Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger Stroller – Review (2021)

By Lynn •  Updated: 09/18/21 •  35 min read
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Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger Stroller – Video Reviews

Baby Trend Snap Gear Manta-Lava Jogger Stroller Review & Assembly

Video Transcript

so look like today guys we got it so Lincoln and I are gonna be going for a walk my family since a lot more light and we’re gonna be testing and reviewing out this baby trend mantis snap your jogger live a stroller so let’s go ahead and open this up and get it out oh yeah my stuff camera down for just a sec [Music] this must be the part where you can make it a bassinet or I could sit like that this here must be all of our instructions and the manufacturer contact information is all right here and then it comes with the instruction manual as well so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go ahead and put this bad boy together guys are you excited it’s wool yard cuz we’re pretty excited owners and figure this out together it says here to assemble – how to assemble the front wheel but the front wheel is already assembled so we’re gonna go ahead and skip down to step 5 for the rear rear rear wheels it says lay the stroller forward to rest on the front wheel so press the rear wheel post into the rear frame hub until it clicks into place so let me grab a rear wheel I just had one well and then Lincoln started crying so I had to run to him real quick I’ll just want to use this one and then find the other one I had so it’s got to be this thing right here there we go that was easy the other side and then you guys can do your sides like that okay so this hole right here we’re gonna assemble that spike into that hole can you just push it in there until it snaps pretty easy and you just got to get wheel air in your tires because your tires are flat and they do take like just regular air hose and air okay now let’s go on to the next step the multi position handle to adjust the handle press the release buttons to them to move the handle up or down to a comfortable position for the user so they mean these buttons right here there’s a button on each side so are you guys you can move it up or you can have it down like this I would prefer to have it like this personally I would like that is different so now let’s move on to page seven okay your bumper bar do not use your bumper bar to carry seats with child inside the bumper bar is not a carrying handle attach the bumper bar by lining up anchors with the slots on the seat push until it clicks into place so and it’s actually talking about your seat right here okay now that our seat is actually in place this right now it’s in bassinet mode right now attach the bumper bar by landing up anchors on the slots on the seat pushed until it clicks into place to detach the bumper bar press the release button on the bottom of the bar and pull bar out of the anchor swing the bar upwards to access the seat okay to adjust the seat this e can be adjusted into upright reclined or carriage position hold the recline button on the rear of the seats is right here there’s a recline button right here and they want you to pull that and you can like have it in this position this is carriage this must be like wreath upright upright in reclined position buckle the footrest and headrest racks on the rear of the seat pull the excess straps to tighten the seat buckle foam and put this back up that completely makes sense now you guys your hand right [Applause] which is right there there’s a little bar right here you’re gonna snap that out and then you have Belle Crowe pieces on the back of this right here you’re going to connect those now I can take this seat completely off and I can turn it to where it faces this way or the baby’s not facing me or I can have him face me on the cup holder over cup holder tabs on the handle bar so it must be this thing right here there we go there’s like a little tab thing right there and you just slide that over it and there’s one on this side as well that’s like a strap here it is a safety harness strap for when you are jogging okay now you can make this strap bigger that way you can have it tight to your wrist and hold on to it that way you are not losing your child like you were let go you’ve been pulling right back make sure that it’s tied to your wrist not to your ankle not to anything else but to your wrist and then you can just put it back one here and it actually bell crows – around your stroller doesn’t get in the way of the wheels or anything like that one it’s not yes now okay so I just assembled his car see on to the stroller like this these anchors right here on your car seat I never knew anything about okay this right here in the car seat I had no idea I never knew what that was for now I do because you could snap that down into the car seat and voila there you go but this car seat is also Baby Trend you have to make sure that your stroller goes along with that as well now honestly for me right now the easiest thing would be would be for me just to use his car seat I’m gonna be honest um yeah I probably will also use this as well but for right now like say I Drive down to the reservoir want to run a couple laps whatever I have Lincoln in the car I can just grab him right out of his base holding him in his car seat snapping it get the car seat out of the trunk pull him out with car seat and all and snap him right onto the stroller take off it’s that easy this is the best almost $200 I’ve ever spent I am very very pleased with the baby trend brand it is very durable I’m getting ready to go over to my grandparents next door and get air in the tires and then um right now our car is in the shop so me and Lincoln are just going to go for a couple laps around the block our dog ran off so that kind of sucks I’m gonna look for him as well hopefully his brat buck comes back but um yeah I’m gonna go ahead and get Lincoln fed I’m gonna go over to Grandma and Grandpa’s get some air in our tires so I’m gonna get him in the seat and I might even take his baby cover off because this actually comes off of there and then BAM there you go and then I just got his see there it is I was talking about the the cup holder like I might pull it up here this right here is the notch that I was talking about you have one over here and then you have one over here and you take that right there and you just put it on there like that I hope you guys can see that okay you just snap it on there like that and you’re gonna stick your water down in there these right here they’re lever other levers I was talking about there’s one over here and there’s one over here and you can adjust this and that folds all the way down to here or it folds up like this I sure would prefer to have it up here because I’m so tall I’m 5 foot 9 inches and you have your locking feet or your locking wheels down here and then like I said earlier these wheels you have to ha get air for them so we’ll have to go they’re not like extremely flat but they are pretty flat yeah they’re pretty flat so we’re gonna go ahead and go next door and get some air in the tires and then we’re gonna go for a little stroll you might get ba ba right now I just have done I think it’s Lincoln I really like this store and my personal opinion I love it like I’ve won over bumps and everything and he like jay-z rocks are not hard to go over it’s very easy to go over them you can have the front wheel swivels straight [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

