Best Overnight Pull Ups For Heavy Wetters – Most Absorbent Choices

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If you’ve got a baby or toddler that you consider to be a “heavy wetter” then there’s no doubt that you are looking for a capable pull up that can handle the mess. But don’t worry. In this post we’ve set out to provide you with only the best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters we could find on the market. Keep your baby or toddler comfortable and dry!

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Are Pull-Ups Absorbent Enough For Overnight?

Some pull ups are absorbent enough to be used overnight but many are not.

In general, pull ups (or other types of training pants) are not designed to be as absorbent as diapers. Unless the pull up is specifically marketed as being for overnight wear, you can expect absorbency levels in pull ups to be subpar when compared to your typical baby diaper. 

Because of this, it is important that you do your research before buying a diaper or pull up for your baby to wear at night. Especially if he or she is a “heavy wetter”. 

Buying a pull up that isn’t designed for nighttime wear will likely only lead to an embarrassed and uncomfortable child. And leave you to have to clean everything up in the morning. 

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Rather than having to deal with leaks, we recommend you start with a disposable diaper before you try a pull up. If the diaper is large enough and absorbent enough to contain your child’s leaks at night, you can go ahead and use the diaper instead of a pull up. You’ll get more absorbency this way. You’ll also get many more diapers for the price than you will with pull ups. 

If, for whatever reason, the diapers don’t cut it, you’ll need to look into your options for pull ups. This is where our help comes in. In the following segments, we will be detailing which pull ups function best for nighttime sleep to keep your baby dry and mess-free in the morning. Dealing with blowouts too? There are plenty of best diapers for blowouts, although today, we will mostly be focusing on urine leaks. 

Note: The term “pull up” has now become a general term to refer to training pants. However, later in the post, you’ll notice that Pull-Ups are actually a brand of diapers released by Huggies. Still, we will use the generic form of this word throughout the post to refer to training pants. 

Do Pull-Ups Hold Pee Overnight?

Many brands of pull ups hold pee overnight, but not all of them perform the same. Even pull up types within the same brand will perform differently than others. This is becayse each pull up is uniquely designed to fit the overall goal of the pull up itself.

For example, training pants that are marked as being for “overnight” will undoubtedly have more absorbent layers of protection (especially at the bottom portion of the pull up) than will standard training pants. In the same way, a pull up that is designed as being for boys may have more absorbent layers in the front as well as along the bottom due to differing anatomy.

Therefore, although not all pull ups claim the ability to hold pee overnight, some will. And honestly, even some of the pull ups that are not marketed as being for overnight may still perform remarkably well for your little one. It will all depend on how much your child urinates at night and what his or her needs are. 

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Do Pullups Leak?

“Pull ups”, as in the general term for training pants, not only leak but may actually leak more than your standard diaper (or even cloth diapers, some of which are for heavy wetters).

Because of this, it is imperative that you figure out what type of pull up will work best for your child overnight. Or that you at least find a system (as we will talk about later) that utilizes a pull up and other accessories to keep your baby or toddler dry and comfortable all night long. 

What Are the Most Absorbent Pull-Ups?

With some of the background information about how certain pull ups differ and what their general usage for night time wear involves, it is now time to delve into which pull ups on the market are best for containing wet messes. 

For the sake of ease, we’ve broken down the best pull ups for overnight wear into two brand categories (Pampers and Huggies). But you should feel free to experiment with other brands too. 

Later on in this post, we will also be offering tips and tricks that can help stop leaks even when nothing else seems to be working. 

Ready to get those annoying nighttime accidents under control? If so, then let’s get started. 

Overnight Pull-Ups For Toddlers

Huggies Overnight Pull-Ups

Best Overnight Pull Up For 3 Year Old: Huggies Goodnites

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If you’re looking for a pull up that fits like underwear, is comfortable, fits older kids, and has fewer leaks, then Huggies Goodnites is for you. In fact, Huggies Goodnites are our number one recommendation for overnight pull ups due to their superior absorbency and larger sizes for older kids.

