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If you’re interested in the name Lucy, then there’s no doubt you’re also in need of a good middle name for Lucy. If that’s the case, then you’ve landed on the right blog post. In this post, we will explore what names might pair best with the name Lucy, as well as share information about the meaning of the name and where it originated. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the name Lucy, then keep on reading! 

What Is the Meaning of the Name Lucy?

Lucy carries the meaning of “light” much like the name Luke, Lucas, or Lucille.

In fact, baby girls that were born at dawn were often named Lucy.

Lucy is also often recognized as a surname carried over by Normans to England in the 11th century. 

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Is Lucy a Rare Name?

Lucy remains on the top 100 for baby girl names in the U.S.

However, it only recently broke past the 50th spot in 2019. As such, we’d say that though the name Lucy isn’t super common…at least not yet… but it’s on its way to being so!

As the years pass by, it seems that the name Lucy is growing more and more popular.

Is Lucy an Old-Fashioned Name?

Lucy is certainly a name that can be considered old-fashioned. Though these days that isn’t a bad thing.

The current trend is for babies to be named unique, unusual, or otherwise antiquated names, therefore, the name Lucy (or Lucille) would actually be viewed as a fashionably trendy name, instead of one that is out of style. 

What Is Lucy Short For?

Lucy is most commonly short for names like Lucille and Lucia.

Other variations of the name include Luci, Luca, Lucie, Lusi, and Lousi. 

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Lucy?

There are several fun nicknames for Lucy. these include:

  • Lou
  • Lou-Lou/Lulu
  • Luce
  • Luca
  • Loco
  • Ci-Ci/Cece

Is Lucy a Unisex Name?

Traditionally, Lucy has been seen as a feminine name. Still, there have been boys that have borne the name Lucy. Regardless, you may find other options to be similar to Lucy but sound more masculine.

These options include:

  • Luke
  • Lucas
  • Luca
  • Lucius
  • Lucian
  • Lux

What Famous People Are Named Lucy?

The late Lucille Ball is most likely the most well-known Lucy in American culture. She was an American actress and comedian and is best known for her role on the hit T.V. show “I Love Lucy” in the 50s. 

Other well-known Lucys include Lucy Liu, an American actress known for her roles in Jerry McGuire, Ally McBeal, and the intense action film Kill Bill. Lucy Hale is another American actress, known for her TV role on the long-running show “Pretty Little Liars”.

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What Sibling Names Go With Lucy?

Sister Names That Go With Lucy

Looking for great sibling names to pair with Lucy? Check out a few of our suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Lucy and Anna
  • Lucy and Stella
  • Lucy and Amelia
  • Lucy and Beti/Betty
  • Lucy and Harriette/Hariet
  • Luci and Hatti/Hattie

Brother Names That Go With Lucy

  • Lucy and Oliver
  • Lucy and Lucas (Great For Twins)
  • Lucy and Luke (Great For Twins)
  • Lucy and Matthias
  • Lucy and Theodore
  • Lucille and Pedro

Cute Middle Name For Lucy

Good Middle Name For Lucy

  • Lucy Liliana
  • Lucy Vivian
  • Lucy Eloise
  • Lucy Blake
  • Lucy Rosalie
  • Lucy Isabelle
  • Lucy Eden
  • Lucy Gemma
  • Lucy Magnolia
  • Lucy Reese
  • Lucy Ayla
  • Lucy Isabel
  • Lucy Lyla
  • Lucy Everleigh
  • Lucy Rose
  • Lucy Samantha
  • Lucy Arianna
  • Lucy Remi
  • Lucy Amaya
  • Lucy Ariela
  • Lucy River
  • Lucy Arya
  • Lucy Arabella
  • Lucy Iris
  • Lucy Emerson
  • Lucy Alaya
  • Lucy Olive
  • Lucy Alani
  • Lucy Oakley
  • Lucy Juliette
  • Lucy Anastasia
  • Lucy Valerie
  • Lucy Maeve
  • Lucy Summer
  • Lucy Brianna
  • Lucy Ami
  • Lucy Sienna
  • Lucy Raelin
  • Lucy Alexandra
  • Lucy Kayley
  • Lucy Jasmine
  • Lucy Melody
  • Lucy Alina
  • Lucy Faith
  • Lucy Callie
  • Lucy Margaret
  • Lucy Margot
  • Lucy Aubree
  • Lucy Elliana
  • Lucy Josie
  • Lucy Cecilia
  • Lucy Genevieve
  • Lucy Ryleigh
  • Lucy Mackenzie
  • Lucy Chloe
  • Lucy Sage
  • Lucy Sara
  • Lucy Norah
  • Lucy Harmony
  • Lucy Ashley
  • Lucy Reagan
  • Lucy Amara
  • Lucy Mary
  • Lucy Parker
  • Lucy Ember
  • Lucy Katherine
  • Lucy Brielle
  • Lucy Kehlani
  • Lucy Catalina
  • Lucy Taylor
  • Lucy Marie
  • Lucy Elodie