Baby Trend Snap Gear Infant System

Video Transcript

all right we’re gonna take a look at the city mini gt by Baby Jogger and this is the double so it’s for twins I think this thing says on their site that it’s weight capacity is a hundred pounds our babies are right around 20 pounds right now and they seem to fit in here pretty good they have nice five-point harnesses their interests they have an interesting way they clip in here I’ll show you all this do they pull right out like that so what you have to do to get this in here is you have to insert that right in there like that before you clip it in so let’s see if I can get this on here you push it like that and then you would put it put your baby’s arm in there bring this up and then it and then it clips in sideways so you just clip it in clip it in like that and then the other one clips in the same so so it’s a five-point harness a couple things I like about this one is we’re gonna take a look at the these hoods so the hoods are pretty cool because you can just pull them like that you can go to or you can even go three so they hoods come all the way down you can see how far they come over there really far then they also have these nice little viewing ports on top so you can they have velcro there pick that up these have these cool little see how I have a little velcro strap there where you take this you roll it up and then you can actually put that up like that and and put your velcro on top of it so then it will hold it up like that and then you can see down and see your baby straight through the plastic there and it has one there and there’s one here on the back so if you’re if the Sun isn’t you know a certain direction you can just have it like this and you can still see and then if you want to go ahead and pull it over for the full protection then you can use this back one and it has the the same velcro so you can roll that one up put it on there and then you can leave this one cover so that’s a nice little feature that they have and then if you don’t need to see them anymore you just leave it shut so they both both sides do the same thing so that goes all the way over all the way down that’s what it looks like from the front whenever they’re both down another cool feature is on the back here you can see these straps hanging down there’s one there and one there the way you do these is you just pinch them so when you pinch this and you pull it down then you just grab the seat and pull it down and what that’s doing it’s allowing the baby to lay down on the top now you can see this one is way far back and this one’s up sitting up so if you want the baby sitting up they can sit up if you want them laying down they can lay down and they’re independent of each other so if one of your babies is sleeping you can have them laying down the other one still sitting up they have numerous adjustments here for the size of your baby ours are small right now so we’re on the lowest setting it seems to work pretty good though and then they have a Velcro here you can pull that up and then it has a little little strap there hold this up so you pull that up and then there’s your little deal goes in that in that little strap so it will hold it up here and now you have that nice little net so then you getting plenty of air in there so your baby doesn’t get too hot so that that’s pretty cool and then velcro it back down if you’re not using it pick it up all we do is pinch this and pull that strap down and when you do the seat is just just raising straight up so it’s really quick and easy way to sit your baby up or lay them down underneath side you have your your little storage pack there that’s not huge you may have trouble getting your you know depending on how big your your diaper bag is you might have a little bit of trouble getting the diaper bag in and out of there because it’s not it’s not a huge net but you can’t hold a pretty good bit of stuff in there so that’s nice handle this handle is a nice rubber feel to it you push these buttons in on both sides and then you can move this handle so there’s one on that side and then there’s one on this side right there do that real quick so you can see it goes all the way down like that and then it will come up all the way to there so that’s the positions and you can stop it anywhere in between so depending on where you want to be whenever you’re pushing this thing you can move it where it’ll be good for you seems to be most comfortable about like this