Middle Names For Aurora Suitable for Both Girls and Boys

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Love the name Aurora? If so, you may be wondering what middle names suit the name well. If that’s true, never fear… we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you! Read on to learn more about this increasingly popular historically feminine name, as well as how to pair this name with a middle name to make it sound even more beautiful than it already does!

Meaning Behind the Name Aurora

Aurora means “dawn” and has Latin origins. Aurora refers to the naturally beautiful light shows that fill the night sky that can typically be seen in regions such as the North and South Pole. For example, the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are southern and northern lights known for the beautiful designs they make in the sky.

Other well-known connections to the name Aurora include the name of the Greek goddess referred to by the same name, as well as the Disney princess who served as the lead role in Sleeping Beauty

aurora borealis view

What Name Is Short For Aurora?

There are a few names that are short for Aurora that you may like the sound of, especially if you are considering veering from using the name in its traditional sense and making it masculine for a boy.

For example, Rory, Ro (or Roro, to be extra cute), and Oro are good shortened names for the name Aurora, especially if you choose to use the name for a boy. These shortened names also work well for girls. 

In addition to the previous suggestions of Rory and Ro, you may also consider the following short names for Aurora: 

  • Aerie
  • Aria
  • Aura
  • Orie
  • Dawn (an ode to the actual meaning of the name) 

Is Aurora a Unique Name?

The name Aurora is a unique name. But you should know that the name is gaining popularity as the years go on.

While the name used to be popular in the past, the name has seen a resurgence and continues to grow in popularity year after year. As of recently, the name is in the top 50 on the list of most popular names in the U.S.

So, as you can see, while the name Aurora is fairly unique now, it may not be in the years to come.

Good Middle Names For Aurora

Hispanic Middle Names For Aurora

Looking for a cute Hispanic middle name for your little Aurora? No worries!

Here are a few of our favorite Hispanic middle names for babies with the name Aurora: 


  • Aurora Luciana
  • Aurora Catalina
  • Aurora Julietta
  • Aurora Daniella
  • Aurora Emilia
  • Aurora Elizabeth
  • Aurora Maria Victoria
  • Aurora Victoria
  • Aurora Luna
  • Aurora Romina
  • Aurora Guadalupe
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  • Aurora Sebastian
  • Aurora Martin 
  • Aurora Nicolas
  • Aurora Lucas
  • Aurora Diego
  • Aurora Emilio
  • Aurora Liam
  • Aurora Rafael
  • Aurora Javier
  • Aurora Mario
  • Aurora Magiel
  • Aurora Maricio
  • Aurora Axel
  • Aurora Antonio
  • Aurora Fernando

Unique Middle Names for Aurora

Girl Names That Go With Aurora

  • Aurora Jane
  • Aurora Marie
  • Aurora Janelle
  • Aurora Rose
  • Aurora Pearl
  • Aurora Joy
  • Aurora June
  • Aurora Grace
  • Aurora Bliss
  • Aurora Eden
  • Aurora Billie
  • Aurora Cassidy
  • Aurora Nicole
  • Aurora Daphne
  • Aurora Kincade
  • Aurora Dove
  • Aurora Gwen
  • Aurora Quinn
  • Aurora Lucille
  • Aurora Claire
  • Aurora Lynn
  • Aurora West
  • Aurora Caprice
  • Aurora Selene
  • Aurora Raven
  • Aurora Fleur
  • Aurora Kate
  • Aurora Reese
  • Aurora Summer
  • Aurora Anne
  • Aurora Faith
  • Aurora Maude
  • Aurora River
  • Aurora Liv
  • Aurora Kai
  • Aurora Kit
  • Aurora Tess
  • Aurora Fern
  • Aurora Blue
  • Aurora Dove
  • Aurora Bee
  • Aurora Venus
  • Aurora Lark
  • Aurora Reign
  • Aurora Arcadia
  • Aurora Peyton
  • Aurora May
  • Aurora Shea
  • Aurora Alba
  • Aurora Shay
  • Aurora Sunny
  • Aurora James
  • Aurora Bree
  • Aurora Moon
  • Aurora Kennedy
  • Aurora Zephyr
  • Aurora Sierra
  • Aurora Ellen
  • Aurora Lou
  • Aurora Jean
  • Aurora Maple
  • Aurora Rio
  • Aurora Love
  • Aurora Greer
  • Aurora Bryn
  • Aurora Joan

Boy Names That Go With Aurora

  • Aurora Blake
  • Aurora Trent
  • Aurora Brooks
  • Aurora Brett
  • Aurora Joseph
  • Aurora Ramsey
  • Aurora Diesel
  • Aurora Peter
  • Aurora Edward
  • Aurora John
  • Aurora James
  • Aurora Lee
  • Aurora Leo
  • Aurora Julian
  • Aurora Anderson
  • Aurora Ashton
  • Aurora Avery
  • Aurora Jarvis
  • Aurora Flynn
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First Name For Middle Name Aurora

While we are wild about using the name Aurora as a first name we understand that Aurora can also be used beautifully as a middle name. To pull this off, you’ll want to pair this daring middle name with a first name that is just as graceful. 

Consider the following first names for Aurora:

  • Catherine Aurora
  • Nicolette Aurora
  • Elize Aurora
  • Pearl Aurora
  • Genevieve Aurora
  • Beatrice Aurora
  • Brynn Aurora

For boys, here are some ideas:

  • James Aurora
  • Theodore Aurora
  • Matthew Aurora
  • Pierre Aurora
  • Timothy Aurora
  • Jacob Aurora
  • Daunte’ Aurora

Middle Names For Aurora: Take Your Pick!

Aurora is a beautiful historically feminine middle name that has grown in popularity in the last decade and shows no signs of waning. Having its roots in the wonderful world of nature, Aurora is a whimsical and sophisticated name for any child.

Remember that the name Aurora has several shortened forms that you may wish to utilize if you’re not wanting to use the full name. Some of the more informal shortened versions of this name such as Ro and Rory are gender-neutral. We hope this has helped you select the perfect middle name for your little one. Congrats! 

Need more name ideas? Here are a few:

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