Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller & Review (2021)

By Lynn •  Updated: 09/17/21 •  32 min read
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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller – Video Reviews

CITY MINI BABY JOGGER || double buggy/stroller review

Video Transcript

hi I can’t work out hard to get the best camera angle for this for this little video so I thought I’d chat through our new buggy which is the City Mini double by Baby Jogger and I’ve had it for a second I had to snap I’m just gonna lean on my buggy I’ve had it for two weeks now and we’re just absolutely loving it it’s been the best thing ever it’s been a total lifesaver so I I was in slight denial this is not comfy I was intellect dinar when I was pregnant it already had jet who was – when Nova was born our second one and I was basically just in total denial that we’d need a second buggy fly flying around being really annoying we got the Bugaboo bee as a little kind of runaround stroller and I thought that I could just use that for jet and then have Nova in the sling or if I wanted Nover in the buggy I could then put jet on a buggy board but we went to mother care to try some out and actually he’s still just a little bit too small for the buggy board so he was actually 22 months when no who was born and he would kind of just hop on and off the buggy board and it just wasn’t great she’s now nine weeks and a couple of weeks ago I came to realization that we were gonna need to get a double because until then I basically just been wearing her everywhere and having him in the buggy but now with us going into summer I don’t really um be wearing her all the time because they can get quite hot with the age gap that they are with 22 month age gap and jest having just turned 2 he just still needs a buggy he still needs that option the other day we went out and he was able to nap in the buggy I realized and accepted the fact that we need a double I think I just didn’t like the look of doubles I feel like you don’t like a real mum whereas I quite like that before just with jet it still felt just quite like of just a normal person pushing around a very simple little buggy it almost felt quite stylish but then a double just feels like I’ve got loads of children and I Drive a big family car and I don’t know it just felt very grown-up and I did I was in denial hi baby so we’ve got the Baby Jogger City Mini double and I’m loving it and so I thought I’d just chattable through so let me put you back on the stand back here and talk you through the bookie in terms of using it it’s really easy to fold it down there are these two handles and you pull both of them up and then the whole thing folds in half this way and on the side here there’s a clip so it’s really nice and thin and just falls into our boot really easily it’s an open it the clip that was holding it together and then I hold the handles and just you are able to use it from birth but we’re using this bassinet and so you have these adapters that clip in and this part of the bassinet goes in tips in pretty easily if you get somewhere and you want to put the baby’s asleep and you can carry them in pull these little clips and you can pull it out and take it with you which is handy some other bits that I found a great ah.the the hood extends really well it covers the baby really efficiently so when novus sleeping she’s fully shaded and totally covered which is nice with jet side the hood extends fully over and then to lie down you just pull this toggle all the way down and the whole seat drops down and it’s nice and ventilated and then you can take this cover and just cover them up it got great wheel big sturdy wheels and so I find off-roading it does really well it’s nice and robust it just feels like they’ve thought about everything in their design I feel like a mom designed it like she’s thought through everything that you need as a parent pushing a buggy one thing I would say is the handle bar it’s just this set height and luckily it is actually an okay height for me Henry my husband he’s very tall he’s about six foot four and he finds it slightly low a little bit lower than what he would want it to be and it’s just set at that height for me it’s it’s actually fine I’d also say as far as double buggies go it’s pretty lightweight so when I fold it up I can lift it really to chuck it into our car I am loving it made our lives so much easier getting the kids around it’s just so much simpler and I would highly highly recommend it so that is the City Mini double from Baby Jogger I would highly recommend definitely very worth its money hope that was helpful and look love see you in our next video peace out [Music]