Huggies Goodnites boasts of offering up to 40% more protection than the average training pants. Which is really saying a lot. Moreover, these training pants fit children weighing even up to 140 lbs and over when bought in an extra large size. These pull ups are layered with five sheets of absorbent protection, along with double-enforced barriers around the leg to prevent further leakage. The super stretchy waistband is an added bonus as it expands to fit children of all shapes and sizes.  

Best Overnight Pull Up : Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants

Pull-Ups Night-Time Girls' Training Pants, 3T-4T, 60 Ct
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We gush when thinking about the aforementioned Goodnites training pants. But the truth of the matter is that these training pants are VERY expensive. It is for that reason that you might consider regular Pull-Ups Night-Time training pants instead. 

These Huggies NIght-Time Pull-Ups boast the ability to absorb more moisture than a diaper of the same brand. This is a big statement given that most pull ups are known to absorb much less urine than that of the leading diaper. Reviewers seem to concur that the statements made in this regard are true. This training pant has received nothing short of rave reviews in reference to how it controls leaks.

The only downside to this training pant is the sizing. It doesn’t hold a candle to Huggies Goodnites 140 pound accommodation. Still, Huggies Night-Time Training Pants offers sizes in the standard toddler range up to 4T-5T (i.e. 50 pounds).

Pampers Overnight Pull-Ups

Now it’s time to switch gears and talk about Pampers brand.

Despite Huggies being the obvious favorite when it comes to guarding against leaks and wetness, it could turn out that Pampers brand works better for you.

The following are a few selections from Pampers worth noticing when looking for protection against leaks at night. 

Pampers Easy Ups

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Pampers Easy Up training pants are the normal training pant that Pampers offers similar to Huggies Pull-Ups.

In terms of absorbency, Pampers seems to be pretty decent! According to reviews, most moms and dads have found Pampers Easy Ups to do well in terms of leak protection. However, there aren’t as many rave reviews in this regard as compared to Huggies brand. 

Having said that, what many parents do love about Pampers is that it comes with a 360-degree waistband that really helps in terms of comfort. It has a dual leak guard and extra absorbency channels to help curb excess moisture leaking out as much as possible. 

Another thing that parents love about Pampers Easy Ups is that they are soft and may be a bit roomier than other training pants. 

Therefore, in general, Pampers Easy Ups may be a decent pick for curbing wetness, but if you find that these aren’t working well for your little one, you may wish to opt for Huggies instead.

Pampers Ninjamas

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Last but not least, we’d like to mention Pampers Ninjamas. These are a fairly new find, but parents that have tried them are singing nothing but praise.  

These training pants are advertised as being for bedwetters in general including older kids. They are form-fitting, fast-absorbing, breathable, made with no parabens or latex, and are made of quiet material so as not to embarrass older children who are wearing them.

And while these are comparable to Huggies Goodnites, it seems that some parents still have a few issues with these leaking. Therefore, it may be a good idea to invest in a smaller package of them first before determining if they are best for your kiddo. 

Overnight Pull-Ups For Toddlers Tips

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge of the best overnight pull ups available, it’s time to get into a few tips and tricks to help you avoid leaks in the first place. With these tips, you may be able to use virtually any pull up and still be able to curb leaks in the process. 

Check ‘em out!

Tips For Preventing Pull Up Leaks


What size pull up you purchase matters when it comes to buying a pull up for heavy wetters. While it is typically recommended that you size up to prevent leakage (the bigger the size the better the absorbency), following this trend may lead to gapping around the legs and the hips. This makes it easier for moisture to seep out in some cases.

Therefore, if you find that sizing up isn’t really working for your little one, you may consider simply buying your child his or her normal size pull up. This will undoubtedly be easier on your wallet. Also, implement a few of the other tricks we have in store for you ahead instead. 

