Mother Milk Tea Side Effects – Is it Safe and Does it Work?

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If you’re looking to increase your milk supply and stimulate breast milk production, you may have already started consuming Mother’s Milk tea. But are there Mother Milk tea side effects? Possibly! In this article, we will look into the many ways in which Mother’s Milk tea can cause side effects in some people, as well as what you can do if Mother’s Milk tea causes undesired side effects in you. 

Let’s dive in.

Is It Safe to Drink Mothers Milk Tea?

It is generally regarded as safe to drink Mother’s Milk tea, though any of the lactation teas can come with its own set of risks that must be weighed by the person drinking it. For example, some people are allergic to protein compounds found in the herbs present in some herbal teas. 

Others may have negative reactions to specific ingredients that are found in the tea and can experience digestion issues as a result.

Though many women can drink Mother’s Milk tea and have no issues, never continue drinking a tea that makes you feel uncomfortable, even if it does help you produce more breast milk.

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Mother’s Milk Tea Benefits

Is Mother’s Milk Tea Good For Breastfeeding?

The main benefit of Mother’s Milk tea is that it can help one to achieve an increase in milk supply. Many mothers love Mother’s Milk tea and claim that it does all that it says it will do. Some report pumping anywhere from 1-3 ounces more than they once did, all from drinking the tea. This can mean a lot to someone who is struggling with milk supply. 

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By drinking Mother’s Milk tea in tandem with a healthy diet, a woman may see an increase in breast milk in as little as a couple of days. However, the amount of time it can take for a nursing mother to see an increase in breast milk can vary considerably, with some moms not noticing any real change until two weeks after they began drinking Mother’s Milk tea.

When Should You Drink Mother’s Milk Tea?

How Often Can You Drink Mothers Milk Tea?

Mother’s Milk tea can be consumed as often as 3-5 times per day, which can be seen a lot for some women. 

To make it easier, you may wish to consume your tea on a schedule. For instance, you may consider drinking your tea daily in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Others have seen success by simply drinking a glass of tea whenever they pump. You should do whatever works for you, however, know that most women that saw the greatest increase in milk supply had at least three cups of Mother’s Milk tea per day.

How Quickly Does Mother’s Milk Tea Work?

Mother’s Milk tea may take up to a couple of weeks to work, but it is different for every woman. In fact, there are some women who find that Mother’s Milk tea does not work for them at all!

If this is you, don’t fret, but do at least try drinking the tea three times a day for two weeks before signing off on the tea. 

Note: If the tea is causing you discomforts such as gassiness or abdominal pain, or if you are noticing a sudden decrease in your milk supply, you will want to refrain from drinking the tea, even if it hasn’t been the full two weeks. 

Which Tea Is Best For Breastfeeding?

Which Tea Is Good For Breastfeeding?

Aside from Mother’s Milk tea, there are countless other teas on the market available that claim to increase milk supply with good results from those who have tried them. 

Another type of Mother’s Milk tea called “Shatavari Cardamom” does not contain fenugreek but also works to increase breast milk supply. If you notice that you have issues with the original Mother’s Milk tea, this version of Mother’s Milk may agree with your body better.

What Teas to Avoid While Breastfeeding?

Because most teas are cultivated with a variety of herbs, you’ll need to be extra careful when consuming them while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Some herbs are not only harmful to those who are allergic to them but may also decrease breast milk supply in some cases. Some herbs may even cause you and your baby harm.

Herbs that you’ll want to watch out for in tea while breastfeeding or pregnant include:

  • Lemon Balm
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Thyme
  • Dong Quai
  • Rhubarb
  • Star Anise
  • Ginseng

Mother’s Milk Tea Side Effects

For the most part, Mother’s Milk tea is regarded as safe for breastfeeding mothers, but it can cause side effects in some women.

Fenugreek, though regarded as safe, can cause digestive issues and some mothers. This can include gas, stomach bloating, and diarrhea. 

For other mothers, fenugreek may also produce a body odor that smells like maple syrup. While it isn’t the worst smell, the fact that this is a side effect of drinking Mother’s Milk tea may make some women uncomfortable.

Also, blessed thistle contained in Mother’s Milk tea can sometimes increase stomach acid in those drinking it. If you have GERD or other gastrointestinal issues, then Mother’s Milk tea may agitate your pre-existing condition. We recommend speaking with a doctor before drinking Mother’s Milk tea to make sure that it is the right option for you. 

Note: Some women actually notice a decrease in the amount of milk they produce as a side effect when drinking Mother’s Milk tea. This is likely because of the increase in hormones like estrogen. If this is you, discontinue your use of Mother’s Milk tea and consult a doctor for further advice. 

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Does Mothers Milk Tea Increase Breast Size?

Because Mother’s Milk tea works with the lactation hormones in your body, you may notice that your breasts seem to increase in size due to milk production. However, your breasts are unlikely to stay this way. Therefore, we do not recommend you drink Mother’s Milk tea for an increase in breast size.

Mother’s Milk Tea Side Effects For Baby

Mothers Milk Tea Cause Gas in Baby

Because fenugreek can increase gassiness in the women who consume it, it is also likely that fenugreek may cause gas in your little one too. 

If you notice your little one experiences more discomfort or is exceptionally fussy–particularly after a feeding, then it is likely that he or she could be experiencing side effects of the fenugreek in the tea.

Should this be the case, we’d recommend scaling back on the tea by taking in no more than one cup per day. If this doesn’t work, consider switching over to another tea that doesn’t contain fenugreek, such as Mother’s Milk Shatavari Cardamom to alleviate gas symptoms in your baby. 

If nothing works and you or your baby still experience undesirable symptoms from having consumed lactation tea, consider taking more natural approaches to increase breast milk supply such as adding Oat Milk For Breast Milk Supply or trying Body Armor Breastfeeding to increase milk supply.

How Much Mothers Milk Tea Should I Drink?

Anywhere from 2-5 cups is generally safe, with three cups a day being most preferable. Women who experience discomfort from drinking Mother’s Milk tea may limit themselves to only one cup a day, while women who experience no issues and see great gains in terms of breast milk supply may drink as much as five cups a day. 

The important thing is to listen to your body and not to overdo it. Too much of a good thing can eventually become a bad thing, especially when it comes to using herbs.

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When to Start Drinking Mothers Milk Tea?

You can start drinking Mother’s Milk tea after your baby is born, but give your body a chance to do its thing on its own before you start to introduce tea to the mix. Remember that Mother’s Milk tea may actually decrease milk production for some women. Thus, it may be best to see what your body does before you begin taking Mother’s Milk tea in case it affects you adversely. 


Can mother’s milk cause gas in baby?

Yes! The fenugreek in Mother’s Milk tea can cause gas in both mom and baby. Discontinue use or drink less cups of Mother’s Milk tea if you notice this becoming an issue.

Can you drink mothers milk tea if I’m not pregnant?

Yes, you can drink Mother’s Milk herbal tea even if you are not lactating. However, you should discontinue use if you have any unsavory side effects. 

Mother’s Milk Tea Does Have Side Effects

Mother’s Milk tea is a popular option for increasing milk supply amongst breastfeeding mothers everywhere, but the tea does come with a few concerns. Be sure to watch for syrupy body odor, digestive issues, and heartburn that comes along with the consumption of Mother’s Milk tea. Talk with your doctor and discontinue use if you feel that the tea is adversely affecting you or your baby.


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