Middle Names For Olivia – Beautiful Name Pairings for Your Child

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Olivia is a name that’s been around for centuries, and we can see why. This beautiful and melodic name is the perfect name for a newborn baby girl – but what about middle names for Olivia? Are there any good ones out there? Of course, there are! In this post, we will break down some of the best middle names for the name Olivia as well as a few additional details about the name that we’re confident you’ll want to know. Sounds interesting? Then, keep reading! 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Olivia?

The name Olivia is translated as meaning “olive tree”. It originated from the name “Oliver” and is extremely popular in places like London, Australia, and France.

The name Olivia is known to have become a much sought-after name around the 17th century and was made popular in England by the Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

More recently, Olivia has become an American favorite as well, as it has sat as the number one pick for girl names since 2019. 

olive tree with ripe olives

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Olivia?

Olivia lends itself to several wonderful nicknames. These include:

  • Liv
  • Livie
  • Lia
  • Viv
  • Vivi
  • Via
  • Lolly
  • Olive
  • Ollie

What Famous People Are Named Olivia?

There are quite a few famous people and songs that are named Olivia. One well-known Olivia is Oliva Newton-John, known for her role in the popular 1970s film, Grease. Other popular Olivias who are actresses are Olivia (Jane) Wilde, Olivia Hussey, and (Lisa) Olivia Munn.

In terms of songs, the famous boy band known as One Direction released a song called “Olivia” in 2015. 

Is There a Masculine Version of the Name Olivia?

Yes! The masculine version of the name Olivia is the classic favorite, Oliver. Both names mean “olive tree” and both names are highly coveted, as the name Oliver currently sits in the top 5 names for baby boys in America

Olivia is a wildly popular name! In fact, it is the most popular girls name in the U.S. as of 2022.

If trendy isn’t your thing, you may wish to go with a name that sounds similar but is slightly more obscure than Oliva.

Ideas include:

  • Amelia
  • Sophia
  • Juliette
  • Diane
  • Emma
  • Isabella
  • Charlotte
  • Ella 

What Names Go With Olivia?

  • Olivia Nina
  • Olivia Ariyah
  • Olivia Noah
  • Olivia Celeste
  • Olivia Kayla
  • Olivia Phoenix
  • Olivia Briella
  • Olivia Juliette
  • Olivia Harley
  • Olivia Camille
  • Olivia Kalani
  • Olivia Kaye
  • Olivia Delaney
  • Olivia Joanna
  • Olivia Journey
  • Olivia Gracelynn
  • Olivia Lauren
  • Olivia Julianna
  • Olivia Brooklynn
  • Olivia Paige
  • Olivia Mackenzie
  • Olivia Adriana
  • Olivia Jayda
  • Olivia Vanessa
  • Olivia Angelina
  • Olivia Gia
  • Olivia Teagan
  • Olivia Amina
  • Olivia McKenna
  • Olivia Elaina
  • Olivia Adelyn
  • Olivia Alayah
  • Olivia Reign
  • Olivia Hallie
  • Olivia Jocelyn
  • Olivia Remington
  • Olivia Wren
  • Olivia Leia
  • Olivia Adaline
  • Olivia Malia
  • Olivia Lucille
  • Olivia Thea
  • Olivia Cali
  • Olivia Collins
  • Olivia Annabelle
  • Olivia Winter
  • Olivia Mariah
  • Olivia Dakota
  • Olivia Rebecca
  • Olivia Laine
  • Olivia Alaya
  • Olivia Saylor
  • Olivia Adelaide
  • Olivia Lilith
  • Olivia Daniela
  • Olivia Kendall
  • Olivia Haven
  • Olivia Camilla
  • Olivia Miriam
  • Olivia Madilyn
  • Olivia Payton
  • Olivia Hayden
  • Olivia Alana
  • Olivia Logan
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Italian Middle Names For Olivia

  • Olivia Allegra
  • Olivia Noemi
  • Olivia Serena
  • Olivia Mia
  • Olivia Ilaria
  • Olivia Irene
  • Olivia Giorgia
  • Olivia Greta
  • Olivia Gioia
  • Olivia Ginevra
  • Olivia Valentina
  • Olivia Viola
  • Olivia Margherita
  • Olivia Marta
  • Olivia Martina
  • Olivia Nicole
  • Olivia Giulia
  • Olivia Sofia
  • Olivia Melissa

