Middle Names For Luke – 100+ Unique Ideas!

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If you’re looking for cute middle names for the name Luke, then you are in luck! There are countless name combinations that work well with Luke, and there are also several name variations of Luke that you may be interested in. Consider us your one-stop spot for information on the name Luke, and the sweet middle names that go well with it. Let’s go!

What Does Luke Mean?

Luke means “giver of light” and can be found in the Bible. The name is the abbreviated version of the name “Lucas” which is of Latin origin. “Luke” is often associated with the twelve disciples of Jesus, one of which was a physician that went by this same name and was the author of the Book of “Luke” in the New Testament. 

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Can Luke Work Well as a Girl Name?

While the name Luke usually is reserved for boys, there are variations of the name that work quite well for girls. Luca (which is also often masculine), Lucia, Lucille, and Lucy are name variations you may wish to look into if you desire a name similar to Luke but for a girl. 

Variants of the Name Luke

There are several variations to the name Luke that you may wish to consider. They are the following: 

  • Lucas
  • Lucio
  • Luigi
  • Luca
  • Luka
  • Lucinda
  • Lucia
  • Lucy
  • Lucille

Is Luke a Rare Name?

Luke isn’t really a rare name. However, it is worth mentioning that the name is declining a bit in its use. Having said that, the name Luke still remains relatively high on the popularity list, with the name being most popular around 2015. 

If you are looking to name your child something that isn’t as common but has a similar sound as Luke, you may consider the name Luca. This name is often rendered masculine though it can swing feminine as well. 

Famous People Named Luke

  • Luke Wilson – Luke (Cunningham) Wilson is an American actor, brother of Owen Wilson, who is also an actor.
  • Luke Skywalker– Luke Skywalker is a very famous character in the hit movie series, Star Wars. It was around this time that the name Luke saw a resurgence in popularity.
  • Luke Abbott– An electronic musician from Norfolk. 
  • Luke the Physician– A physician in the first century, and a disciple of Jesus Christ. 
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Names Similar to Luke

  • Duke 
  • Liam
  • Levi
  • Dean 
  • Logan
  • Cole
  • Seth 
  • Dom (short for Dominic)

Is Luke a Good Boy Name?

Of course it is! But so are so many other names!

The thing about names is that they are very subjective, and as such, what one may like another may not. Know the meaning behind the name you choose and pick a name based on what it means to you. Some names just sound right, and if Luke is your go-to, then go with it–no matter what others think!

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What Name Goes Well With Luke?

Middle Names For Lucas

  • Lucas Mateo
  • Lucas Owen
  • Lucas Elijah
  • Lucas Jackson
  • Lucas Michael
  • Lucas Oliver
  • Lucas Alexander
  • Lucas Ethan
  • Lucas William
  • Lucas Mason
  • Lucas Henry
  • Lucas Theodore
  • Lucas Daniel
  • Lucas James
  • Lucas Sebastian
  • Lucas Benjamin
  • Lucas Noah

Boy Names That Go With Luke

Good Middle Names For Luke

  • Luke Jaxon
  • Luke Matthew
  • Luke Asher
  • Luke Jacob
  • Luke Charles
  • Luke Christopher
  • Luke Carter
  • Luke Hudson
  • Luke Josiah
  • Luke Anthony
  • Luke Nathan
  • Luke Joseph
  • Luke Wyatt
  • Luke Thomas
  • Luke David
  • Luke Dylan
  • Luke Julian
  • Luke Samuel
  • Luke Aiden
  • Luke Jayden
  • Luke Isaac
  • Luke Grayson

What Middle Names Go with Lucas?

Strong Middle Names For Luke

  • Luke Maverick
  • Luke Ezekiel
  • Luke Gabriel
  • Luke Ezra
  • Luke Nolan
  • Luke Nazareth
  • Luke Christian

Best Middle Names For Luke

  • Luke Dylann 
  • Luke Benjamin
  • Lucas Daniel
  • Luke Jamal
  • Luke James
  • Luke Theodore

Twin Name For Luke

  • Luke and Liam 
  • Luke and Angelo
  • Luke and Adrian
  • Luke and Felix
  • Luke and Julian

Girl Names That Go With Luke

  • Luca Paisley
  • Luca Kinsley
  • Luca Lillian
  • Luca Willow
  • Luca Nevaeh
  • Luca Skielar
  • Luca Zoey
  • Luca Abigail
  • Luca Claire
  • Luca Aurora
  • Luca Elizabeth
  • Luca Scarlett
  • Luca Addison
  • Luca Genesis
  • Luca Leilani
  • Luca Josephine
  • Luca Camila
  • Luca Isla
  • Luca Emilia
  • Luca Kennedy
  • Luca Eleanor
  • Luca Natalia
  • Luca Serenity
  • Luca Sadie
  • Luca Victoria
  • Luca Elena
  • Luca Everly
  • Luca Allison
  • Luca Jade
  • Luca Eliana
  • Luca Aubrey
  • Luca Natalie
  • Luca Ruby
  • Luca Madilyn
  • Luca Sophia
  • Luca Gabriella
  • Luca Gianna
  • Luca Savannah
  • Luca Caroline
  • Luca Adeline
  • Luca Madison
  • Luca Nova
  • Luca Naomi
  • Luca Riley
  • Luca Isabella
  • Luca Emilia
  • Luca Amelia
  • Luca Hazel
  • Luca Stella
  • Luca Penelope
  • Luca Grace
  • Luca Valentina
  • Luca Sofia
  • Luca Autumn
  • Luca Brooklyn
  • Luca Madeline
  • Luca Delilah
  • Luca Hailey
  • Luca Olivia
  • Luca Aaliyah
  • Luca Emily

Middle Names For Luke (or Luca) Are Easy!

Good-sounding middle names for Luke are fairly easy to find, which is a very good thing when you love a particular name! It also helps that the name Luke, on its own, is very special given its meaning. Though a slightly less popular name, especially when used in its feminine variation, you can at least feel that your child’s name is somewhat unique. Hopefully, this has helped you along in your quest to find the perfect middle name for your future Luke… Congrats! 

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