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If you’re in love with the name Sophia, join the club! Sophia is a wildly popular name, and thankfully, middle names for Sophia are plentiful. In this article, we will delve into the middle names you have available to you for naming your baby girl, and also, a few choices that would work best with the masculine equivalent of Sophia. Sound interesting? Keep reading for all you need to know about this ever-popular name for girls – Sophia! 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Sophia?

The name Sophia is of Greek origin and means “wisdom”. The name was first made popular by the Greek Orthodox church which revered St. Sophia as a noteworthy saint and faithful martyr. Later, the name would infiltrate European royalty in the Middle Ages, further intensifying the popularity of the name. 

Much like other names still used today, the name Sophia has a rich history. Unlike other names, however, the popularity of the name Sophia (or Sofia as it is sometimes rendered) isn’t caused by the influx of such a name within pop culture as is often the case in American society. Instead, the name seems to carry on its title of being one of the most popular names in American culture simply due to its regal flair, soft and feminine aura, and desirable meaning. 

What Famous Person Is Named Sofia?

There aren’t many famous people in American culture named Sophia. However, there are a few.

Most notably, Sofia Margarita Vegara is an Colombian and American actress known for being the highest-paid television actress from 2013-to 2020. Another famous Sofia in Hollywood is Sofia Carmina Coppola, a filmmaker and actress. Other famous Sophias include those who emerged from European royalty such as Princess Sophia Matilda and Queen Sofia of Spain. 

Is the Name Sofia Unisex?

The name Sofia is known to be feminine, though its meaning is often desirable to both males and females. Luckily, there is a masculine version of the name Sophia known as “Sophus”.

Though this name is much less common than its feminine counterpart, one might count its rarity as a part of its charm! Stay tuned until the end of this post for middle name suggestions for this strong, masculine, and meaningful name. 

What Is a Good Nickname For Sophia?

The name Sophia lends itself to a few fun and spirited nicknames. These include:

  • Fi-Fi
  • Sofie/Sophie
  • Soph
  • Fiona
  • Phia
  • Pia
  • Ofie

Is Sophia a Rare Name?

Sophia is nowhere near a rare name! The name Sophia is highly popular in the United States and landed the top spot as the number one pick for baby girl names for two years in a row from 2011-to 2013. Since then, Sophia remains in the top five most popular girls’ names in America.

Moreover, Sophia is a favorite amongst people of other countries too including Mexico, Russia, and Italy. 

One Syllable Middle Name For Sophia

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things short and sweet! The following are a few of our favorite one syllable middles names for Sophia:

  • Sophia June
  • Sophia Dawn
  • Sophia Faye
  • Sophia Brooke
  • Sophia Cher
  • Sophia Sage
  • Sophia Shawn
  • Sophia Dee
  • Sophia Joy
  • Sophia Eve
  • Sophia Beth
  • Sophia Dew
  • Sophia Skye
  • Sophia Blaire
  • Sophia Pearl
  • Sophia Gem
  • Sophia Fern
  • Sophia Blake
  • Sophia Starr
  • Sophia Dove
  • Sophia Lane
  • Sophia Jazz
  • Sophia Frost
  • Sophia Paige
  • Sophia Blue
  • Sophia Prim
  • Sophia Grace
  • Sophia Lark
  • Sophia Fawn
  • Sophia Reese
  • Sophia Faith
  • Sophia Bryn
  • Sophia Belle
  • Sophia Blythe
  • Sophia Meg
  • Sophia Leigh
  • Sophia Tate
  • Sophia Rae
  • Sophia Gwen
  • Sophia Claire
  • Sophia True
  • Sophia Bree
  • Sophia Liz
  • Sophia Snow
  • Sophia Rain
  • Sophia Bay
  • Sophia Quinn
  • Sophia Britt
  • Sophia Rue
  • Sophia Wren
  • Sophia Anne
  • Sophia Mai

Italian Middle Names For Sofia

Looking for a middle name with Italian flair? If so, you’ll love these picks! Here are just a few of our Italian favorites that pair well with Sofia:

  • Sofia Benedetta
  • Sofia Bianca
  • Sofia Angelica
  • Sofia Serena
  • Sofia Alessia
  • Sofia Arianna
  • Sofia Camilla
  • Sofia Eleonora
  • Sofia Maria
  • Sofia Vittoria
  • Sofia Elena
  • Sofia Viola
  • Sofia Gabriella
  • Sofia Valentina
  • Sofia Giada
  • Sofia Francesca
  • Sofia Irene
  • Sofia Aurora
  • Sofia Alicia
  • Sofia Nicole
  • Sofia Carlotta
  • Sofia Alessandra
  • Sofia Melissa
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Middle Names For Sophia Spanish

  • Sophia Isabella
  • Sophia Valentina
  • Sophia Martina
  • Sophia Daniela
  • Sophia Natalia
  • Sophia Lucia

Cute Middle Names For Sophia

  • Sophia Emilia
  • Sophia Ivy
  • Autumn
  • Sophia Aurora
  • Sophia Everleigh
  • Sophia Rylee
  • Sophia Madelyn
  • Sophia Brooklyn
  • Sophia Cora
  • Sophia Savannah
  • Sophia Addison
  • Sophia Maya
  • Sophia Maria
  • Sophia Serenity
  • Sophia Violet
  • Sophia Naomi
  • Sophia Lydia
  • Sophia Riley
  • Sophia Jade
  • Sophia Paisley
  • Sophia Aaliyah
  • Sophia Emery
  • Sophia Kennedy
  • Sophia Natalie
  • Sophia Victoria
  • Sophia Isla
  • Sophia Hailey
  • Sophia Josephine
  • Sophia Lillian
  • Sophia Delilah
  • Sophia Nevaeh
  • Sophia Kinsley
  • Sophia Audrey
  • Sophia Grace
  • Sophia Skylar
  • Sophia Liliana
  • Sophia Eliana
  • Sophia Natalia
  • Sophia Genesis
  • Sophia Ruby
  • Sophia Gabriella
  • Sophia Leilani
  • Sophia Claire
  • Sophia Ariana
  • Sophia Quinn
  • Sophia Bella
  • Sophia Elena
  • Sophia Willow
  • Sophia Zoey
  • Sophia Caroline
  • Sophia Allison
  • Sophia Peyton
  • Sophia Piper
  • Sophia Everly
  • Sophia Madeline

Greek Middle Name For Sophia

  • Sophia Catherine
  • Sophia Cassia
  • Sophia Chloe
  • Sophia Eleanor
  • Sophia Lyra
  • Sophia Juno
  • Sophia Margaret
  • Sophia Penelope
  • Sophia Phoebe
  • Sophia Selene
  • Sophia Thalia
  • Sophia Zoe
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Sweet Middle Names For Sophia

Pretty Middle Names For Sophia

  • Sophia Isabella
  • Sophia Eleanor
  • Sophia Madison
  • Sophia Gianna
  • Sophia Aria
  • Sophia Marie
  • Sophia Elizabeth
  • Sophia Scarlett
  • Sophia Luna
  • Sophia Olivia
  • Sophia Abigail
  • Sophia Amelia
  • Sophia Mae
  • Sophia Lynn
  • Sophia Hazel

Unique Middle Names For Sophia

  • Sophia Memori
  • Sophia Ayla
  • Sophia Eden
  • Sophia Mayvis
  • Sophia Eloise
  • Sophia Lyla
  • Sophia Remi
  • Sophia Hadley
  • Sophia Adalynn
  • Sophia Melody
  • Sophia Iris
  • Sophia Rose
  • Sophia Parker
  • Sophia Eliza

Middle Names For Sophia Aren’t Hard to Come By…

To conclude, middle names for Sophia aren’t hard to come by as the name pairs well with many classic and traditional names. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can pair the name Sophia with something less conventional to shake things up a bit. 

Remember that the name Sophia, also has a masculine counterpart, Sophus. This is a creative, unique, and rare name that can be used for a male child that has the same meaning as Sophia.

We hope this helps! 

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