison Lauryn
  • Addison Aubrielle
  • Addison Zoe
  • Addison Marianna
  • Addison Madalyn
  • Addison Barbara
  • Addison Haylee
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Unique Middle Names For Addison

  • Addison Chauncey
  • Addison Jameson
  • Addison Lyra
  • Addison Kaz
  • Addison Karina
  • Addison Calder
  • Addison Marigold
  • Addison Laris
  • Addison Blaze
  • Addison Bear
  • Addison Atticus
  • Addison Myrcella
  • Addison Ireland
  • Addison Guri
  • Addison Kenya
  • Addison Bowie
  • Addison Beckham
  • Addison Dallas
  • Addison Hawkeye
  • Addison Copeland
  • Addison Hawthorn
  • Addison Monroe
  • Addison Jagger
  • Addison Patience
  • Addison Carsyn
  • Addison Balwinder
  • Addison October
  • Addison Nell
  • Addison Duke
  • Addison Cheyenne
  • Addison Pearl
  • Addison Forrest

Middle Names For Addison: Time to Get Creative!

As you can see, there are many middle names that you can pair with Addison to create something that stands out. Don’t be afraid to get creative with middle names as the name Addison has long been associated with strength, individuality, and leadership. Here’s to finding the perfect name for your little one! Cheers! 

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