Middle Names For Ava – Child Names and Sibling Names, Too!

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Thinking of naming your little one Ava? If so, then rejoice–thankfully, there are plenty of cute middle names for Ava. Join us as we explore those as well as the history behind the name in today’s post. 

What Does Ava Mean?

Ava Name Meaning

The meaning of Ava is unknown and so are its origins. Despite this fact, the name Ava has been around even since medieval times and remains popular to this day! 

Many speculate that the name originated from Germany or Persia, however, no one knows for sure. In general, the name “Ava” is accepted as an American female name, similar to Eve, which means “life”. 

Some have also translated Ava into meaning “living and breathing” and have ascribed its origins to that of being Hebrew; though none of Ava’s origins are for certain.

Famous People Named Ava

Can Ava Work Well as a Boy Name?

Ava is traditionally thought of as female. However, it can be used for males, too. Pairing the name Ava with a masculine middle name can help.

More on that later! 

Variants of the Name Ava

There are several variants to the name Ava if you are looking to switch things up a bit. Consider the following different spellings, pronunciations, and slight differences made to the name Ava: 

  • Avis
  • Eve
  • Evah
  • Avah
  • Eivuh
  • Havva
  • Evan

What Is the Biblical Meaning of the Name Ava?

Though the name Ava isn’t found exclusively in the Bible, many people ascribe the translation “living and breathing” to Ava, and consider the name to be Hebrew, much like “havva”. In any event, the name Ava is becoming popular within Christian and non-Christian circles alike, likely due to its soft and feminine sound. 

Is Ava a Rare Name?

Ava is an incredibly popular name, landing in the top 5 most popular baby names in the United States as of 2020 and 2021. With this in mind, we would have to say that no, the name Ava isn’t rare, and is becoming less and less unconventional as the years roll on. 

If you are looking for a very unique name that sounds similar to Ava, you may wish to consider spelling it differently (like Eva) or going with a less common form of the name, such as Eve, to achieve a more rare but beautiful name for your child. 

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Sibling Names That Go With Ava

Girl Names That Go With Ava (Sibling)

  • Ava and Rose
  • Ava and Isabelle
  • Ava and Eden
  • Ava and Remi
  • Ava and Mackenzie
  • Ava and Margaret
  • Ava and Reagan
  • Ava and Alaia
  • Ava and Josie
  • Ava and Elliana
  • Ava and Cecilia
  • Ava and Daisy
  • Ava and Alina
  • Ava and Lucia

Boy Names That Go With Ava (Sibling)

  • Ava and Beau
  • Ava and Carson
  • Ava and Dominic
  • Ava and Xavier
  • Ava and Jaxon
  • Ava and Jace
  • Ava and Emmett
  • Ava and Adam
  • Ava and Rowan
  • Ava and Micah
  • Ava and Kayden
  • Ava and Ryder
  • Ava and Kingston
  • Ava and Damian
  • Ava and Sawyer
  • Ava and Lukas
  • Ava and Evan
  • Ava and Vincent
  • Ava and Legend
  • Ava and Myles

Boy Middle Names For Ava

Good Middle Names For Ava

Looking for a strong and masculine middle name for using Ava as a boy’s name? Here are a few we think pair well:

  • Ava Jude
  • Ava Bentley
  • Ava Ryker
  • Ava Tyler
  • Ava Elliot
  • Ava Dean
  • Ava Malachi
  • Ava Elliott
  • Ava Emiliano
  • Ava Maddox

What Middle Names Go With Ava?

Italian Middle Name For Ava

  • Ava Sofia
  • Ava Giulia
  • Ava Aurora
  • Ava Ginevra
  • Ava Giorgia
  • Ava Greta
  • Ava Isabella
  • Ava Luna
  • Ava Bella
  • Ava Emilia
  • Ava Gabriella

Girl Middle Names For Ava

Cute Middle Names For Ava

  • Ava Adele
  • Ava Ainsley
  • Ava Arden
  • Ava Bella
  • Ava Brooklyn
  • Ava Cali
  • Ava Camille
  • Ava Charlotte
  • Ava Corinne
  • Ava Daphne
  • Ava Demi
  • Ava Elaine
  • Ava Garnetta
  • Ava Harper
  • Ava Hazel
  • Ava Ingrid
  • Ava Jasmine
  • Ava Jewel
  • Ava Jordan
  • Ava Journey
  • Ava Kenya
  • Ava Lauren
  • Ava Louise
  • Ava Nicole
  • Ava Nova
  • Ava Orchid
  • Ava Peyton
  • Ava Piper
  • Ava Reagan
  • Ava Scarlett

Best Middle Names For Ava

Unique Middle Names For Ava

  • Ava Clover
  • Ava Coraline
  • Ava Genevieve
  • Ava Juniper
  • Ava Katniss
  • Ava Lark
  • Ava Monro
  • Ava Willow

Matching Ava to the Perfect Middle Name–It Can Be Done!

Now that you know how easy it is to find the perfect name combination for Ava, we sincerely hope you find something that sounds fitting for your little one. Consider the soft vowel sounds in the name and seek to enrich the name with a middle name that is strong and rolls off the tongue. 

Remember that the name Ava is traditionally feminine, however, it can be used for a boy as well. And while its origins are largely unknown, its popularity continues to rise as the years roll on.

We hope this helps! 

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