so one really nice thing about this stroller is it turns on a dime so you can just twist this thing around with one finger coming pretty much and it’ll it’ll turn all the way around for you so that’s really nice it is skinny enough to fit through doors like this is the front door here and it fits right through there so we’re not going to stick it through there but I’m telling you it fits through most doors which is nice so it’s not too wide it’s it’s still pretty wide but it’ll it’ll squeeze right in there another cool thing is how this thing folds up so we pull these straps and then it’ll pull pull up so we’re going to show you that real quick let’s see so this is the front view and all we’re going to do pull up on these things that say pull to fold pull to pull so I’m just gonna pick up on those [Music] [Music] so this is what locks clips and whenever you fold it in so when you want to unfold it you just grab this you unclip it there and then you just pick up on the handle pick up on the handle break your break is located on the right way your right hand it’s right here then all you do to engage the break is just pull this back there you go now the brake is on it’s this back tires are locked okay to disengage it it’s got two Clips one there one on the other side so you just take it with your hand and you pull it back and then you pull it down so that’s it break on break off when this thing comes to you in the package one thing that I really liked was how quick it was to assemble it literally comes all assembled besides that the wheels are not on the cart and all you do to put them on there is just push them in so I’ll show you all one of them I’m gonna so pick up on that it’s gonna release the tire okay so this is how the tires come whenever you get them and look on the inside here so nice it looks like stainless steel springs in there so literally all you do is you take this insert it and then like that you just you just push it in there so you literally put your four tires on there and then and then you’re done you’re done assembling it so it’s ready to go these things also have a lock on them so if you point your wheels forward you pick up on this lock here okay this one you face it forward then you pick it up okay so now they’re locked so now both of the front tires are locked so if you’re jogging or running with this then they won’t move on you to unlock them you just push down so they push down push down and then you can move it again it’s cool the tires the tires work pretty well in even in the grass they’re not huge tires I don’t know what size they are seven and a half there’s seven and a half inches so they’re not real big but they do pretty good they it rolls extremely smooth they have some nice bearings on on them on the wheels and here’s the back tire just so y’all can see how easy this is all you do is pick that up or push that in excuse me push that in right there then you pull the tire and then the tire will come off so you push that in pull out okay so this is how the tire comes whenever you get it so the four tires are all away from cart so then when you get it all you do is just pick up and take it like that push it in it clips in you’re done so you clip your tires on then you’re ready to go I think that’s about all the features it’s a decent looking part and it works really good we’ve we’ve had a different stroller and this one is by far seems to be worth the money it seems to be well made and it works works really good very convenient to have a nice rolling stroller because it doesn’t work you nearly as much as it a cheap stroller so some things you just you know spend a little extra money on you get what you pay for sometimes it’s not worth it but I think this one’s worth it anyways that’s review hope you all enjoyed it I think I went over all the features and anyways it’s really good it says UV fifty plus on here you know can see that so it kind of provides sunscreen but I think any material pretty much takes care of that I mean I know that there’s specific material because I just wear regular t-shirts and they protect me from the Sun anyways y’all take it easy hope that helps somebody out before y’all go buying one if you’re looking at this stroller and you’re comparing it to other ones and I think this one this one’s worth the money and it’s not the most expensive one on the market either so y’all have a good one

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review, Baby Joggers Double Stroller Range

