Top 6 Best Diaper Pail for Odor Control Reviews (2022)

By Lynn •  Updated: 03/03/22 •  15 min read
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As much as we like to pretend that we are not affected by the awful and unpleasant smell that emanates from our babies diapers, the reality is that they really stink. And this makes a diaper pail a necessity in every household. But the question is do you know how to choose the best diaper pail for odor control?

It is important to choose a diaper pail carefully before buying and this guide will give you a comprehensive review of the top rated diaper pails that contain the odor really well.

Top rated best diaper pail for odor control comparison table

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Individual reviews of the best diaper pail for odor control

Munchkin Step by Arm & Hammer

(For every diaper pail you buy, Munchkin plants a tree to help in reducing carbon emissions)

Munchkin Step is one of the most praised diaper pails by moms due to its unique odor control mechanism. This pail has a self-sealing system where the refill is twisted tightly after you squish the diaper through and close the lid. The twisting prevents any smell from escaping from the pail.

This diaper pail also comes with a puck baking soda cartridge. This cartridge not only provides odor protection but also deodorizes the pail since it has a lavender scent.

Hygiene is also a very important factor when handling diapers and diaper pails. This is why the munchkin step pail has a step pedal so you do not have to open and close the lid using your hand. In addition, the step pedal makes opening and closing the lid easier for you even when you are holding a baby. There is a child lock system as well to prevent the baby from opening the pail, which can be a health risk.

When you want to empty the diapers, there is a cutter that is easy to locate inside the diaper pail

Most importantly, this diaper pail works with either refill rings that snap and do not need to be tied or cut, or the seal and toss bags. Ideally, you can buy the Arm & Hammer refill bags or simply the munchkin bags. All work great with this diaper pail. Each refill bag has a capacity of 180 diapers, but it is advisable to empty the pail regularly so as to prevent overfilling.


  • Completely controls the odor from escaping
  • Comes with one installed bag and an extra one
  • It comes with Arm & Hammer air fresher
  • Very easy to clean
  • Compact and sturdy 


  • You have to squish the diapers through the opening so if it is a poopy diaper, some may get on your hands. You can avoid this by first wrapping the soiled diaper in a scented bag before squishing it through.
  • Step pedal only helps to open the lid, you have to push the lid down to close

Ubbi money-saving steel diaper pail

Ubbi diaper pail is another best diaper pail for odor control. This pail does not have a special locking system. However, the rubber seals around the rim and the lid ensure the pail shuts tightly thereby locking the odor in.

Moreover, it is made of steel, which locks the smell pretty well compared to the plastic pails. The lid also slides preventing air disruption so that the odor remains contained inside.

Buying refills can be quite costly. Luckily, the Ubbi diaper pail can be used with the regular trash bags or reusable cloth liners. So when you run out of the Ubbi bags, the standard trash bags will work just fine.

The child safety lock ensures that your children do not open the diaper pail. In addition, there is a slow-close lid feature that also helps to prevent kids from injuring themselves in case the lid is opened.

Overall, this pail is a perfect size that fits even in small spaces in the baby’s nursery. It accommodates about 55 diapers but always empty the diapers regularly before it gets too full and fails to contain the smell.


  • Can use normal kitchen or garbage bags
  • Easy to clean
  • A wide variety of colors
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use


Playtex diaper genie complete diaper pail

The Playtex Diaper Genie Complete is the tallest diaper pail that does a really great job at trapping odor. This is made possible through its odor lock system which comprises of the double air-tight clamps, activated carbon filter and the 7 layer refill bag.

In addition, it has a built in order controlling antimicrobial. This feature together with the double air-tight clamps trap the odor and prevents it from diffusing through. In case the smell tries to get out, the carbon filter located at under the lid captures it.

The foot pedal helps you to easily open and close the diaper genie without touching it. This coupled with the tall size of the pail means that you do not have to bend when putting the diaper into the pail.

This diaper genie has a unique feature of a front bin that tilts when changing bags or refills. You simply tilt this front bin and pull the bag with the diapers then cut it using the cutter located insider the pail.

With the Playtex diaper pail, the refills can hold up to 270 soiled diapers. It is however recommended that you empty the pail regularly. This is because when it overfills, it will not close tightly; hence, odor will pass through.


  • It comes already assembled with a full-size refill
  • Easy to clean
  • Locks smell completely
  • Pretty easy to change the bags


  • Fills up very quickly so you have to empty it regularly

Dekor plus hands-free diaper pail

If you are looking for a totally hands-free diaper pail, then get the Dekor plus. It has a foot pedal that once you step on it, it opens the lid and you simply drop in the diaper without squishing or bending.