One-Syllable Middle Names For Lucy

  • Lucy Frost
  • Lucy Fay
  • Lucy Gem
  • Lucy Jan
  • Lucy Hope
  • Lucy Dew
  • Lucy Greer
  • Lucy Blythe
  • Lucy Anne
  • Lucy Eve
  • Lucy Joyce
  • Lucy Blanche
  • Lucy Belle
  • Lucy Jenn
  • Lucy Brooke
  • Lucy Jill
  • Lucy Bree
  • Lucy Faith
  • Lucy Jane
  • Lucy Dove
  • Lucy Flo
  • Lucy Blue
  • Lucy Braye
  • Lucy Dee
  • Lucy Jane
  • Lucy Fern
  • Lucy Jazz
  • Lucy Bay
  • Lucy Gwen
  • Lucy June
  • Lucy Dawn
  • Lucy Elle
  • Lucy Bea
  • Lucy Jaye
  • Lucy Bette
  • Lucy Cher
  • Lucy Gayle
  • Lucy Fawn
  • Lucy Beth
  • Lucy Claire
  • Lucy Dot
  • Lucy Bryn
  • Lucy Flor
  • Lucy Grace
  • Lucy Fleur
  • Lucy Joan
  • Lucy Blaire
  • Lucy Britt
  • Lucy Jules
  • Lucy Joy
  • Lucy Jade
  • Lucy Wren

Middle Name For Lucia

  • Lucia Valeria
  • Lucia Victoria
  • Lucia Natalia
  • Lucia Isabella
  • Lucia Julieta
  • Lucia Valentina
  • Lucia Gabriela
  • Lucia Catalina
  • Lucia Martina
  • Lucia Mia
  • Lucia Camila
  • Lucia Antonella

Unique Middle Names for Lucy

  • Lucy Weatherly
  • Lucy Nixie
  • Lucy Knightley
  • Lucy Lyra
  • Lucy Vestal
  • Lucy Sojourner
  • Lucy Lark
  • Lucy Nevada
  • Lucy Paola
  • Lucy London
  • Lucy Milena
  • Lucy Love
  • Lucy Nyla
  • Lucy Prairie
  • Lucy Lu
  • Lucy Lively
  • Lucy Loreto
  • Lucy Sparrow
  • Lucy Zephyr
  • Lucy Wynter
  • Lucy Saffron
  • Lucy Leaf
  • Lucy Pearl
  • Lucy Sage
  • Lucy Serenity
  • Lucy Monroe
  • Lucy November
  • Lucy Tempest
  • Lucy Kitty
  • Lucy Ophelia
  • Lucy Linden
  • Lucy Liberty
  • Lucy Sapphire
  • Lucy October
  • Lucy Ocean
  • Lucy Legacy
  • Lucy Nell
  • Lucy Meliora
  • Lucy Paisleigh
  • Lucy Rainbow
  • Lucy Poet
  • Lucy Waverley
  • Lucy Porsche
  • Lucy Scout
  • Lucy Laris
  • Lucy Raya
  • Lucy Snow
  • Lucy Marigold
  • Lucy Lasalle
  • Lucy Marisol
  • Lucy Myrcella
  • Lucy Starling
  • Lucy Olive
  • Lucy Peach
  • Lucy Margaery
  • Lucy Paris
  • Lucy Pansy
  • Lucy Sydnie
  • Lucy Opal
  • Lucy Lake
  • Lucy Patience

First Name For Middle Name Lucy

  • Belle Lucy
  • Gail Lucy
  • Charlotte Lucy
  • Annabelle Lucy
  • Adeline Lucy
  • Scarlett Lucy

“I Love Lucy”…No Really, We Do!

All in all, if you love the name Lucy then hopefully you also love our suggestions for middle and sibling names to pair with it. With Lucy being a name on the rise, it’s well worth considering the name as the first or middle name for your child. We hope this has helped you! 

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