City Mini GT double by baby jogger stroller review

Video Transcript

all right we’re gonna take a look at the city mini gt by Baby Jogger and this is the double so it’s for twins I think this thing says on their site that it’s weight capacity is a hundred pounds our babies are right around 20 pounds right now and they seem to fit in here pretty good they have nice five-point harnesses their interests they have an interesting way they clip in here I’ll show you all this do they pull right out like that so what you have to do to get this in here is you have to insert that right in there like that before you clip it in so let’s see if I can get this on here you push it like that and then you would put it put your baby’s arm in there bring this up and then it and then it clips in sideways so you just clip it in clip it in like that and then the other one clips in the same so so it’s a five-point harness a couple things I like about this one is we’re gonna take a look at the these hoods so the hoods are pretty cool because you can just pull them like that you can go to or you can even go three so they hoods come all the way down you can see how far they come over there really far then they also have these nice little viewing ports on top so you can they have velcro there pick that up these have these cool little see how I have a little velcro strap there where you take this you roll it up and then you can actually put that up like that and and put your velcro on top of it so then it will hold it up like that and then you can see down and see your baby straight through the plastic there and it has one there and there’s one here on the back so if you’re if the Sun isn’t you know a certain direction you can just have it like this and you can still see and then if you want to go ahead and pull it over for the full protection then you can use this back one and it has the the same velcro so you can roll that one up put it on there and then you can leave this one cover so that’s a nice little feature that they have and then if you don’t need to see them anymore you just leave it shut so they both both sides do the same thing so that goes all the way over all the way down that’s what it looks like from the front whenever they’re both down another cool feature is on the back here you can see these straps hanging down there’s one there and one there the way you do these is you just pinch them so when you pinch this and you pull it down then you just grab the seat and pull it down and what that’s doing it’s allowing the baby to lay down on the top now you can see this one is way far back and this one’s up sitting up so if you want the baby sitting up they can sit up if you want them laying down they can lay down and they’re independent of each other so if one of your babies is sleeping you can have them laying down the other one still sitting up they have numerous adjustments here for the size of your baby ours are small right now so we’re on the lowest setting it seems to work pretty good though and then they have a Velcro here you can pull that up and then it has a little little strap there hold this up so you pull that up and then there’s your little deal goes in that in that little strap so it will hold it up here and now you have that nice little net so then you getting plenty of air in there so your baby doesn’t get too hot so that that’s pretty cool and then velcro it back down if you’re not using it pick it up all we do is pinch this and pull that strap down and when you do the seat is just just raising straight up so it’s really quick and easy way to sit your baby up or lay them down underneath side you have your your little storage pack there that’s not huge you may have trouble getting your you know depending on how big your your diaper bag is you might have a little bit of trouble getting the diaper bag in and out of there because it’s not it’s not a huge net but you can’t hold a pretty good bit of stuff in there so that’s nice handle this handle is a nice rubber feel to it you push these buttons in on both sides and then you can move this handle so there’s one on that side and then there’s one on this side right there do that real quick so you can see it goes all the way down like that and then it will come up all the way to there so that’s the positions and you can stop it anywhere in between so depending on where you want to be whenever you’re pushing this thing you can move it where it’ll be good for you seems to be most comfortable about like this so one really nice thing about this stroller is it turns on a dime so you can just twist this thing around with one finger coming pretty much and it’ll it’ll turn all the way around for you so that’s really nice it is skinny enough to fit through doors like this is the front door here and it fits right through there so we’re not going to stick it through there but I’m telling you it fits through most doors which is nice so it’s not too wide it’s it’s still pretty wide but it’ll it’ll squeeze right in there another cool thing is how this thing folds up so we pull these straps and then it’ll pull pull up so we’re going to show you that real quick let’s see so this is the front view and all we’re going to do pull up on these things that say pull to fold pull to pull so I’m just gonna pick up on those [Music] [Music] so this is what locks clips and whenever you fold it in so when you want to unfold it you just grab this you unclip it there and then you just pick up on the handle pick up on the handle break your break is located on the right way your right hand it’s right here then all you do to engage the break is just pull this back there you go now the brake is on it’s this back tires are locked okay to disengage it it’s got two Clips one there one on the other side so you just take it with your hand and you pull it back and then you pull it down so that’s it break on break off when this thing comes to you in the package one thing that I really liked was how quick it was to assemble it literally comes all assembled besides that the wheels are not on the cart and all you do to put them on there is just push them in so I’ll show you all one of them I’m gonna so pick up on that it’s gonna release the tire okay so this is how the tires come whenever you get them and look on the inside here so nice it looks like stainless steel springs in there so literally all you do is you take this insert it and then like that you just you just push it in there so you literally put your four tires on there and then and then you’re done you’re done assembling it so it’s ready to go these things also have a lock on them so if you point your wheels forward you pick up on this lock here okay this one you face it forward then you pick it up okay so now they’re locked so now both of the front tires are locked so if you’re jogging or running with this then they won’t move on you to unlock them you just push down so they push down push down and then you can move it again it’s cool the tires the tires work pretty well in even in the grass they’re not huge tires I don’t know what size they are seven and a half there’s seven and a half inches so they’re not real big but they do pretty good they it rolls extremely smooth they have some nice bearings on on them on the wheels and here’s the back tire just so y’all can see how easy this is all you do is pick that up or push that in excuse me push that in right there then you pull the tire and then the tire will come off so you push that in pull out okay so this is how the tire comes whenever you get it so the four tires are all away from cart so then when you get it all you do is just pick up and take it like that push it in it clips in you’re done so you clip your tires on then you’re ready to go I think that’s about all the features it’s a decent looking part and it works really good we’ve we’ve had a different stroller and this one is by far seems to be worth the money it seems to be well made and it works works really good very convenient to have a nice rolling stroller because it doesn’t work you nearly as much as it a cheap stroller so some things you just you know spend a little extra money on you get what you pay for sometimes it’s not worth it but I think this one’s worth it anyways that’s review hope you all enjoyed it I think I went over all the features and anyways it’s really good it says UV fifty plus on here you know can see that so it kind of provides sunscreen but I think any material pretty much takes care of that I mean I know that there’s specific material because I just wear regular t-shirts and they protect me from the Sun anyways y’all take it easy hope that helps somebody out before y’all go buying one if you’re looking at this stroller and you’re comparing it to other ones and I think this one this one’s worth the money and it’s not the most expensive one on the market either so y’all have a good one

