Middle Names For Elena – These Names Are Great Ideas!

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Elena is a beautiful feminine name that is increasing in popularity around the world. But what about middle names for Elena? Are there any good ones out there? Of course, there are! And we’ve got some of the best picks right here in this post for your baby girl. So, kick back and relax… we’ll take it from here! Join us as we dive into the sundry middle name ideas available for your little Elena. 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Elena?

Elena Meaning of Name

Elena means “bright and shining light” and has its origins in a variety of languages, including Italian, Greek, and Spanish. Most notably, the name Elena is of greek origin and it was originally derived from the name Helen, which is typically rendered as “torch” in Greek.

Baby girl Elena as a name has become wildly popular in Spain, and recently, has become popular in the United States as well, as many Americans are beginning to embrace names beginning with “El” as the new trend. 

It is also worth noting that depending on where you are on the globe, the name Elena may be pronounced differently. From “e-LAY-nah” to “e-LEH-nah”, it will be up to you to decide how you, and others, are to pronounce your child’s name.

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Is the Name Elena Unisex?

The name Elena is used as a feminine name in most parts of the world. As with most names, however, you can choose to use the name Elena for a boy if you want to. Later on in the post, we will give you ideas on how to do up this name to make it more masculine.

Here are a few more masculine-sounding variations of the name Elena to help get you started: 

  • Eli
  • Ethan
  • Eilan
  • Helenos
  • Eleni
  • Elias

What Famous People Have the Name Elena?

Elena Jay Goulding, most commonly known as Ellie Goulding, is an American pop artist known for electronica style beats and chart-topping hits like “Lights” and “Love Me Like You Do”. Other famous Elenas include Elena Anyaya, a Spanish actress, and Elena Asimakopoulou, a Greek actress. 

middle name for elena

Is Elena a Rare Name?

The name Elena is rising in popularity in the states, but overall, the name is fairly uncommon as it stands. Still, as the name continues to climb the baby naming charts, it is possible that the name Elena will become quite popular in only a few years to come.

As for now, the name Elena is slightly more unique in the states, but will likely be much more common in parts of the world like Spain.

What Sibling Names Go With Elena?

  • Elena and Liam
  • Elena and Jose
  • Elena and Mateo
  • Elena and Eli
  • Elena and Evan
  • Elena and Cowen
  • Elena and Ewan
  • Elena and Edward
  • Elena and Fiona

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Elena?

  • Ellie
  • Ellen
  • Nana
  • Leni
  • Elle
  • Lena/Lina

Middle Names For Elena

  • Elena Leilani
  • Elena Serenity
  • Elena Kennedy
  • Elena Isla
  • Elena Gianna
  • Elena Natalia
  • Elena Madison
  • Elena Maria
  • Elena Olivia
  • Elena Valentina
  • Elena Savannah
  • Elena Caroline
  • Elena Allison
  • Elena Nova
  • Elena Quinn
  • Elena Penelope
  • Elena Isabella
  • Elena Gabriella
  • Elena Sofia
  • Elena Madeline
  • Elena Aurora
  • Elena Nevaeh
  • Elena Naomi
  • Elena Claire
  • Elena Grace
  • Elena Emilia
  • Elena Ariana
  • Elena Wren
  • Elena Marie
  • Elena Everly
  • Elena Victoria
  • Elena Josephine
  • Elena Camila
  • Elena Nicole
  • Elena Guadalupe
  • Elena Kate
  • Elena Jade
  • Elena Jane
  • Elena Kagan
  • Elena Amelia
middle name for elena

Boy Names That Go With Elena

Although Elena can certainly be used as a name for a boy, it isn’t very common. For that reason, we will use a variation of Elena in the form of Eli to pair it with middle names. Enjoy!

  • Eli Samuel
  • Eli Christopher
  • Eli Henry
  • Eli Michael
  • Eli Parker
  • Eli Julian
  • Eli Theodore
  • Eli Maverick
  • Eli Liam
  • Eli Isaiah
  • Eli Jordan
  • Eli Gabriel
  • Eli Wesley
  • Eli Anthony
  • Eli Everett
  • Eli Santiago
  • Eli Nicholas
  • Eli Joseph
  • Eli Bennett
  • Eli Roman
  • Eli Matthew
  • Eli Colton
  • Eli Hunter
  • Eli Weston
  • Eli Leonardo
  • Eli Jamison
  • Eli Joshua
  • Eli Xavier
  • Eli Benjamin
  • Eli Ethan
  • Eli Christian
  • Eli Andrew
  • Eli Noah
  • Eli Alexander
  • Eli Mateo
  • Eli Charles

Spanish Middle Name For Elena

  • Elena Emilia
  • Elena Julieta
  • Elena Samantha
  • Elena Sofía
  • Elena Regina
  • Elena Valeria
  • Elena Martina
  • Elena Daniela
  • Elena Antonella
  • Elena Valentina
  • Elena Gabriela
  • Elena Lucia
  • Elena Ximena
  • Elena Mariana
  • Elena Andrea
  • Elena Isabella
  • Elena Natalia
  • Elena Renata
  • Elena Victoria
  • Elena Camila
  • Elena Alejandra
  • Elena Catalina
  • Elena Luciana

Twin Name For Elena

  • Elena and Elise
  • Elena and Edward
  • Elena and Valentina
  • Elena and Gabriella

Middle Names For Elena- We’ve Got You Covered!

Middle names for Elena aren’t just out there…they’re plentiful! Now that you know a little about the origin of the name and the names it flows well with, we hope that you can piece together a name that flows beautifully and seamlessly for your little girl! Remember that you want to use Elena in a way that is masculine, you can easily do so by altering the name a bit or pairing the name with a masculine middle name. Take your time and be creative…you never know what you might come up with! 

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