Video Transcript

hi this is Tim with babies and kids review and today I’m going to be showing you the baby Tran snap your system it is a high chair stroller and infant seat that all snapped together to make it for a very versatile experience with your infant I’ll briefly show you what each one does and how they snap and work together right it’s a little tricky to get all three of them in the same picture here but this is the manta which is blue it’s a blue collection and also comes in a couple other different colors and this is the jogger this is a three-in-one high chair and then back here is the infant seat all of these products work together so that you can actually use the infant seat in the highchair and in the stroller so it’s really versatile it’s so nice when you have things that work together and I’m going to go over each of the products and show you why they work together and how they work together approximate retail price and you will go from there okay up first is the snappier infant seat and this is the seat here and I will give you a little closer look into it first I’m actually 27 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby so I have a little bit of a preference when it comes to being a gear I’ve had a lot of different baby gear a lot of different products over the last 10 years which my oldest is 10 so that’s kind of a range but I kind of have come to know what I like and what I don’t like and what I do really love about the system is that not only is it affordable but it connects all together ok so this is the infant seat it comes in 3 different colors this blue it comes in a pink it also comes in a gender-neutral gray color you have this easy carry handle on the top and you can actually see it better there and it’s ergonomically easier to carry I’ve had infant seats without this and then I have the inertia which is a baby trained infant seat with my last child love this so much makes it so much easier to carry baby this seat is appropriate for a child at the 32 pounds and 30 inches you have a five-point harness you have an infant pad that is removable this adapter on the side you’re going to be able to simply snap the seat into any other baby trying to snap your stroller or highchair so that you don’t have to move baby out of the infancy to the stroller it just works seamlessly all together so instead of having to reap thread the five-point harness on the front you have a no rethread button on the back that actually moves this up and down so you can see I’m moving it down right now and then we’ll move it back up and if you turn and see on the back this is one of my favorite features you just turn this knob to make sure that this is a the appropriate height for your baby the base is able to connect with the seat belt or just simply with latch it’s super easy to use pretty much like this straight out of the box so we are going to go to the next product this next product is a three-in-one high chair it comes equipped with wheels on the bottom which I really like the lock it folds up right now I have got the actual high chair part in it and I’m going to show you how to switch it out so to pull this tray off the front I’m simply going to push in the front here and pull it out since these are all compatible I’m going to press these two little gray buttons on the side and the seat just slips out like that so you can use this as in the high chair you can use it as a booster seat and you can also use it in so I’m going to lift this up and take it out I’m simply going to snap it using my adapters here so I am actually just going to snap this in using the adapters right here you’ll see that it will click in right here you’ll hear it click on both sides you know that it’s sturdy so now we have a highchair that allows your car seat to be in it okay so I have to say that I really like a lot of things about this high chair I like that it’s portable I like that you can fold it up I like that it’s got the adapters with it on the tray here you have a second tray that you can take off my only con about this high chair is that this is fabric so it’s a really cute nice-looking high chair but you can’t just wipe it down have haters that have kind of a plastic covering and they’re a lot easier to manage so I can’t take it off this machine washable and it also has a recline feature on the back here so you get a little bit of a recline for baby there so back and I’m that’s straight up last item is the snap gear jogger and this might very well be my favorite piece of gear out of the three and I’m going to show you why so I have another stroller that’s very similar to this one and the other that I have cost like over three times what this stroller costs and it does about the same things except this one actually has jogging wheels on it which I prefer over a standard will because you can use it on smoother surfaces you can use an off terrain starting my daughter is playing the iPad in the other room only way to get the video done right once you have it snapped on here you simply pull on the gray button on both sides and pull the seat out and if you want to use your infant seat in it once again you’ve got these adaptors you can do it forward-facing or backwards facing and you simply snap in just like that so pretty convenient there we go the snap on both sides so now I have a stroller that can accommodate my infant seat I’m going to pull this out and I measure you the versatility of the rest of the stroller here so push my grey buttons in pull this out okay so this can go facing mom or dad or whoever’s pushing the stroller it can go facing the other way and then here’s the cool thing it converts super easily into a pram so if you want to convert it into a pram there is a little buckle underneath the stroller so I just unhook that and then this kind of drops down and then I have a recline here and now we have a pram isn’t for the baby and she likes to get into it hold on so this stroller is appropriate for kids up to 50 pounds my dad are sitting in a right now she’s two-and-a-half about 30 pounds so we can definitely use it with her and the new baby I also notice that there is a baby come down you rake it out you get muffler in so okay you pick it out how’s that good job say hi hey hi I noticed that there’s a snap gear double stroller that I’m possibly interested in having a two-year-old and a new newborn are you gonna have a brother you’re going to have a little brother yeah that’s right so the system actually retails I’ll link my blog post down below but the system itself the stroller is 169 the car seat is 120 and the high chair is about a hundred so you get all of these baby products and a great price if you start pricing out there’s a whole range of products but I love baby trend I love the brand they’ve always made quality products that I can depend on and everything snaps seamlessly together