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review, Baby Joggers Double Stroller Range

Video Transcript

a side-by-side double pram that’s light super easy to fold and unfold with all-terrain capabilities take a look at the baby jogger city mini gt double summit review and show you how to the baby jogger city mini gt double is an all-terrain double stroller offering modern luxury and comfort over multi terrain a quick rubdown with the stroller the GT double is available as a single stroller also you can check out the review for the single by clicking the link at the end of this video and it’s suitable from birth up to a total weight of 45 kilos or 22.5 kilos per seat so that’s a fantastic weight range you’re going to get some good use out of this the mini GT double weighs in at 14.5 kilos it has front wheel suspension and the Vantage of a quick patent fold technology so let’s break it down the handle is adjustable by pushing both buttons on the side and it’s corrected with your toilet and your shorter parents with great length when you’re walking so you don’t keep the bottom of the stroller the top height when the handle is all we’re in 110 point 5 savings of what an elastomer handle is 76 centimeters off the floor but dimensions of the pram toy assembled it’s a hundred eleven point seven centimetres long and it’s 75 cents wide the width is actually concerning for a side-by-side pram and should fit through most of your standard doorways to fold the pram it can be done with one hand but you have to handle so it’s easier to do it your hand you just need to rip this panel straight down at the base of the seat and you just pull up I think the baby Joe strollers are some of the best Strong’s to have simple they are bold the quick pop is a big selling point and it makes such a great plan for life on the run and once it’s folded is one of the most compact bulbs you’ll see for a side-by-side stroller however because of the width we weren’t able to get this into a small car to show you that folded dimensions it’s 31.7 years deep in 78 7 years high and it’s very fast in its wife to our phones just need to unhook this or like lock your on side rubbing handles and without any reading it’s really simple there’s some cavities are fantastic nice and large consisting of three panels with full Sun cover at the top here you have two peekaboo windows with Velcro closures so could be a little noisy for sitting baby you might with them for checking these two buttons on the side here the top one is to remove the candy and the bottom one teacher to use when you want your additional accessories such as your total snack trays belly bars and so forth this seats have an almost flat recline and you can do it just by operating and you don’t write them separately you just need to pitch this class on the sidelines and everywhere along this strap you can actually stop so you have lots of options for the recline level all the way down you can actually see this really great mesh back here this fantastic vented seat top and it comes with a retractable weather cover when you want to block any distractions or summer from the sleeping baby the cover has both not znz that comes so it won’t come off easily and will just help keeping those distractions away to pull off you just need to pull up on the class and glove on that straw some strings are really simple to do to engage and break is here already and pop here all you do is just pull up to engage and take it off using to pull up on the two cyclists and pull it down because of hand-operated it’s thumb or gendell’s friendly the drivability of the scene you need GT double it’s a white stuff frame however you have a nice long handle to really help me turn the print the larger more teacher rank that ever it ties on the GT versus what’s on the standard baby jogger city mini take up with the front wheel suspension means it’s a smoother ride over rough terrain and a walks it’s copy over different services such as your grass and mulch because of the lower wheel base it the easiest one hand push on walks but it’s doable and the turning circle is pretty good for a side-by-side pram and some hard to do it has an adjustable 5 point padded harness with nice padded shoulder straps to change hunt you just need to adjust the height of the extending and by extending straps along this big strap at the back here so simple with no need to breathe thread bahar’s the clasp was strong and secure and I’m doing using to push the central button here and it just pops open these two parts here do actually come apart see you read you do need to reattach the top strap with the bottom strap before you cook it back into the crotch strap here it’s not hard to do but if you have type of wrangling could be a bit tricky it also helps with a clip guard so you don’t injure your baby legs or Tommy’s in typically this week dimensions it’s thirty point five centers wide it’s 53 to the back of the seat we’ve recorded out from the bottom to the top at 66 centimeters as 25.4 centimeters deep the Lopezes nicely padlocked the seat and has a smaller foot lip at the bottom which is easy to remove joke over just pushing it back the seat covers are removable to wash and nice and padded with a base board in the seat bottom for better support the storage on city mini gt you have three sections for storage the first is on the back of each of the seats here is a large mesh pocket which you can use for extra space for your smaller easy to grab items Keane’s all it’s fantastic you also have a lifestyle basket under the seat which has elasticized so you can access by the back all the size whether their opening isn’t that big so you have to be careful how big be open so that you the wheels on the GT mini double is their 21.6 centimeter forever air tires to remove your seat push the leader down home and pop right off very easy for you to store that away the front wheels are super wheels that can be locked into place by pulling up on this right here and then just pushing back down to unlock them if you want to remove the wheel you just pull on this black leader here and the rear pops off so really simple when you’re on the go the side by side style meant my to test is live holding hands lost out and about which is really cute and they love the electric line as they both look really well in the padded seats when the seat is reclined you’re finally walking it has a slight sway to it which creates this really nice rocking motion if you have full range of accessories available for the mini GT double and here are just a few so the price is super quick and simple phone symbol from you wanna to that 45 kilos the extendable handles there forever in tires no need to pump up the full recline options with both seats because some double base drawers don’t let you recline the second seat much it is actually lightweight for a double stroller because there’s no included accessories such as a rain cover it is a larger size so could limit your access to some of those shops you’re always going to have tandem but you’re at the beach of a city select if you want to have a pushchair that goes from a single to a double down to single it’s not a jogging stroller and then it’s always the forward-facing position well there you have it a complete review of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT a really great side-by-side stroller great for your kids of different ages or a great stroller for twins if you’d love to know where you can buy the mini GT double from we make it really easy for you so click on the below link which will take you to our website for more information including Australian US and UK supply I’m Kristy from Rock a Buy Baby reviews our mission is to help you make better buying decisions for baby if you have any questions or baby products you’d like to see us from you don’t hesitate to contact us by our website or join our Facebook community thanks for watching and see you in the next video the whatever air tires near Lyon needs Jackie choppers are really great wheel suspension the old hawk and just free between

