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Luna is a name that is quickly trending in both the United States and other countries worldwide. But what are some names that go with Luna? Whether you need names for potential siblings or are looking for good middle names for this fiery and whimsical baby name, we’ve got you covered with the details on what names will best fit. Join us as we dive into the best names that go with Luna in today’s post! 

What Is the Meaning Behind the Name Luna?

What Does Luna Mean For a Girl?

The name “Luna”, similar to “lunar”, is a direct reference to the moon. It is Latin in origin, and therefore can be translated the same in languages that are rooted in Latin such as Spanish and Italian. 

Luna is also said to be a mythical goddess who is often depicted riding on a chariot.

The name has been steadily increasing around the world including in countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, and Nicaragua. In the United States, the name has been steadily climbing the charts of the most popular baby names and even has broken into the top 100 in recent years.  

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names that go with luna

Is Luna a Rare Name?

Based on the information previously shared, we can say that Luna is somewhat popular, but isn’t what we would call “common”.

For a while, the name Luna had fallen off the map completely and is only recently making a comeback in the past decade or so in the states. As such, we think naming your child Luna is not only trendy but is also unique enough that you likely won’t have to worry about too many other children sharing the same name–at least not yet! 

What Are Good Nicknames For the Name Luna?

Names With Luna as a Nickname

  • Lulu/Loulou
  • Una
  • Loni
  • Luni
  • Lou
  • Nana

What Are Sibling Names That Go With the Name Luna?

Sibling Names That Go With Luna

While some parents focus on giving each child a name that is individual and uniquely their own, other parents wish to match sibling names so that they flow well, have similar sounds, or even similar meanings. No matter what your wish, you can count on us to provide stellar recommendations for sibling names that go with Luna.

See the following options for sibling names that go with Luna:

  • Aurora and Luna
  • Nova and Luna
  • Stella and Luna
  • Julian and Luna
  • Damon and Luna
  • Leon and Luna
  • Lucas and Luna
  • Lamarr and Luna
  • Everest and Luna
  • Kanyon and Luna
  • Lamont and Luna
names that go with luna

Is Luna Unisex?

Though Luna is predominantly a female name, there are some boys that have been named Luna. The decision is really up to you as to what you think sounds good for your child. Remember, you can always pair the name Luna with a masculine middle name to help it fit better for your boy. At the end of this post, we will have suggestions on how this might be done. Moreover, you may consider using the name “Lunar” instead of Luna to name your boy if you’d prefer something that sounds more masculine.

In addition to “Lunar”, you may also be interested in the following names for your son:

  • Atticus
  • Roman
  • Lucas/Luke
  • Silas
  • Paul
  • Orion
  • Jericho
  • Titan
  • Leon
  • Lamont
  • Landen
  • Cruz

What Famous People Have the Name Luna?

As previously mentioned the name Luna has grown steadily more popular with time. Many celebrities have chosen to name their daughters Luna in the wake of its increasing popularity. For example, Luna Encinas Cruz is the daughter of Penelope Cruz, Luna Thurman-Bussin is the daughter of Uma Thurman, and Luna Simeone Stevens is the daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Full Name For Luna

Longer Names For Luna

While the name “Luna” carries meaning and works well on its own, it can be expanded to add a little pizazz to the name for your little one if you so choose.

The following is a list of ideas of names that you can use as longer versions of Luna that are just as beautiful: 

  • Lunette
  • Lunar
  • Lunara
  • Luneth
  • Lunetta
  • Lunara

What Name Goes Well With Luna?

If you are looking for middle names that go well with Luna, look no further! We have compiled a list of middle names for luna with combinations we’re sure you’ll love for both boys and girls. Just keep in mind that we altered “Luna” to “Lunar” for a boy when matching it to a middle name, to keep it sounding a bit more masculine. You, however, may do what you wish when it comes to naming your child; these are only ideas! 

Let’s dive in!

names that go with luna

Girl Names That Go With Luna

  • Luna Juliana
  • Luna Amara
  • Luna Alani
  • Emersyn
  • Luna Noelle
  • Luna Oaklynn
  • Luna Selena
  • Luna Taylor
  • Luna Oakley
  • Luna Rosalie
  • Luna Alaina
  • Luna Sage
  • Luna Ryleigh
  • Luna Catalina
  • Luna Marley
  • Luna Aubree
  • Luna Aspen
  • Luna Zuri
  • Luna Aurora
  • Luna Arabella
  • Luna Baile
  • Luna Alexandra
  • Luna Journee
  • Luna June
  • Luna Harlow
  • Luna Jordyn
  • Luna Arianna
  • Luna Brianna
  • Luna Genevieve
  • Luna Valeria
  • Luna Ariella
  • Luna Sloane
  • Luna Londyn
  • Luna Aliyah
  • Luna Margot
  • Luna Reese
  • Luna Juliette
  • Luna Anastasia
  • Luna Kehlani
  • Luna Elise
  • Luna Nova
  • Luna Blakely
  • Luna Harmony
  • Luna Katherine
  • Luna Morgan
  • Luna Emilee
  • Luna London
  • Luna Sienna
  • Luna River
  • Luna Isabella
  • Luna Chloe
  • Luna Mae
  • Luna Evelyn
  • Luna Camille
  • Luna Grace
  • Luna Athena

Boy Names That Go With Luna

  • Lunar Haze
  • Lunar Cohen
  • Lunar Adonis
  • Lunar Remington
  • Lunar Rafael
  • Lunar Hendrix
  • Lunar Damien
  • Lunar Beckham
  • Lunar Atticus
  • Lunar Emilio
  • Lunar Kayson
  • Lunar Ronan
  • Lunar Malcolm
  • Lunar Presley
  • Lunar Jorge
  • Lunar Kyrie
  • Lunar Colt
  • Lunar Khalil
  • Lunar Knox
  • Lunar Callum
  • Lunar Callum
  • Lunar Brady
  • Lunar Andreas
  • Lunar Zane
  • Lunar Crew
  • Lunar Tobias
  • Lunar Nash
  • Lunar Dallas
  • Lunar Emerson
  • Lunar Maximus

Names That Go With Luna: So Many Options!

There are so many options when it comes to names for Luna. Known as a name for the moon in multiple languages, this name can be easily paired with other names in reference to nature or more traditional middle names. Whichever you choose, know that the name “Luna” is quite special and is very unique! 

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