Eloise Middle Names Ideas – Beautiful Pairings for this Classic Name

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If you’re thinking about using Eloise as a name for your baby girl you may have some questions. What middle names for Eloise are the right fit and what’s the history behind the name? We’re glad you asked! Join us as we dive deep to uncover the many names that go well with Eloise, as well as a few nicknames you can use, as well! 

What’s Eloise Mean?

Eloise is French in origin and is traditionally translated as meaning “healthy” and “wide”. In English, the variant is “Heloise”, which has much the same meaning. 

Eloise is growing in popularity as many seek antiquated names that veer from the norm. This has become trendy in recent times, with many parents choosing names that were traditionally considered old-fashioned for their newborns.

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Is Eloise a Rare Name?

After taking a nearly 40-year absence, Eloise resurfaced on American baby-naming charts in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. Because it has become an American trend to assign babies to names that were formerly considered old-fashioned, the name “Eloise” has gained a lot of traction and has now become a very popular name.

Still, Eloise remains fairly uncommon, however, that may change in the future given its trending popularity. 

Is Eloise Old-Fashioned?

Eloise is an old-fashioned name…in a good way. Much like the name “Stella”–which has also made a major comeback–the name “Eloise” is a nod to nostalgic times and has many parents swooning.

So, while the name Eloise may be dated, it is also gaining popularity as being fashionable, which makes the name more modern than ever!

eloise middle names

What Is a Nickname For Eloise?

Though Eloise is a beautiful name, it could be a mouthful to say on a daily basis.

Consider the following shortened forms instead of using your baby’s full name:

  • Ellie
  • Eli
  • Ella
  • Lucy
  • Louise
  • Louie
  • Lia
  • Lolla
  • Lollie
  • Sellie

One Syllable Middle Name For Eloise

One-syllable middle names often roll off of the tongue when paried with the name Eloise. Read on for a few of our favorite cute middle names for both boys and girls!

One Syllable Eloise Middle Name For Girls

  • Eloise Greer
  • Eloise Jade
  • Eloise June
  • Eloise Liv
  • Eloise Lark
  • Eloise Starre
  • Eloise Rue
  • Eloise Rain
  • Eloise Eve
  • Eloise Jai
  • Eloise Bryne
  • Eloise Joy
  • Eloise Quinn
  • Eloise Pearl
  • Eloise Natalie
  • Eloise Skye
  • Eloise Fern
  • Eloise Faith
  • Eloise Blairre
  • Eloise Sage
  • Eloise Kate
  • Eloise Paige
  • Eloise Lynn
  • Eloise Rose
  • Eloise May
  • Eloise Blue
  • Eloise Nora
  • Eloise Hope
  • Eloise Love
  • Eloise Sloane
  • Eloise Bri
  • Eloise Claire
  • Eloise Snow
  • Eloise True
  • Eloise Ruth
  • Eloise Rae
  • Eloise Shae
  • Eloise Anne
  • Eloise Lane
eloise middle names

One Syllable Eloise Middle Name For Boys

  • Eloise Tate
  • Eloise Blake
  • Eloise Hugh
  • Eloise James
  • Eloise Bryce
  • Eloise Kurt
  • Eloise Hayes
  • Eloise Seth
  • Eloise Cole
  • Eloise John
  • Eloise Sam
  • Eloise Cade
  • Eloise Drake
  • Eloise Trace
  • Eloise Chase
  • Eloise Jaye
  • Eloise Jack
  • Eloise Pax
  • Eloise Chad
  • Eloise Jude
  • Eloise Grant
  • Eloise Jake
  • Eloise Blaine
  • Eloise Cain
  • Eloise Jace
  • Eloise Paul
  • Eloise Shane
  • Eloise Dean
  • Eloise Kent
  • Eloise Joel
  • Eloise Heath
  • Eloise Guy
  • Eloise Craig
  • Eloise Troy
  • Eloise Reid
  • Eloise Flinne
  • Eloise Clay
  • Eloise Vance

Boy Names That Go With Eloise

Though the name Eloise is traditionally thought of as feminine, there are times when the name may be spun masculine, especially when paired with a masculine middle name. Consider the following middle names for a boy names Eloise:

  • Eloise Ezekiel
  • Eloise Asher
  • Eloise Josiah
  • Eloise Benjamin
  • Eloise Andrew
  • Eloise Henry
  • Eloise Alexander
  • Eloise Aiden
  • Eloise Oliver
  • Eloise Nathan
  • Eloise Ethan
  • Eloise Joshua
  • Eloise Dylan
  • Eloise Joseph
  • Eloise Charles
  • Eloise Matthew
  • Eloise Daniel
  • Eloise Samuel
  • Eloise Elijah
  • Eloise Mateo
  • Eloise Theodore
  • Eloise Logan
  • Eloise Jackson
  • Eloise Levi
  • Eloise Isaac
  • Eloise Miles
  • Eloise Michael
  • Eloise David
  • Eloise Maverick
  • Eloise Lincoln
  • Eloise Jamal
  • Eloise Jayden
  • Eloise John
  • Eloise Mason
  • Eloise Caleb
  • Eloise Anthony
  • Eloise Carter
  • Eloise Lukas
  • Eloise Noah
  • Eloise Nolan
  • Eloise Luca
  • Eloise James
  • Eloise Jacob
  • Eloise Thomas
  • Eloise Gabriel
  • Eloise Liam
  • Eloise Ezra
  • Eloise Jack
  • Eloise William
  • Eloise Christopher
  • Eloise Isaiah
  • Eloise Owen
  • Eloise Luke
eloise middle names

Middle Names For Eloise

  • Eloise Serenity
  • Eloise Josephine
  • Eloise Piper
  • Eloise Kennedy
  • Eloise Charlotte
  • Eloise Claire
  • Eloise Elizabeth
  • Eloise Naomi
  • Eloise Natalia
  • Eloise Quinn
  • Eloise Riley
  • Eloise Jade
  • Eloise Ivy
  • Eloise Leilani
  • Eloise Grace
  • Eloise Victoria
  • Eloise Willow
  • Eloise Gabriella
  • Eloise Michelle
  • Eloise Jacqueline
  • Eloise Blythe
  • Eloise Iris
  • Eloise Brianna
  • Eloise Katherine
  • Eloise Aurora
  • Eloise Audrey
  • Eloise Kinsley
  • Eloise Skylar
  • Eloise Caroline
  • Eloise Olivia
  • Eloise Valentina
  • Eloise Madison
  • Eloise Autumn
  • Eloise Delilah
  • Eloise Penelope
  • Eloise Violet
  • Eloise Emily
  • Eloise Genesis
  • Eloise Sophia
  • Eloise Bella
  • Eloise Madelyn
  • Eloise Nevaeh
  • Eloise Athena
  • Eloise Rebecca
  • Eloise Mae
  • Eloise Joanna
  • Eloise Brooke

Middles Names For Eloise Aren’t Too Hard to Come By…

All in all, middle names for Eloise aren’t too hard to come by, and in fact, are quite plentiful. Indeed, the name Eloise can be paired with simple one-syllable middle names or with other classic middle names that suit your fancy. Either way, the name Eloise has the perfect mod-vintage edge for those looking for trendy names for their kiddos.

We hope this article has helped! 

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