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

Video Transcript

8Hi everybody, Melissa here – CloudMom- back at Albee Baby on the upper west side of Manhattan.We’re very happy they’ve let us in here to look at a lot of strollers and in front of me now I have the City Mini Deluxe.This is an excellent stroller if you’re expecting twins or if you have two babies close in age such as I had.Here we have the 2011 model and it prices out from around the high $300 to $500- not cheap!But if you have two babies you can sort of amortize the cost between them.Let’s take a look at some of the features of this stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini Deluxe.It weighs 26 lbs. meanwhile it can accommodate babies and toddlers for up to 100 lbs. So you can really get a lot of use out of this stroller.It has the babies sitting side by side which babies love.A lot of people who start with a stroller that’s front and back end up graduating to a side-by-side stroller.However, this stroller can only take one car seat at the beginning so it is not recommended for infants.If you do have infant twins, you’re going need to find an initial solution maybe with a car seat carrier to get you through the first couple months until you can graduate your infants into this stroller.And at that point, you can recline these two seats here very, very easily.I’m going to show you how you can do that.And you can buy extra supports and inserts to make it even more accommodating and cozy for a new baby.So this is how you collapse those seats.This is easier ladies than adjusting your bra.All you have to do is squeeze this little piece here and pull down and these seats collapse into a nearly fully reclining position, this is a super, super thing for babies.Okay, I’m going to move it back around here and I’m going to adjust it up, all I have to do is squeeze in this little piece here and pull- very, very easy- pulling it right up like that.Now I’m going to show you how you can collapse this stroller again.It’s very; very easy -this is what the City Mini is famous for.If you hold your hands here, like this, and in one single motion you can collapse the stroller like this.That is it.If you want to get, look how flat this is, if you want it even flatter you can remove the wheels.When it comes time to uncollapse the stroller all you have to do is fling it open and listen for the click.It’s very important.So I’m going to do that right now.I go on this side, I hold the handle bars, I fling it open like this, and then I listen for that nice clicking sound make sure you get that sound.Okay, so what do people say about the City Mini Deluxe?What do they say are the things that they really notice are really important to them.Number one: storage – the City Mini does have some decent storage but it can be a little bit hard to access because you have to go in from the sides or in the back where you have this bar so it’s not an easy place to keep your diaper bag.Meanwhile, the handlebars are not adjustable so if you’re married to like Kareem Abu Jabbar and you need a lot of height, it might be something that you want to think about.Third thing, the wheels – some people say that the front wheels can be a little bit flimsy.And I have read complaints that some people have got some small stones or pebbles caught in their wheels so that’s also something to think about.But the collapsibility of this stroller is absolutely key.It is so, so easy to collapse and get in and out of your car and if you’re dealing with two young babies this might be a very, very strong selling point.One other thing, cup holders – this stroller does not come with a cup holder so if that’s important to you, you’re going to have to buy that as an add on so that is going to increase the price.Okay so those are some of the features and feedback that people have had about this Baby Jogger City Mini Deluxe.But overall, let me just say, and I know I have this issue, but this almost makes me want to have more babies because I’ve fallen in love with this stroller just as I have with the City Mini Single.I think it’s so, so easy so light to maneuver and I think it’s a really great option for people who are frequently in and out of the car.So thanks so much for joining CloudMom from Albee Baby here in Manhattan and we really look forward to seeing you next time.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

