Middle Names For James – Traditional and Modern Picks!

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If you love the name James (who doesn’t?) then you’ll love our middle names for James. From traditional to modern, there are many ways to pair this name to make it pop or to keep it simple, depending on your style. In this post, we’ll explore a variety of middle names you can pair with James in an effort to help you on your journey to finding the perfect name for your little one!

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name James?

James means “supplanter” or “substitute”. The name is of Hebrew origin and comes from the name Jacob

James is commonly known as one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, as well as the brother to Jesus, though the two were not the same person. 

James is also one of the most common and consistently popular names in the United States and has been among the top 10 names for boys for nearly ten consecutive years in a row starting in 1993.

For centuries, the name James has been used in English-speaking countries and elsewhere and its popularity shows no signs of waning anytime soon!

A stained-glass window depicting Jesus at Gethsemane (Matthew 26:39) praying for the cup to pass from him (Sep., 2020).

Is the Name James Unisex?

James isn’t usually unisex. However, the name James has recently been used for girls. For example, the celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently named their daughter James after Reynolds’ late father.

Still, it is more common to name a baby girl Jamie rather than James. Though, the tide is quickly turning as to whether or not the name “James” should be strictly reserved for masculine use. 

Is James a Rare Name?

The name James isn’t at all rare, and in fact, is very common. Remember that the name James was used even in biblical times, and has been a trending name for decades in the states. Even today, the name James remains a consistently popular pick and it shows no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. 

Because of this, we cannot say that the name James is rare. Still, if you’d like to have a name similar to James that isn’t quite as common, then you may wish to consider the following choices: 

  • Jamison
  • Jamar
  • Theodore
  • Benjamin
  • Jaime (Spanish Version of James) or Jamie
  • Jago
  • Judsen
  • Oliver
  • Judah
  • Jamesh

What Sibling Names Go With James?

  • Jesse and James
  • James and Madeline
  • James and Abigail
  • James and Benjamin
  • James and Edward
  • James and Theodore

Twin Names for James

  • James and Jacob
  • James and Jude
  • James and Jaime/Jamie
  • James and Jade
  • James and Jace
  • James and June
  • James and Jasmine
  • James and Jane
  • James and Jaden

What Are Some Good Nicknames For James?

  • Jim
  • Jamie
  • Jimmy
  • Jay
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What Name Goes Well With James?

  • James Nicholas
  • James Braxton
  • James Asher
  • James Lucas
  • James Liam
  • James Aaron
  • James Adriel
  • James Anthony
  • James Adrian
  • James Walker
  • James Elias
  • James Elijah
  • James Bentley
  • James Cole
  • James Parker
  • James Michael
  • James Sebastian
  • James Arthur
  • James Ethan
  • James Sawyer
  • James Noah
  • James Axle
  • James Alexander
  • James Oliver
  • James Hudson
  • James Henry
  • James Angel
  • James Bennett
  • James Atlas
  • James Aiden
  • James David
  • James Mason
  • James Roman
  • James Andrew
  • James William
  • James Jaxson
  • James Clayton
  • James Earl
  • James Edward
  • James Clarence
  • James Donahue
  • James Claiborne

Middle Names For James Girl

Though you can certainly use the name James for a girl, for the purpose of this post we will use “Jamie” to show off our picks for middle names for James for girls. Enjoy!

  • Jamie Olivia
  • Jamie Amelia
  • Jamie Sophia
  • Jamie Isabella
  • Jamie Harper
  • Jamie Camila
  • Jamie Gianna
  • Jamie Elizabeth
  • Jamie Penelope
  • Jamie Hazel
  • Jamie Madison
  • Jamie Nova
  • Jamie Grace
  • Jamie Aurora

Southern Boy Names That Go With James

Looking for a middle name with a bit of a southern edge? Take a peek at a few of our sweet southern faves for middles names that go with James:

  • James Darren
  • James Garrett
  • James Hunter
  • James Judd
  • James Abbott
  • James Colton 
  • James Tripp
  • James Tanner

Best First Names That Go With James

First Names That Go With James

  • Elliot James
  • Graham James
  • Kaiden James
  • Maxwell James
  • Juan James
  • Dean James
  • Mateo James
  • Malachi James
  • Ivan James
  • Elliott James
  • Emiliano James
  • Gavin James
  • Maddox James
  • Kamdyn James

Historic Middle Names For James

  • James Booker
  • James Charles
  • James Ali
  • James Claude
  • James Caesar
  • James Albert
  • James Alexander
  • James David
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Quirky Middle Names For James

Unique Middle Names For James

  • James Bram 
  • James Ramsey
  • James Maverick
  • James Knox
  • James Cruz
  • James Atticus
  • James Brooklyn
  • James Ezra
  • James Mateo
  • James Elias
  • James Rowan
  • James Gael
  • James Thiago

Middle Names For James? We’ve Got Them!

There are plenty of middle names for James that can help spice the name up or take the name a more traditional route. Whichever you choose, know that the name “James” is deeply roped in history and very common amongst men in English-speaking countries. And while the name may not be the most unique it is simple, elegant, and carries with it much history.

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