Middle Name For Stella – Make Your Child SHINE With These Names!

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In love with the name Stella? Finding the right middle name for Stella can take it to new heights! Join us as we take this seldom used, unique, and vintage name and revamp it by pairing it with fun and interesting middle names that we’re confident you’ll love! 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Stella?

The name Stella is Latin in origin, and as you may have guessed, the general translation of the word is “star” (or having the shape of a star).

The name is noted as having gained popularity amongst English- speaking countries after Phillip Sidney wrote his sonnet “Astrophel and Stella” in the 1580s. 

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Is the Name Stella Unisex?

Stella is typically designated for females and is rooted in femininity. However, if you are a parent looking for a name similar to Stella to name your baby boy, you may wish to consider the following similar options:

  • Edward
  • Edwardo
  • Drew
  • Silas 
  • Jasper

What Famous People Have the Name Stella?

Is Stella a Rare Name?

Stella can be considered a rare name, especially since it only recently has regained popularity after being quite popular centuries prior. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Stella was a rather common and trendy name. After a while, however, the name Stella practically disappeared from English-speaking countries.

In modern times, however, the name has made a major comeback as it quickly became a popular antiquated name for youngsters born in the early 2000s and even today. 

As time rolls on, the name Stella is becoming more and more common. Though it’s fairly rare to run into a person named Stella today, that may soon change as more parents are picking this name for their daughters, and other antiquated names like it!

Is Stella an Old Fashioned Name?

So, is Stella an old-fashioned name? Well…yes and no.

Yes, because the name was used in the late 18th and early 19th century before it eventually died out. Now, however, the name is becoming more popular and is trending as a very unique name. Because of this, though Stella may technically be “old-fashioned”, it is old-fashioned in a good way, as one of the most popular naming trends in the U.S. right now is to name your children names that are generally considered “vintage”. 

Sibling Names That Go With Stella

Sibling Girl Names That Go With Stella

  • Stella and Briana
  • Stella and Daphne
  • Stella and Luna

Sibling Boy Names That Go With Stella

  • Stella and Zane
  • Stella and Maxwell
  • Stella and Silas

What Are Some Good Nicknames For Stella?

  • Ella/Elle
  • Lala
  • Les
  • Telly
  • Stellar
  • Stelli
  • Stelly-Belly (just kidding…but not really!)
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Spanish Middle Name For Stella

  • Stella Martina
  • Stella Antonia
  • Stella Mariana
  • Stella Amelia
  • Stella María
  • Stella Paola
  • Stella Antonella
  • Stella Juliana
  • Stella Renata
  • Stella Romina
  • Stella Ana
  • Stella Isidora
  • Stella Jimena
  • Stella Valentina
  • Stella Josefina
  • Stella Alexa
  • Stella Camila
  • Stella Alma
  • Stella Fabiana
  • Stella Natalia
  • Stella Luciana
  • Stella Juana
  • Stella Bianca
  • Stella Guadalupe
  • Stella Ivanna
  • Stella Elena
  • Stella Alicia
  • Stella Florencia
  • Stella Manuela
  • Stella Isabel
  • Stella Amalia
  • Stella Elisa
  • Stella Daniela
  • Stella Valeria
  • Stella Isabella
  • Stella Micaela
  • Stella Magdalena
  • Stella Victoria
  • Stella Catalina
  • Stella Gabriela
  • Stella Constanza
  • Stella Adriana
  • Stella Salome
  • Stella Lucia
  • Stella Regina
  • Stella Alessandra
  • Stella Emily
  • Stella Julieta
  • Stella Fernanda
  • Stella Violeta
  • Stella Luna
  • Stella Miranda
  • Stella Kiara
  • Stella Emilia
  • Stella Alejandra
  • Stella Fiorella
  • Stella Ariana
  • Stella Jazmín
  • Stella Paulina
  • Stella Andrea
  • Stella Sofía
  • Stella Mia
  • Stella Danna
  • Stella Noa
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Stella Name Combinations

Suitable Middle Name For Stella

  • Stella Viktoria
  • Stella Nevaeh
  • Stella Nova
  • Stella Jade
  • Stella Ivy
  • Stella Emily
  • Stella Amaria
  • Stella Riley
  • Stella Kennedy
  • Stella Elizabeth
  • Stella Kinsley
  • Stella Rylee
  • Stella Genesis
  • Stella Samantha
  • Stella Elena
  • Stella Aaliyah
  • Stella Willow
  • Stella Ruby
  • Stella Aurora
  • Stella Everly
  • Stella Autumn
  • Stella Leilani
  • Stella Grace
  • Stella Madeline
  • Stella Natalie
  • Stella Luna
  • Stella Haisel
  • Stella Delilah
  • Stella Addison
  • Stella Brooklyn
  • Stella Liliana
  • Stella Vivian
  • Stella Paisley
  • Stella Allison
  • Stella Serenity
  • Stella Adeline
  • Stella Raelynn
  • Stella Athena
  • Stella Audrey
  • Stella Madison
  • Stella Lillian
  • Stella Gianna
  • Stella Abigail
  • Stella Amelia
  • Stella Leah
  • Stella Olivia
  • Stella Natalia
  • Stella Lydia
  • Stella Anna
  • Stella Eleanor
  • Stella Savannah
  • Stella Naomi
  • Stella Caroline
  • Stella Sadie
  • Stella Isabella
  • Stella Eliana
  • Stella Gabriella
  • Stella Emery
  • Stella Valentina
  • Stella Sofia
  • Stella Camila
  • Stella Quinn
  • Stella Avery
  • Stella Savannah
  • Stella Emilia
  • Stella Harper
  • Stella Sophia
  • Stella Violet
  • Stella Evelyn
  • Stella Claire
  • Stella Ariana
  • Stella Josephine
  • Stella Penelope

Middle Names For Stella Aren’t Hard to Come By…

Stella is technically an old-fashioned name, but its trendy and modern feel is undeniable! Stella can be paired with middle names that are equally as daring or can be paired with softer, more common middle names to balance it out. Either way, the name Stella is unique and is on the rise in terms of popularity.

Here’s to finding the perfect name for your little one!

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