Video Transcript

you so we have the city mini gt one of my favorite side-by-side strollers why not just because orange is my favorite color but because I think for the price point this is an amazing roller so let’s go over some of the unique features that I think you’ll enjoy for any urban dweller like myself a really important feature is air tires this puppy has full air tires on the front and the rear which is awesome because when you live in this great city of ours I’m going from concrete to cobblestone to glass to dirt to construction zone and you know what you don’t even feel it when you have flawless air tires another great reason to have air tires not just with this stroller but for any stroller is that if you have bunnies that have a size disc ordinance say this bunny is ten pounds heavier than this bunny and yes that happens often with twins it happened with my twins still to this day my son is about 30 pounds heavier than my chick it’s true I’ll show you pictures but if you don’t have air tires your stroller will be veering to the side of the heavier baby because he’s heavier that’s just the way it works but when you have air tires I could get the tire pressure adjusted so that I could just push straight the city mini gt is one of the most narrow double strollers on the market at 29 and 3/4 inches wide you will fit through every standard doorway like with many of the Baby Jogger strollers this also has fantastic swivel wheels which make your turn radius just truly incredible you could pretty much turn on a dime and the other thing that’s fantastic is their braking mechanism they have a brake system which is very unique instead of having a foot brake to the rear of the tires it has a hand brake right here all I do is pull the switch my stroller is locked into place and to unlock it I pull my great abs pull it down and I’m ready to go okay this stroller also features individual canopies so this guy’s up no problem canopies up for him but look just look how deep this canopy goes it’s really really incredible if you don’t think that’s enough it goes even further I love that I don’t even know they have it until I just felt that by the way it’s totally okay and when my canopies are fully reclined I have to count them to peekaboo windows I have one for the front for the front with I have it fully open and I have one in the rear and case it’s just partially recline I could always see what’s going on with my 20s have a sized disc ordinance in your own family maybe your partner is super tall and you might be on the more petite side well don’t worry the adjustable handlebar is made for everyone so it could be super tiny or I can be Amazon like I am in reality the city mini gt has an enormous storage basket there is plenty of room for your day supplies and anything extra that you may need another thing is if you come home from the park and you have some filthy little kids don’t worry everything is fully machine washable the seat covers come off as well as the basket toss it in the wash on cold line dry hook it back on you’re all set it’s also equipped with a five-point harness system which is not only going to keep your kitties safe but it’s going to grow with them it has an adjustable level system so I could put it lower if necessary and make it higher as my twins grow are you ready there’s more the seats fully recline with a quick clip pull down on the strap I have fully reclined seats another great thing it’s a mesh back so if it’s a beautiful day like it is today my babies could get air and when they need to but let’s say the rain comes no big deal I’m all ready it has a cover but I could put on and either stop the wind the rain or anything from getting my kids as if the giant storage basket wasn’t enough for you behind each seat is also a little storage and of course since it’s a baby jogger it has the quick fold technology I just grab the handle pull on up and it’s folded don’t worry no bunnies were harmed in the making of this film so if you’re looking for a side-by-side stroller the city mini gt is definitely something that you should consider it is a great great option for the price point for full details and to see all the accessories that come with it go to Baby Jogger com or you could go to 20 versity com for full details see you later I’m going to go buy a hot dog you

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