Baby Trend Stroller Royal SE Travel System – In Depth Review

Video Transcript

[Music] table so guys this is law TV geekdad vlogs and today we’re talking about the baby train travel system and we’re going to go into depth with this so we’re going to talk about everything with this stroller all the benefits all the advantages the disadvantages so we start off here and we’re going to show you that pretty much the brakes work really well push these down and it doesn’t really move very much it’s kind of hard to get them in there but you know of course if you’re using your feet it makes it a little bit easier you want to make sure it’s in there though and the stroller will not move especially if you’re on concrete or something like that it won’t move at all here I’m on the floor and it moves slides a little bit but it won’t move if you just if the baby’s just sitting in there and then if you want to release the brakes you lift it up and it moves pretty you know flew it and it only has three wheels so it’s very easy to turn especially even when standing still it can almost do a 360 turn and here we’re pushing it around and everything I’m showing you have to push it down with your feet to make it stop moving using the brakes and also you have at the top there’s a mechanism to bring down the handle and then also fold it up so you fold those levers on the side to fold it up and it actually stores away pretty nicely it’s very bent very small we put it in the trunk usually and just leave it there and it also unfolds pretty quickly and we’re putting on the the seat for when the baby is usually a little bit older I think once the baby reaches somewhere around like 25 pounds or so 20 to 25 pounds here and you put the baby in this seat and it has the the canopy which keeps the baby from getting a Sun getting a Sun in its face or in his or her face and there’s a little flap on the back here so that you can let down and bring up usually bring it up just so you could see the baby like sometimes they sleep in or they wake up or something like that you just want to check on them there’s some accessories you probably want to get with this like on windy days or something like that you throw a plastic cover over the canopy so you know keep mosquitoes out wind out whatever you need to you know do to protect the baby it’s a little difficult to bring up that flap on the top of the canopy sometimes and then wrap it in the the little string that they got but it you know once you get it it’s fine like it takes a little bit of practice I guess bring that back down and that’s pretty much it for that and also the seat also comes down it tilts too so it can be horizontal or so like when the baby’s sleeping you can you know let the baby lay back and I think that’s a great accessory to this stroller like it’s so compact it’s so easy to use you can do so much with it and like when you’re in a situation where you’re you know walking with the baby there’s certain things that you might just want to do and like switching the seat around and making sure that you can see the baby and I think that’s great like you can easily switch the feet around and then you can also tilt it you can tilt it back and forth of course we’re moving the C is very easy but then you add the car seat that comes along with it and that’s usually the one that you’re going to start with so you want to make sure that the the sides you know where the button is do those snap in securely there’s you know just some easy snap buttons right on the side where you push them to take the car seat out and you know you want to make sure they’re always snapped in securely and of course the car seat has you know the shoulder straps and the seat belt that it’s buckles into it’s very hard to for babies to push that or anything like that so the baby is very safe and only I have to use like a little bit of strength in order to get the button to pull to push and release the belts but then also in order to tighten it you got the button at the bottom to loosen and tighten and then of course you could switch this around just like the the baby seat it’s very easy to use this one doesn’t tilt like the seat does but of course you won’t really needed to because the the car seat tilts back just slightly like with a 45 degree angle and of course you can see at the back here the straps come to like a wide angle and they come in and strap on there and you could take those parts off you got to slide them through the little the the opening to get the belts off and you can move and move the straps to other slots if your baby’s really small like if they’re a newborn we didn’t even have to change it at all because basically the baby was already quite big she was born it known was born as eight almost eight pounds just just shorter eight pounds I believe and of course there’s a canopy and you can you know slide the canopy in however you like and you’ve got the seat belt as I was talking about before the top one it’s pretty much almost flush with the rest of the plastic so it’s hard for the baby to be able to get their finger in there and push it and of course the bottom mechanism it clicks in it’s very solid the button the red button doesn’t easily push in so the baby won’t be able to push it in it to their self and there’s a button at the bottom where you loosen and tighten the straps so you push that too in order to loosen and pull it and it tightens automatically so that’s pretty easy to use I like that feature on that and here’s the car seat and we’re going to be able to you know put the install the car seat in the car where there is this low metal bar you always want to make sure there’s a metal bar usually the cars view phase all cars these days have that little metal bar there’s typically in newer cars there’s a little slot where you can put this mechanism in to click it on to that bar and make sure it’s nice and secure as you can see I’m having a little bit trouble getting this on but it gets in there and once you get it in there and it doesn’t come up at all you want to make sure it’s nice and tight so I’ll pull that best strap make sure it’s nice and snug don’t want it moving around too much so I’m gonna install it and show you guys a wall it won’t move around too much of course it doesn’t strap on the back end but you don’t need to strap on that side and then it clicks in and then you want to make sure that there is so those two little holes it there’s supposed to be a red thing that shows up there once it clicks in but it doesn’t really show that well on this seat but once you know it’s secure in there and you snap it in and it doesn’t move then it should be fine and at the bottom there’s a red button so you can push that down just so you can lift it up and then there’s the buttons on it’s where the handle comes down you want to make sure that’s always done when you’re riding that’s pretty much it guys um it’s not even like I gotta go to work every day I work toward a lot and I guess it’s been a whole lifetime of my kids I was able to live in Dallas two and a half months but this little girl will be born so [Music]

