Middle Names For Savannah – Choose from These Great Names!

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Looking for a perfect middle name for Savannah? We’ve got you covered! There are plenty of middle names you can pair with this gorgeously sophisticated and feminine name for your baby girl. We’ve even got a few variants of the name to pass along to you, to boot. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride— here are some of our favorite middle names !

Does the Name Savanna Have a Meaning?

A savanna is flat tropical grassland, a flat grassy plain characterized by trees. Savannah is also a city in Georgia. The name is of Spanish origin, likely a derivative of the word “sabana” and is a popular name that gives ode in many ways to the south. It is a sophisticated and trendy name, however, its popularity has been slowly waning in recent years. 

middle names for savannah ideas

Famous People Named Savannah

Can Savannah Work Well as a Boy Name?

Savannah is typically reserved as feminine, however, being that Savannah is a “word” name and also a place, the name could be used to name either a male or female. 

If you want to name your son Savanna, be sure to place with it a masculine middle name. You may even consider the following alternatives as being more masculine, but also very similar to the name Savanna: 

  • Evander
  • Vann
  • Vance

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Variants of the Name Savannah

In addition to the aforementioned masculine versions of Savannah, you may also consider the following variants of Savannah: 

  • Savanna
  • Savanah
  • Saavana
  • Sevanah
  • Sevenah
  • Sevinah
  • Sevina
  • Evana
  • Vana

Is Savannah a Rare Name?

Though the name Savannah isn’t rare, per se, it is worth noting that the name has been steadily declining in popularity for the past decade. Therefore, though the name Savannah is still quite common, it may not be so common in the years to come. As such, if you are looking for a name that is somewhat unique, Savannah might be a good pick, although it isn’t quite as rare as some other names you may find.

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Beautiful Middle Names For Savannah

Good Middle Names For Savannah

  • Savannah Anne
  • Savannah Bay
  • Savannah Belle
  • Savannah Bliss
  • Savannah Blue
  • Savannah Bree
  • Savannah Brooke
  • Savannah Claire
  • Savannah Dawn
  • Savannah Dove
  • Savannah Drew
  • Savannah Elle
  • Savannah Eve
  • Savannah Faye
  • Savannah Fern
  • Savannah Fleur
  • Savannah Frost
  • Savannah Gem
  • Savannah Grace
  • Savannah Greer
  • Savannah Hope
  • Savannah Jade
  • Savannah Jay
  • Savannah Jane
  • Savannah Jazz
  • Savannah Jeanne
  • Savannah Jo
  • Savannah Joy
  • Savannah Jude
  • Savannah June
  • Savannah Kay
  • Savannah Kate
  • Savannah Lake
  • Savannah Laine
  • Savannah Lark
  • Savannah Leigh
  • Savannah Love
  • Savannah Lou
  • Savannah Lux
  • Savannah Lynne
  • Savannah Mae
  • Savannah Paige
  • Savannah Peace
  • Savannah Pearl
  • Savannah Quinn
  • Savannah Rae
  • Savannah Rain
  • Savannah Reese
  • Savannah Rose
  • Savannah Shae
  • Savannah Shore
  • Savannah Skye
  • Savannah Snow
  • Savannah Sue
  • Savannah Tess
  • Savannah True
  • Savannah Wren
  • Savannah Wyn

Spanish Middle Names For Savannah

Girl Names That Go With Savannah

Given its Hispanic roots, there are many Hispanic middle names that will flow well with the name Savannah. Consider the following Hispanic pairings for this popular name: 

  • Savannah Alejandra
  • Savannah Valentina
  • Savannah Isabella
  • Savannah Dulce
  • Savannah Elena
  • Savannah Gabriela
  • Savannah Isadora
  • Savannah Martinez
  • Savannah Ivy

Boy Names That Go With Savannah

Though Savannah isn’t commonly used as a boy’s name, you may consider a variation like Evander, Vann, or Vance. For the sake of this post, we will pair the name “Vann” with the following middle names, but any variation will likely work well. Be creative! 

  • Vann Liam
  • Vann Noah
  • Vann Oliver
  • Vann Elijah
  • Vann Benjamin
  • Vann Lucas
  • Vann Henry
  • Vann Mason
  • Vann Ethan
  • Vann Samuel
  • Vann Matthew
  • Vann Asher
  • Vann Julian
  • Vann Gray
  • Vann Lincoln
  • Vann Anderson
  • Vann Ashton
  • Vann Avery
  • Vann Beckett
  • Vann Davis
  • Vann Harper
  • Harvey
  • Vann Huxley
  • Vann Lennox
  • Vann Morgan
  • Vann Jarvis
  • Vann Wilder
  • Vann King
  • Vann Ryder
  • Vann Francis

First Name to Go With Middle Name Savannah

First Names That Go With Savannah

Want to use Savannah as a middle name? Many have trouble pairing Savannah with a first name, but here are a couple of options to consider to get you started…

  • Paige Savannah
  • Grace Savannah
  • Laike Savannah
  • Reign Savannah (Rain)
  • Heather Savannah
  • Fern Savannah
  • Bay Savannah
  • Orlando Savannah

Nicknames For Savannah

The name Savannah lends itself to quite a few funny nicknames. Consider the following:

  • Vannah
  • Savvy
  • Nana
  • Vana Banana

Names Similar to Savannah

  • Carolina
  • Gabrielle
  • Sienna
  • Selena
  • Sophia
  • Havanah
  • Hannah
middle names for savannah list

Middle Names For Savannah Are Out There…Take Your Pick!

Ultimately, there are plenty of cute middle names for Savannah out there… just take your pick! And because the name Savannah is sophisticated in its own right, a simple, one-syllable middle name might be the perfect fit. 

You may also pair this name with a name of Spanish origin, especially given Savannah’s Hispanic roots. 

Hopefully, you’ve found this post helpful for coming down to a decision about the name of your baby–we‘re so excited you’ve let us become a part of that process! 

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