Middle Names For Levi – Masculine and Feminine Name Choices

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Looking for middle names for Levi? If so, we’ve got you covered! There are countless cute names that are fitting for the name Levi and, believe it or not, many are suitable for both boys and girls! Want to know more? Thought so! Join us as we delve into various nicknames you can use for your little Levi!

What Does the Name Levi Mean?

Levi Name Meaning

Levi means to be joined or unified. It is Hebrew in origin and can be found in the Bible

In the book of Genesis, Leah and Jacob had a son and named him Levi. It is through this Levi from whom the Levite tribe originated, and this tribe is one of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. 

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What Is a Nickname for Levi?

Lev, Lee, and Vi are good nicknames for Levi. 

Of course, you can also come up with nicknames of your own from the letters, like El or Leo.

Is the Name Levi Rare?

In 2020 the name Levi was among the top 20 most popular names for boys in America. As such, we would have to say that the name isn’t at all rare, especially in the states.

However, depending on where you live, it is possible that the name Levi is rare. 

Cute Middle Names For Levi

Though the name Levi is traditionally masculine and usually refers to males, it can, like most other names, be transformed into something feminine.

Below we’ve detailed some of the best middle names we’ve found to pair with Levi for both boys and girls. We hope you like what you see!

Boy Names That Go with Levi

Middle Names For Levi Boy

  • Levi Weston
  • Levi Joe
  • Levi Melvin
  • Levi Mitchell
  • Levi Jasper
  • Levi Brodie
  • Levi Guillermo
  • Levi Thatcher
  • Levi Prince
  • Levi Matthew
  • Levi James
  • Levi Jakari 
  • Levi Madden
  • Levi Maurice
  • Levi Demetrius
  • Levi Kellan
  • Levi Allan
  • Levi Azrael
  • Levi Nicholas
  • Levi Ray
  • Levi Jon
  • Levi Axel
  • Levi Dane
  • Levi Ethan
  • Levi Eugene
  • Levi Jacob
  • Levi Santos
  • Levi Cole
  • Levi Wes
  • Levi Elisha
  • Levi Jamal
  • Levi Fisher
  • Levi Judson
  • Levi Henrik
  • Levi Joseph
  • Levi Noah
  • Levi Oliver
  • Levi Elijah
  • Levi Williams
  • Levi Alexander
  • Levi Daniel
  • Levi Michael
  • Levi Mason
  • Levi Ethan
  • Levi Owen
  • Levi Samuel
  • Levi Jacob
  • Levi Asher
  • Levi Aiden
  • Levi John
  • Levi Joseph
  • Levi David
  • Levi Julian
  • Levi Hudson
  • Levi Grayson
  • Levi Ezra
  • Levi Gabriel
  • Levi Isaac
  • Levi Jayden
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Girl Names That Go With Levi

Middle Name For Levi Girl

  • Levi Jo
  • Levi Wren
  • Levi Rose
  • Levi Mae
  • Levi Claire
  • Levi Grace
  • Levi Elizabeth
  • Levi Jane
  • Levi Rue
  • Levi Harper
  • Levi Briar
  • Levi Elise
  • Levi Catherine
  • Levi Blythe
  • Levi June
  • Levi Eve
  • Levi Pearl
  • Levi Blair
  • Levi Ruth
  • Levi Rain
  • Levi Indigo
  • Levi Rae
  • Levi Gwen
  • Levi Lennon
  • Levi Belle
  • Levi Louise
  • Levi Hope
  • Levi Winter
  • Levi Brooke
  • Levi Lux
  • Levi Honey
  • Levi Paige
  • Levi Raven
  • Levi Fleur
  • Levi Kate
  • Levi Summer
  • Levi Anne
  • Levi Faith
  • Levi Joy
  • Levi Fern
  • Levi Blue
  • Levi Marie
  • Levi Reign
  • Levi May
  • Levi Shea
  • Levi Moon
  • Levi Kennedy

First Name For Middle Name Levi

First Name For Levi Masculine

  • Romano Levi
  • Spencer Levi
  • Kadence Levi
  • Charles Levi
  • Oliver Levi
  • Hudson Levi
  • James Levi
  • Judah Levi
  • Amaris Levi
  • Peter Levi
  • John Levi
  • Damien Levi
  • Kenneth Levi
  • Liam Levi
  • Noah Levi
  • Oliver Levi
  • Elijah Levi
  • William Levi
  • Benjamin Levi
  • Lucas Levi
  • Henry Levi
  • Theodore Levi
  • Jack Levi
  • Alexander Levi
  • Jackson Levi
  • Mateo Levi
  • Daniel Levi
  • Michael Levi
  • Mason Levi
  • Sebastian Levi
  • Ethan Levi
  • Owen Levi
  • Samuel Levi
  • Jacob Levi
  • Asher Levi
  • Aiden Levi
  • John Levi
  • Joseph Levi
  • Wyatt Levi
  • David Levi
  • Julian Levi
  • Hudson Levi
  • Grayson Levi
  • Matthew Levi
  • Ezra Levi
  • Gabriel Levi
  • Carter Levi
  • Isaac Levi
  • Jayden Levi
  • Luca Levi
  • Anthony Levi
  • Dilyn Levi
  • Lincoln Levi
  • Thomas Levi
  • Maverik Levi
  • Josiah Levi
  • Charles Levi
  • Kaleb Levi
  • Kristopher Levi
  • Ezekiell Levi
  • Myles Levi
  • Jaxon Levi
  • Isaiah Levi
  • Andrew Levi
  • Joshua Levi
  • Reuben Levi

First Name For Levi Feminine

  • Sidney Levi
  • Ashley Levi
  • Janet Levi
  • Charlotte Levi 
  • Olivia Levi
  • Emmie Levi
  • Amelia Levi
  • Ava Levi
  • Sophie Levi
  • Isabelle Levi
  • Mia Levi
  • Evelyn Levi
  • Harper Levi
  • Luna Levi
  • Camila Levi
  • Giana Levi
  • Elizabeth Levi
  • Eleanore Levi
  • Ela Levi
  • Abbi Levi
  • Sofia Levi
  • Avery Levi
  • Scarlett Levi
  • Emilie Levi
  • Aria Levi
  • Penelope Levi
  • Chloe Levi

Boy Names Similar to Levi

  • Eli
  • Elijah
  • Liam
  • Liv
  • Blue
  • Milo
  • Ezra

Middle Names For Levi Are Plentiful!

Levi is a name that is just as beautiful as it is trendy. Having its roots in Judaism and Christianity, Levi is a name of strength, significance, and meaning which only adds to its appeal. 

Though traditionally masculine, the name Levi can be used for either a boy or girl, especially when paired with the proper middle name. Nicknames, though few, are still possible with the name Levi; sometimes the best nicknames are the ones that parents come up with on their own!

We sincerely hope that this has helped you find the perfect middle name for your baby. Here’s to finding the perfect one! 

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