BABY TREND JOGGER STROLLER | Unboxing Jogging Stroller

Video Transcript

[Music] I am so excited I finally got a new stroller we bought the Baby Trend convoy DX jogger I’ve really been eating a brand new stroller the one that we have is basically falling apart the wheels are pretty much useless on it and my husband kept telling me it’s your oh my god last ruler because I picked it out so finally new stroller let’s unbox this baby and see what it’s like the stroller will be linked in the description in case you’re interested [Music] [Music] the tricky the puree I can put my music [Music] the instruction I’m sure and healthy [Music] [Applause] [Music] that was so easy the stroller is now pulling together it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be the front wheel was already attached I just had to attach both back wheels and child and para tray and voila the jogging stroller is all black there is red on the seat I’m hoping it’ll be a lot easier to keep clean than my older stroller and my other stroller was teal and very hard to keep clean a lot of stains showed up on it very quickly jogging stroller three wheels all bicycle tires I think the child tray is a good size nice grippy handles small compartment probably with my phone in there too very nice coffee cup holders a whore water I think the basket is a decent size and will hold a decent amount of groceries Henry and I often walk down to the grocery store to get our groceries and I cannot fit very much my old stroller and it looks like I should be able to fit a lot more in this one the canopy is a nice size there’s a little peekaboo window [Music] Henry yeah I’m not too fancy nothing crazy but it will suit my needs I definitely we bought the most affordable one but it feels very good quality and I think Henry will love going for strolls in this new stroller and I know that I will love pushing him and it and I don’t know I think it’s pretty cute thank you so much for watching and I will see you my next video bye

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Lynn is a freelance writer, a wife, and a mother of two beautiful kids. Lynn started Infant Empire with the aim of making parenting easier for fellow mums and dads. She believes the parenting tips provided here will be of great help to all parents.

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