The odor is kept contained inside the pail by the OdorKeeper trap door that closes tightly after you drop the soiled diaper. In addition, the rubber seals ensure the lid keeps tightly closed so that no smell will escape.

Emptying the pail and replacing the refill is also quite simple with this pail. There is an easy-access service door where you pull the diapers and cut the refill using the cutter located on the door.

Dekor plus pail is also rated the best for reusable diapers (cloth diapers). For this purpose, you have to get the washable and reusable cloth diaper liners that the company sells separately.

Most importantly, there is a child lock system that ensures both the lid and the access door are childproof. This is a particularly good feature especially when you have a toddler who likes to explore.

The good thing is that if you run out of money to buy the refill bags, you can use the regular trash bags. Moreover, once you are through with using the Dekor Plus as a diaper pail, it works well as a trash can with regular trash bags as well.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Totally hands-free
  • Replacement bags are affordable
  • Controls odor very well


  • This diaper pail needs to be cleaned and de-stinked regularly to keep it smelling fresh.

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

This is another unique pail that is made of steel and aluminum. As aforementioned, steel does not absorb odor which is also the case with aluminum.

Thus, having a combination of steel and aluminum makes the Bubula diaper pail the best at locking in bad smell from the soiled diapers.

It has an air-tight lid that locks odor quite well. This is attributed to the flexible and strong rubber seals around the lid that ensure the pail closes tightly. Hence, preventing leaks and locking odors in.

Its advanced design also ensures no odor escapes when you are disposing off a diaper.

Steel and aluminum also make this pail very strong; hence, none of its parts breaks easily. In addition, it does not rust as long as no liquid is used when cleaning.

This diaper pail is larger than most pails; thus, it has a large capacity. It can hold 50% more diapers than the most popular brands.

In addition, safety is important when you have children. Thus, with Bubula pail, you do not have to worry about your toddler opening the pail in your absence and hurting their fingers in the process. The safety lock keeps those hands out.

Most importantly, there is no need to purchase the expensive customized refills because this pail can use standard size trash can liners. A 13 gallon trash bag fits perfectly without any issue.

If you are using cloth diapers, reusable liners such as the thirsties and planet wise bags also fit in this pail.

Once you no longer need it to dispose off diapers, you can convert it into a trash can and use it in any room including the kitchen.

Whichever the color of your baby’s nursery, you can get a Bubula pail that matches the décor. It has a sleek design along with cool and calming colors such as grey, purple, blue, and white among others.

Moreover, it has a taller base with ergonomic lid, which make it easier for you to access even when you are holding a baby in one arm. So it is very easy to use.


  • Can use standard size trash bags
  • Converts into a regular trash can in the long run
  • Taller base
  • Air-tight lid
  • Safety lock
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to operate


  • It has no foot pedal
  • Lacks a pinching mechanism

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

This diaper pail is made of plastic. We mentioned earlier that plastic tends to absorb smell overtime compared to steel or aluminum diaper pails.

This should however not deter you from getting this pail because there are many ways you can ensure it doesn’t absorb the smell and start stinking.

Airing the pail and washing and drying it on a regular basis will keep away the smell. You can clean it using baking soda or Lysol.

In addition, the pail has a unique system that ensures all the smell from the used diapers is locked in.

To deposit a diaper, simply flip the handle up and the lid will open exposing a small hole where you put the diaper. When you flip the handle back to its position, the lid closes as the diaper drops into the pail.

This feature is praised by most users since they do not have to shove or squish the diapers through like with other pails.

Considering its small size, which makes it the best for small spaces, Diaper champ is large enough to accommodate up to soiled 30 diapers. This means that you do not have to keep emptying it every day.

If it gets too full, it might start to stink, so it is advisable to empty the pail as often as every 2 or 3 days.

The diaper deposit opening is wide enough to allow an easy disposal. You can comfortably put 2 used diapers at the same time through the opening.

Most importantly, Baby Trend Diaper Champ can perfectly fit a 13-gallon trash bag so there is no need to get any special refills. However, if you find that the regular bags are not working for you, the company offers Diaper Champ refill bags that do an even better job at odor control.