Pampers Ninjamas, Bedwetting Disposable Underwear, Nighttime Training Pants Boys, FSA HSA Eligible, 44 Count, Size Small/Medium (38-65 lbs), Packaging & Prints May Vary


When looking for the right pull up for your little one, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to absorbency factors. Absorbent channels and extra layering is important when it comes to halting leaks. Pull ups that are advertised as being for “overnight” tend to have much more leakage protection for little ones. In the case of Huggies, may even absorb more moisture than your average diaper. 

Pull-Ups Night-Time Girls' Training Pants, 3T-4T, 60 Ct

Double Them Up

In addition to buying a larger-sized diaper, some parents recommend you double up a diaper or pull up to help with excess wetness. While this may work for some, try to keep an eye on how tight a double pull up may feel to your little one. Pull ups tend to be a slimmer fit. So this may prove uncomfortable for your child at night in the long run.

If you do experience success with this method, or if you’d like to give this method a try, you may wish to choose to do so with Huggies Overnight Pull Up. These come with detachable velcro sides that may make layering two pull ups together an easier process. 

Buy Booster Pads

Booster pads are inserts that can be placed in your child’s diaper or pull up. These are worn overnight to help protect against leakage. Some parents have found that this was the missing accessory they needed. These curb leaks when buying an overnight training pant just wasn’t working. They can also be helpful if you aren’t interested in buying a training pant specifically designated to use overnight.

Overnight training pants are much more expensive than regular. So if you can get away with just using booster inserts instead, this option may prove to be a win-win. 

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Buy a Cloth Diaper “Shell”

Last but not least, you may consider buying a cloth diaper shell. Place this over your child’s pull up to add yet another layer of protection for your baby’s nighttime leaks. Some moms and dads even go as far as to layer a booster insert in their child’s pull up. Then they add a cloth diaper shell even on top of that for extra wetness protection. No matter what you do, just make sure that your baby or toddler is comfortable before placing them to bed. 

A leak here and there can always be cleaned, but your baby or toddler’s comfort and safety is everything!

Other Tips

  1. Limit the number of beverages your child drinks before bed. You can allow your child to drink when he or she is thirsty, of course. But just be sure to be mindful to not offer too many beverages before bed. 
  2. If your child is potty-trained, make sure to have them empty their bladder before bed. 
  3. When potty training, we recommend NOT using pull ups during the day if at all possible. Doing so can limit progress for some babies and toddlers. 
  4. When your child wakes up in the morning, try to change his or her diaper or pull up as soon as they wake. This keeps them from developing a rash and experiencing discomfort. This is especially important for those that are heavy wetters

Best Overnight Pull Ups For Heavy Wetters? Leak No More!

The best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters really does seem to be Huggies Goodnites. The leak protection on these as well as Huggies Overnight Pull Ups are really great. If, however, you typically use Pampers training pants or another brand and you aren’t really interested in purchasing something new, you may consider buying a booster insert. Layer that with a diaper shell to get the protection your little one needs to stay clean and dry at night.

We hope this has helped you! Be sure to consult our other blogs for even more tricks of the trade for keeping your baby or toddler comfortable at night! 


Are overnight pull-ups more absorbent than diapers?

They can be! In some cases (such as the case with Huggies Overnight) pull ups can be a bit more absorbent than diapers. In other cases, however, the pull up may actually perform worse in terms of wetness protection. Do your research to find which training pant might work best for you.

Which overnight diapers are the most absorbent?

The most absorbent we’ve seen is the Huggies Goodnites, followed by the Huggies Overnight Pull-Ups. Stomach sleeper diapers might also work for you.

Which overnight diapers are the best?

We’re going to go with Huggies Goodnites as being the best absorbency-wise. For a cheaper option, some have recommended Target’s generic brand pull up for similar absorbency at a cheaper price.

Do pull-ups leak more than diapers?

They can. It depends on the type of pull up you purchase. Huggies Goodnites guarantee to absorb more liquid than the traditional diaper, so you may find that some pull ups, in certain cases, perform better in this regard. 

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