Do Men Go to Baby Showers? + Party Ideas for A Man Shower Party

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Have you ever wondered why you rarely see men at baby showers? This phenomenon has many wondering, “Do men go to baby showers?” and if not, what they do instead. If these questions have ever crossed your mind, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to explore whether or not it is appropriate for men to attend baby showers and what, if anything, a man can do instead if he chooses not to attend this very special occasion. 

Who Usually Attends a Baby Shower?

Wondering what happens at a baby shower and who is invited?

A baby shower is a special and momentous occasion in which predominantly female friends and family members come together to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby.

Baby showers are common in both the United States and the U.K.. However, nearly every culture has its own variation of the celebration of new birth, even if it isn’t the exact same format as a traditional baby shower. 

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Are Baby Showers Only For Females?

You may be wondering if baby showers are only for females. The answer to that is tricky. 

Traditionally, baby showers have included mostly female attendees. However, there are plenty of baby showers during which dad, grandpa, brother, uncles, and even male friends have been in attendance.

There are no hard and set rules to celebrating an occasion like the birth of a new baby, and many men want in on the action. Therefore, baby showers aren’t exclusively female all the time, although much of the time, it may seem like they are. 

Does the Dad Usually Go to the Baby Shower?

Dad may or may not come to the baby shower. It’s really up to him.

Much of the time, the dad may choose to skip the baby shower because he just isn’t into it. Other times, the dad wants nothing more than to celebrate the upcoming birth of his new son or daughter. Whether the dad decides to be at the baby shower is completely up to him.

Remember that guys often relate to things much differently than females, and therefore shouldn’t be negatively judged based on whether or not he chooses to show.

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Why Are Guys Not Allowed at Baby Showers?

Sometimes baby showers are deemed an all-female event for differing reasons. Sometimes it is because the women there won’t feel like they can be themselves with men around. Other times, it may be that women won’t feel comfortable sharing their advice and birthing experiences with the new mom as openly and honestly if men were in attendance. Still, other reasons might be that the hosts believe baby showers are only for females and therefore only invite females. 

Whatever the reason, the decision of whether or not men should be “allowed” at a baby shower should come down to the choice of the new parents themselves. If dad wants to be there and mom is comfortable with that, then he or any other male participants deemed close to the parents, should be able to do so. 

What Do Guys Do During a Baby Shower?

So, what do guys do during a baby shower? The same thing as everyone else!

They’ll be eating, drinking, playing games, laughing, and celebrating the welcoming of a new life.

Guys that don’t choose to be in attendance may opt to do something else…but more on that in the next segment! 

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What Do Men Do Instead of a Baby Shower?

Men who opt not to go to a baby shower may have their own version of a baby shower with their friends, may have a drink at the bar until the shower is over, or may simply entertain themselves elsewhere until the event is up.

In any case, the men that aren’t attending the baby shower will find a way to fill their time doing the things they want to do until the party’s over…and then will come home to listen to all of the women in the family gush about how great the baby shower was afterward! 

What Is a Man’s Baby Shower Called?

As previously mentioned, some men band together to have their own version of a baby shower apart from the ladies. These are sometimes called “Diaper Parties”, “Man Showers” or “Dad-Chelor Parties”.

During these parties, the men may bring diapers or whatever else they desire and hang out together in lieu of traditional baby showers. These parties often look very different from your standard baby shower, though they can be put on and organized by either a man or a woman.

Still, the point of this celebration is much the same as it is for a traditional baby shower, and that is to celebrate the birth of a new baby–without all of the pressure! 

What Do You Call a Baby Shower For a Man?

A baby shower for a man is often called a “Diaper Party”, “Dad-Chelor Party”, “Man Shower” – or whatever other crazy name you can muster! 

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Baby Shower For Men

Man Shower Ideas

“Man showers” are often formed to commemorate the birth of a new baby apart from women and their typical activities. This is an opportunity for the men to give a big “hoorah” to the dad-to-be while also engaging in interesting activities that male attendees can appreciate and enjoy. 

The following are just a few ideas for throwing a Man Shower:

  • Play “Realistic” (and Hilarious) Games: Games like “Who Can Change a Diaper Faster?” and “Who Can Do the Dishes Quickest?” are hilariously fun ways to plunge dads into a world that is likely to become very familiar for them after the new baby is born. 
  • Keep the Gifts Simple: Many guys aren’t into real complicated gift lists and registries. To keep things stress-free, we recommend keeping the wish list simple. Ask male attendees to bring a pack of diapers or come up with specifics that you know mom and dad need that would be simple and easy to find. Feel free to offer male attendants an opportunity to buy something off of the gift registry if it is available, but know that many men appreciate simple directions and straightforward requests when it comes to gift-giving.


Is the baby shower for the mom or dad?

The baby shower is technically for both parents since both parents played a role in creating the child. Still, many baby showers tend to focus on the mother. It really depends on the family and how that family sees best to celebrate the birth of the new baby.

Are baby showers a girl thing?

Not necessarily. Men can and often do attend baby showers. Even so, you shouldn’t be surprised to see all-female baby showers from time to time. Traditionally, this is the way that baby showers took place in the past. In modern times, you may find yourself seeing men at baby showers often; which we think is a very good thing! 

Do brothers go to baby showers?

Brothers can definitely go to baby showers as long as it is okay with the new mom and dad. Allowing all family members and friends to attend baby showers provides the warmth and closeness of all loved ones being able to come together to commemorate such a huge event.

Do Men Go to Baby Showers? They Can If They Wish!

All in all, men should be more than welcome to attend baby showers if they so choose. However, men that don’t wish to join in on the fun shouldn’t be ridiculed or blamed.

Remember that some men really enjoy the idea of celebrating new life. Others might rather do something else with their friends.

Either way, the birth of a new baby is special. The baby shower should be an expression of this fact, whether all friends and family members choose to show up for the party or not.

We hope this has helped! Congratulations!

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