  • Easy to use
  • No need for special refills
  • Odor lock mechanism
  • Child lock
  • Great for small spaces


  • Needs change at least every 2 days due to its limited capacity
  • No foot pedal

Important factors to consider when buying the best diaper pail for odor control

By now, you may have already made a decision on the type of diaper pail you want to buy. Probably you have chosen one based on its attractiveness and size. However, there are more factors that you need to consider as well before you make that purchase. Let us discuss these factors in detail.

  • Ability to contain the smell

Finding the best pail that can control smell is very important. To be honest, it may not be possible to find a pail that can contain 100% of the smell no matter what the manufacturers say. However, it should at least work to your satisfaction.

Some diapers pails will release some odor when you open them to deposit a soiled diaper but after you close them, they contain the odor inside quite well. Since you will not always leave the lid open, this shouldn’t deter you from purchasing such a pail. Others will start releasing smell when you leave the diapers in for too long or you overfill them. So to avoid this, always empty the diapers regularly. A pail that has a carbon filter will also help to reduce the odor.

  • Foot pedal

I consider the foot or step pedal to be an absolute necessity in a diaper pail. This because a diaper pail with a foot pedal tends to be hands-free. You step on the pedal, the lid opens up and you drop the diaper in, and then release the pedal and the lid closes. Pretty simple!!! It is also sanitary.

  • Capacity

The capacity of the diaper pail should also be considered when buying. If you leave in a small apartment or your baby’s nursery has limited space, then a small size pail would be appropriate. Otherwise, you should not get a pail that will only take a few diapers and you have to keep emptying it after a few hours. If you have more than one kid in diapers, a diaper pail with small capacity would not work.

  • Cost

The price of diaper pails depends on the features they have. Some may be high priced because they have extra features such as a carbon filter while others may be lowly priced because they have the basic features only.

If you are on a budget, you should simply get one that is fairly priced as long as it can control the smell and hold the diapers. Also, consider the issue of refills. Some refills are quite expensive while others are affordable.

  • Efficiency

You definitely want a diaper pail that is easy to use. You change diapers even in the wee hours of the night, so you don’t want to start struggling with the pail with your eyes half open. A hands-free pail will be a life saver in such a case. If the pail needs emptying, removing the diapers and replacing the refills, it should be seamless as well.

  • Refills: special liners or kitchen/garbage bags?

Refills are liners or bags that you attach to the diaper pail in order to collect the diapers. Some pails must only be used with the specialized refills that you get from the brand of the diaper pail you have. Others can use normal garbage bags, which are very cost-effective and convenient.

Diaper pails that can be used for cloth diapers can use the reusable cloth liners, which are also cost effective. Thus, before buying a diaper pail, consider the expenses of the refills. Are you comfortable buying the special liners every time or using the normal garbage bags?

Are diaper pails worth it or really necessary? FAQ

Q 1. Why do I need a diaper pail?

The smell of used diapers is nothing short of unpleasant and can make the whole house stink. Even rubbing the diapers in a polythene bag before throwing them in the trash can hardly prevent the smell from getting out.

If you like the smell of fresh air, then you really need a diaper pail. It traps bad smell and prevents it from spreading around the house unlike with a regular trash can.

Q 2. Why not use a normal trash can?

I would want to imagine that your regular trash can is placed somewhere in the kitchen, right?

If that is the case, then throwing soiled smelly diapers in the trash can is not only unhygienic but also a health hazard. This is because the trash can lid is usually not tight enough so the smell will easily diffuse through and spread in the kitchen. Diaper pails on the other hand close tightly and no smell can pass through.

Q 3. How do diaper pails work?

Diaper pails work in a really simple way. They come with a refill bag, which is fixed at the top and drops inside the pail. There is a chute at the top of the pail where you push the diapers through into the bottom of the pail and it closes. So the diapers stay inside the bag, which keeps the smell locked in.

Here is a better explanation of how a diaper pail works using a video.

Q 4. Can I use garbage bags in my diaper pail?

Buying refills can be quite costly. Actually, the reason why some parents opt not to buy the genie refills is due to the high cost of the refills.

Fortunately, a number of diaper pails are designed to use the normal garbage bags such as the Ubbi money saving Diaper Pail


From this list, you can be able to choose the best diaper pail for odor control based on your requirements. Once diapers start to stink, the whole house becomes unbearable. So if you do want to keep going outside to dispose of a diaper after every change, get one of these pails. There are a variety of options including some like Ubbi diaper pail, Bubula, and Diaper Champ that do not require you to purchase the refills every time.  You can simply use the liners you use in your kitchen can.


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