Hispanic Middle Names For Olivia

  •  Olivia Abriella
  •  Olivia Anamaria
  •  Olivia Anali
  •  Olivia Silvana
  •  Olivia Roxanna
  •  Olivia Natalia
  •  Olivia Penelope
  •  Olivia Martina
  •  Olivia Josefa

One Syllable Middle Name For Olivia

  • Olivia Mauve 
  • Olivia Prue 
  • Olivia Peg 
  • Olivia Lynn 
  • Olivia Prim 
  • Olivia Pearl 
  • Olivia Maye 
  • Olivia Paige 
  • Olivia Quinn 
  • Olivia Neve 
  • Olivia Liv 
  • Olivia Lu 
  • Olivia Kat 
  • Olivia Kay 
  • Olivia Lynn 
  • Olivia Lark 
  • Olivia Kate 
  • Olivia Ruth 
  • Olivia Leigh 
  • Olivia Reese 
  • Olivia Rose 
  • Olivia Rue 
  • Olivia Pam 
  • Olivia Liz 
  • Olivia Lane 
  • Olivia Noir 
  • Olivia Meg 
  • Olivia Rain 
  • Olivia Kim 
  • Olivia Rae 
  • Olivia Nell 
  • Olivia Kit

First Name For Middle Name Olivia

First Names For Olivia

  • Eleanor Olivia
  • Sophia Olivia
  • Ellie Olivia 
  • Jade Olivia
  • Eva Olivia
  • Alice Olivia
  • Abigail Olivia
  • Claire Olivia
  • Zoey Olivia
  • Sarah Olivia
  • Scarlett Olivia
  • Lily Olivia
  • Madeline Olivia
  • Chloe Olivia
  • Sophie Olivia
  • Riley Olivia
  • Nevaeh Olivia
  • Victoria Olivia
  • Aurora Olivia
  • Madison Olivia
  • Mia Olivia
  • Leilani Olivia
  • Evelyn Olivia
  • Peyton Olivia
  • Hannah Olivia
  • Emily Olivia
  • Caroline Olivia
  • Natalie Olivia
  • Kinsley Olivia
  • Nova Olivia
  • Everleigh Olivia
  • Stella Olivia
  • Charlotte Olivia
  • Isabella Olivia
  • Aria Olivia
  • Piper Olivia
  • Avery Olivia
  • Gabriella Olivia
  • Layla Olivia
  • Aaliyah Olivia
  • Ella Olivia
  • Lydia Olivia
  • Athena Olivia
  • Isla Olivia
  • Mila Olivia
  • Emery Olivia
  • Valentina Olivia
  • Emma Olivia
  • Violet Olivia
  • Natalia Olivia
  • Madeline Olivia
  • Sadie Olivia
  • Elena Olivia
  • Audrey Olivia
  • Elizabeth Olivia
  • Hailey Olivia
  • Rylee Olivia
  • Ava Olivia
  • Autumn Olivia
  • Kennedy Olivia
  • Maya Olivia
  • Harper Olivia
  • Skylar Olivia
  • Savannah Olivia
  • Aubrey Olivia
  • Cora Olivia
  • Amelia Olivia
  • Serenity Olivia
  • Hazyl Olivia
  • Noir Olivia
  • Nora Olivia
  • Bella Olivia
  • Anna Olivia
  • Olivia Olivia
  • Gianna Olivia
  • Leah Olivia
  • Adeline Olivia
  • Lillian Olivia
  • Grace Olivia
  • Quinn Olivia
  • Josephine Olivia
  • Brooklyn Olivia
  • Willow Olivia
  • Lucy Olivia
  • Ivy Olivia

What Are Good Sibling Names That Go With Olivia?

  • Oliva and Theo
  • Olivia and Tinsley
  • Olivia and Hadley
  • Olivia and Charlotte
  • Olivia and Scott
  • Olivia and Ashton
  • Olivia and Oxford
  • Olivia and Graham
  • Olivia and Caroline
  • Olivia and Harvard

Loving Olivia? You’re Not Alone!

Those in love with the name Olivia are certainly not alone as this name has topped the charts of American baby girl names for a few years and is still going strong. Middle names for this popular baby girl name are copious, and you can feel at liberty to dress this one up or down according to your tastes. We hope you enjoy this exciting task of picking out a new and beautiful name for your baby. Congratulations and good luck! 

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