Middle Names For Hazel – More Than Just A Color!

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Love the name Hazel? So do we! And when it comes to middle names for Hazel, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty to choose from for your baby girl. Want to know more? Join us as we explore the meaning behind the name Hazel, as well as offer some amazing middle names that can be paired with the name. Ready? Let’s dive in! 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Hazel?

The name “Hazel” is English in origin and is an ode to nature. The name is in reference to the “hazel tree” found mostly in the northern hemisphere.

In addition, the word “hazel” often refers to the color brown, or specifically, light brown, just like the colors of hazelnut tree, and is used especially when referencing the color of one’s eyes. 

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middle names for hazel

Is Hazel a Rare Name?

Hazel is a relatively popular name, especially in the present day.

Surprisingly, the name Hazel has been around for centuries, seeing its peak in popularity in the late 1800s. It was around this time that it became fashionable to name children after things pertaining to nature, with the “hazel tree” being the inspiration for such a name as Hazel. 

Today, the name Hazel has returned after dying out for quite some time in terms of popularity and has now made the top 50 names for girls in America in the past few years. 

With that said, though the name Hazel isn’t really a rare name, it is a very pretty name that is beginning to make its comeback in recent times. 

Is the Name Hazel Unisex?

The name Hazel traditionally was used to refer to both boys and girls. Now, however, the name is almost exclusively associated with women.

Still, if you desire to use Hazel as a boy’s name, you may do so while also considering variations in the spelling of the name, such as Haesel or Haisel.

What Famous People Have the Name Hazel?

  • Hazel Crowney: British film actress that has appeared in Bollywood ads and movies in India.
  • Hazel Dickens: American bluegrass guitarist, singer, and songwriter. 
  • Hazel Blears: Member of British Parliament and British Labor Party politician.

What Are Some Good Nicknames For Hazel?

  • Haze
  • Hazi
  • Hazelnut
  • Haye

Variations in Spelling the Name Hazel

  • Haisel
  • Haizel
  • Hayzel
  • Haesel
  • Haisol
  • Hayzol
  • Haizyl
  • Hazelle

What Sibling Names Go With Hazel?

  • Hazel and Ashlee
  • Hazel and Betsi
  • Hazel and Henri
  • Hazel and Amaris
  • Hazel and Greta
middle names for hazel

What Is a Good Middle Name For Hazel?

Girl Names That Go With Hazel

  • Hazel Valentina
  • Hazel Genesis
  • Hazel Elise
  • Hazel Quinn
  • Hazel Piper
  • Hazel Leilani
  • Hazel Grace
  • Hazel Olivia
  • Hazel Naomi
  • Hazel Victoria
  • Hazel Willow
  • Hazel Sofia
  • Hazel Isla
  • Hazel Athena
  • Hazel Natalia
  • Hazel Gabriella
  • Hazel Camila
  • Hazel Nova
  • Hazel Aurora
  • Hazel Allison
  • Hazel Everly
  • Hazel Serenity
  • Hazel Aaliyah
  • Hazel Amelia
  • Hazel Josephine
  • Hazel Emilia
  • Hazel Ivy
  • Hazel Jade
  • Hazel Addison
  • Hazel Kennedy
  • Hazel Sophia
  • Hazel Nevaeh
  • Hazel Isabella
  • Hazel Penelope
  • Hazel Elena
  • Hazel Elizabeth
  • Hazel Madison
  • Hazel Gianna
  • Hazel Emily

Boy Names That Go With Hazel

Looking for a cute middle name to give Hazel a boyish spin? Don’t worry, we’ve got those too. Check out our top picks for middle names for Hazel: 

  • Hazel Liam
  • Hazel Noah
  • Hazel Oliver
  • Hazel Elijah
  • Hazel James
  • Hazel William
  • Hazel Benjamin
  • Hazel Lucas
  • Hazel Theodore
  • Hazel Levi
  • Hazel Alexander
  • Hazel Mateo
  • Hazel Daniel
  • Hazel Michael
  • Hazel Mason
  • Hazel Sebastian
  • Hazel Ethan
  • Hazel Logan
  • Hazel Owen
  • Hazel Asher
  • Hazel Wyatt
  • Hazel Julian
  • Hazel Hudson
  • Hazel Matthew
  • Hazel Gabriel
  • Hazel Carter
  • Hazel Isaac
  • Hazel Anthony
  • Hazel Maverick
  • Hazel Elias
  • Hazel Josiah
  • Hazel Andrew
  • Hazel Adrian
  • Hazel Eli
  • Hazel Aaron
  • Hazel Ryan
  • Hazel Angel
  • Hazel Christian
  • Hazel Roman
  • Hazel Brooks
  • Hazel Jonathan
  • Hazel Everett
  • Hazel Wesley
  • Hazel Jeremiah
  • Hazel Bennett
  • Hazel Silas
  • Hazel Nicholas
  • Hazel Parker
  • Hazel Beau
  • Hazel Weston
  • Hazel Austin
  • Hazel Dominic

Biblical Middle Names For Hazel

  • Hazel Amariah
  • Hazel Delilah
  • Hazel Eve
  • Hazel Shiloh

Color Names That Go Well With Hazel

Since “Hazel” is a color, why not choose a double-color middle name for your child?

  • Hazel Amber
  • Hazel Ash/Ashley
  • Hazel Cerise
  • Hazel Cherry
  • Hazel Claret
  • Hazel Dove
  • Hazel Ebony
  • Hazel Ginger
  • Hazel Henna
  • Hazel Ivory
  • Hazel Jade
  • Hazel Lilac/Lila
  • Hazel Olive
  • Hazel Poppy
  • Hazel Raven
  • Hazel Roan
  • Hazel Rose
  • Hazel Ruby
  • Hazel Sienna
  • Hazel Scarlet
  • Hazel Violet
middle names for hazel

First Name For Middle Name Hazel

  • Vivian Hazel 
  • Clara Hazel 
  • Raelynn Hazel 
  • Liliana Hazel 
  • Samantha Hazel 
  • Maria Hazel 
  • Iris Hazel 
  • Ayla Hazel 
  • Eloise Hazel 
  • Lyla Hazel 
  • Eliza Hazel 
  • Hadley Hazel 
  • Melody Hazel 
  • Julia Hazel 
  • Parker Hazel 
  • Nicole Hazel

Good Middle Names For Hazel? We’ve Got ‘Em!

As you can see, there are countless great middle names you can pair with the name Hazel. Apart from being beautiful on its own, adding a fitting middle name to Hazel only adds to its charm, and also, lends itself to quite a bit of creativity as well.

Feel free to experiment with the spelling of Hazel and to step outside of the box when it comes to pairing a middle name with it. Remember that Hazel was traditionally a unisex name, so using the name for a boy, though rare now, isn’t really all that strange. We hope this helps! Cheers! 

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