Middle Names For Harper – What Names Can You Pair With Harper?

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If you’re looking for cute middle names for Harper, you aren’t alone. This wildly popular middle name is getting a lot of attention lately, and we understand why! In today’s post, we’ll be reviewing some of the best middle names for Harper while also delving into a bit of the history behind the name. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Harper?

Harper Name Meaning

The meaning behind the name “Harper” comes from occupational harpists of medieval times. These harpists used to play their instruments for the enjoyment of kings and queens. Thus “Harper” became an occupational title that described their manner of work. As time went on, this name evolved into a last name until recently becoming a hot trend for first names in the United States.

At the present, the name Harper tops the charts as an extremely popular name for a girl in America. In 2020, it became the tenth most popular name for a girl in the United States. The name continues to grow more popular as the years pass, though this name is likely not as popular in other places around the globe.

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middle names for harper

Is the Name Harper Unisex?

Yes, the name Harper is unisex. Although we must admit that the name is rarely used for boys today in America. Still, the name Harper is a perfect fit for either a girl or a boy. In fact, the name Harper used to be a more popular name to use for boys than girls in decades past. Who knew?

What Famous People Have the Name Harper?

There are many notable figures that have held the name “Harper” in the past. One of the most notable is Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The book describes a tale of racism and injustice in the south and is well-known and highly esteemed in American literature. 

Other names associated with Harper include Harper Avery from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, Harper Finkle, a character from Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, and Harper’s Bazaar, a famous American fashion magazine. 

Is Harper a Rare Name?

Harper used to be a much less common name than it is now becoming. There was a dramatic increase in the number of girls named Harper within the past decade, meaning that the name isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. 

It is worth noting that although the name Harper is now considered mostly feminine in the United States, the name was reserved mainly for boys in the past. Therefore, naming your son Harper would make his name a lot more rare than it would be if you were to assign your daughter by the same name. 

middle names for harper

What Sibling Names Go With Harper

  • Harper and Harli/Harley
  • Harper and Piper
  • Harper and Bailey
  • Harper and Monet
  • Harper and Bennet
  • Harper and Leo
  • Harper and Hunter

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Harper?

  • Harp
  • Harpy
  • Piper
  • Harpsi
  • Harry
  • Perry

Girl Names to Go With Harper

  • Harper Valentina
  • Harper Natalia
  • Harper Isabella
  • Harper Autumn
  • Harper Victoria
  • Harper Penelope
  • Harper Naomi
  • Harper Maria
  • Harper Eleanor
  • Harper Amelia
  • Harper Emilia
  • Harper Aaliyah
  • Harper Railen
  • Harper Josephine
  • Harper Nova
  • Harper Faye
  • Harper Olivia
  • Harper Sophia
  • Harper Abigail
  • Harper Jade
  • Harper Leilani
  • Harper Elizabeth
  • Harper Skye
  • Harper Grace
  • Harper Madison
  • Harper Kennedy
  • Harper Vivian
  • Harper Luna
  • Harper Emily
  • Harper Aurora
  • Harper Juana
  • Harper María
  • Harper Ivanna
  • Harper Emily
  • Harper Alejandra
  • Harper Antonella
  • Harper Allison
  • Harper Zoe
  • Harper Amanda
  • Harper Miranda
  • Harper Noa
  • Harper Alma
  • Harper Elena
  • Harper Samantha
  • Harper Gabriela
  • Harper Carla
  • Harper Paula
  • Harper Alba
  • Harper Salomé
  • Harper Andrea
  • Harper Julia
  • Harper Mariana
  • Harper Regina
  • Harper Natalia
  • Harper Alexa

Unique Middle Names For Girls

Looking for a unique middle name to match a fun name like Harper?

Here are a few of our faves:

  • Harper Ace
  • Harper Rain
  • Harper Nova
  • Harper Quinn
  • Harper Angelique
  • Harper Adelaide/Adeline

Short Middle Names For Harper

  • Harper Leigh/Lee
  • Harper Drew
  • Harper Grace
  • Harper Jay
middle names for harper

Middle Names For Harper Boy

  • Harper Legend
  • Harper Liam
  • Harper Vincent
  • Harper Michael
  • Harper Cole
  • Harper Noah
  • Harper Jace
  • Harper Samuel
  • Harper Giovanni
  • Harper Lorenzo
  • Harper Gabriel
  • Harper Anthony
  • Harper Evan
  • Harper Julian
  • Harper Elijah
  • Harper Diego
  • Harper Alexander
  • Harper James

Middle Names For Harper–Grab Them Fast!

With the popularity of the name Harper steadily on the rise in the United States, it might be a good idea to gobble up all of the good middle names before these names become a little too common. Harper has a rich and interesting history but also is a trendy and beloved name among many. Though used mostly in a feminine way, Harper has traditionally been masculine. As such, Harper can be viewed as a unisex name, especially when paired with a masculine middle name. We hope this helps! 

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