Middle Names For Charlotte – Beautiful and Unique Name Pairings

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Meaning of the Name Charlotte

What Does Charlotte Mean For a Girl?

Oddly enough, the name Charlotte is of French origin and carries an unexpected masculine meaning as the name is typically translated to mean “free man”. That’s because the name Charlotte is derived from its masculine counterpart, “Charles”, and therefore, shares the same meaning.

Still, the name Charlotte is also known to mean “petite” in French. This definition redeems the name a bit of the meaning of a name carries a lot of weight to you. 

Is the Name Charlotte Unisex?

The name Charlotte isn’t really unisex. The name is feminine because it is derived from its masculine counterpart, Charles. Therefore, if you want to use a name similar to Charlotte for your boy, you may consider naming him Charles or consider naming him one of the following similar names instead:

  • Arthur
  • Frederick
  • Dedrick
  • Ronald
  • William
  • Theodore
  • Henry
  • George
  • Benjamin

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Charlotte?

Despite the utter beauty of the name Charlotte, you may want a shorter name to call your little one on a daily basis.

Consider the following nicknames for your child named Charlotte:

  • Charlie
  • Char
  • Lottie
  • Lotta
  • Cherry
  • Harley

Charlotte has quickly become a favorite name amongst Americans as it landed a spot in the top five most popular baby names in 2020. This could potentially be due to a new American trend that involves naming babies names that might otherwise be considered “old-fashioned” or antiquated such as Lucy, Stella, or Beatrice. 

Make no mistake, however, that though Charlotte has become very popular now, it has also kept a spot in the top 500 names for baby girls in the United States since the 1900s. Therefore it is safe to say that the name Charlotte is an enduring name that has been well-loved by Americans for centuries.

In addition to American love for the name, other countries love the name Charlotte as well. Countries that also show interest in the name include Belgium, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

What Sibling Names Go With Charlotte?

Sometimes the best names come in pairs! Whether you’re having multiples or simply want the sibling names to flow well, we’ve got a list of names that go perfectly with Charlotte. 

Consider the following: 

  • Charlotte and Edward
  • Charlotte and Thomas
  • Charles and Charlotte
  • Charlotte and William (or Willie)
  • Charlotte and Sophie
  • Charlotte and Violette
  • Charlotte and Beaux
  • Charlotte and Abigail
  • Charlotte and Lucie
  • Charlotte and Harper
  • Charlotte and Quinn
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What Famous People Have the Name Charlotte?

Famous people named Charlotte include Charlize Theron, a South African and American actress, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, and Charlotte Marie Casiraghi, 11th in the throne of Monaco.

The popularity of the name may also have been contributed to by the beloved classic film Charlotte’s Web released in 1973, and fictional favorite Charlotte York of “Sex and the City”, 

Good Middle Names For Charlotte

Best Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Elle
  • Charlotte Athena
  • Charlotte Leilani
  • Charlotte Victoria
  • Charlotte Kinsley
  • Charlotte Elizabeth
  • Charlotte Emilia
  • Charlotte Ivy
  • Charlotte Jade
  • Charlotte Isla
  • Charlotte Ruby
  • Charlotte Sofia
  • Charlotte Eliana
  • Charlotte Luna
  • Charlotte Everly
  • Charlotte Evelyn
  • Charlotte Genesis
  • Charlotte Savannah
  • Charlotte Adeline
  • Charlotte Penelope
  • Charlotte Madison
  • Charlotte Avery
  • Charlotte Naomi
  • Charlotte Gabriella
  • Charlotte Aurora
  • Charlotte Madelyn
  • Charlotte Kennedy
  • Charlotte Harper
  • Charlotte Delilah
  • Charlotte Serenity
  • Charlotte Nevaeh
  • Charlotte Nova
  • Charlotte Emery
  • Charlotte Addison
  • Charlotte Lydia
  • Charlotte Hailey
  • Charlotte Grace
  • Charlotte Natalie
  • Charlotte Lillian
  • Charlotte Sophia
  • Charlotte Gianna
  • Charlotte Natalia
  • Charlotte Allison
  • Charlotte Olivia
  • Charlotte Josephine
  • Charlotte Amelia
  • Charlotte Aaliyah
  • Charlotte Isabella
  • Charlotte Valentina
  • Charlotte Paisley
  • Charlotte Madeline
  • Charlotte Rylee
  • Charlotte Camila

One Syllable Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Rose
  • Charlotte Quinn
  • Charlotte Nell
  • Charlotte Pearl
  • Charlotte Snow
  • Charlotte Ruth
  • Charlotte Pam
  • Charlotte Mai
  • Charlotte Vale
  • Charlotte Wren
  • Charlotte Paige
  • Charlotte Tye
  • Charlotte Sue
  • Charlotte Prue
  • Charlotte Val
  • Charlotte Skai
  • Charlotte Reese
  • Charlotte Lou
  • Charlotte True
  • Charlotte Peg
  • Charlotte Maude
  • Charlotte Prim
  • Charlotte Rain
  • Charlotte Maeve
  • Charlotte Shae
  • Charlotte Starr
  • Charlotte Shawn
  • Charlotte Cruz
  • Charlotte Rae
  • Charlotte Sloane
  • Charlotte Tate
  • Charlotte Tess
  • Charlotte Lynn

What Are Good Middle Names For Charlotte?

Unique Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Rainbow
  • Charlotte Raya
  • Charlotte Olive
  • Charlotte Aranza
  • Charlotte Patience
  • Charlotte Porsche
  • Charlotte Wynter
  • Charlotte Pearl
  • Charlotte Sydnie
  • Charlotte Marisol

Cute Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Zephyr
  • Charlotte Ireland
  • Charlotte Jurnee
  • Charlotte Everest
  • Charlotte Serenity
  • Charlotte Blessing
  • Charlotte Bliss

Perfect Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Love
  • Charlotte Starling
  • Charlotte Prairie
  • Charlotte Leaf
  • Charlotte Monroe
  • Charlotte Liberty
  • Charlotte Waverley
  • Charlotte Bloom
  • Charlotte Caprice

Best Middle Names For Girls Named Charlotte

  • Charlotte Lasalle
  • Charlotte Opal
  • Charlotte Holland
  • Charlotte Blossom
  • Charlotte Chanel
  • Charlotte Ariya
  • Charlotte Apple
  • Charlotte Saffron
  • Charlotte Eloquence
  • Charlotte Myrcella
  • Charlotte Bria
  • Charlotte Legacy

Great Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Blondell
  • Charlotte Paris
  • Charlotte Cheyenne
  • Charlotte Sparrow
  • Charlotte Hyacinth
  • Charlotte Cordelia
  • Charlotte Austine

Girl Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Sapphire
  • Charlotte Paisley
  • Charlotte Avalie
  • Charlotte Cornelia
  • Charlotte Arya
  • Charlotte Honey
  • Charlotte Poet
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Charlotte Pansy

Middle Names For Girls That Go With Charlotte

  • Charlotte Vestal
  • Charlotte Snow
  • Charlotte Clementine

Baby Middle Names For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Birdie
  • Charlotte Kitty
  • Charlotte Fleur
  • Charlotte Avie
  • Charlotte Milena
  • Charlotte Lively
  • Charlotte Blue
  • Charlotte Alicia
  • Charlotte Avalon
  • Charlotte Ophelia
  • Charlotte Marigold
  • Charlotte Nevada
  • Charlotte Loreto
  • Charlotte Coraline
  • Charlotte Dakota
  • Charlotte Weatherly
  • Charlotte Lu
  • Charlotte Kensington
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Middle Names For Charlie Girl

Thinking about using the name Charlie instead of Charlotte for a girl? We love it! Consider the following middle names to match it up with:

  • Charlie Rose
  • Charlie Jane
  • Charlie Jenae
  • Charlie Jannelle
  • Charlie Tailor
  • Charlie Marie
  • Charlie Nicole
  • Charlie Garnette
  • Charlie Rogue

French Middle Name For Charlotte

  • Charlotte Margaux
  • Charlotte Aurelie
  • Charlotte Celeste
  • Charlotte Fayette
  • Charlotte Delphine
  • Charlotte Giselle
  • Charlotte Cosette
  • Charlotte Aveline
  • Charlotte Esmée
  • Charlotte Clementine
  • Charlotte Amelie
  • Charlotte Lilou
  • Charlotte Noelle
  • Charlotte Geneviève
  • Charlotte Coralie

First Name For Charlotte

  • Elizabeth Charlotte
  • Florence Charlotte
  • Vivienne Charlotte
  • Evelyn Charlotte
  • Henrietta Charlotte
  • Rue Charlotte
  • Sophie Charlotte
  • Harper Charlotte 

Middle Names For Charlotte: We’ve Got Them Here!

The name Charlotte is a regal name that evokes a feeling of royalty and sophistication. Because of this, it pairs particularly well with classic middle names but can be easily made unique by adding an unconventional or unusual middle name to it to make things a bit more unexpected. No matter your style, we hope this article has served to help get you that much closer to finding the perfect name for your new baby. Congrats!

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