Best Strollers For 1 Year Old

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Our 5 Top Best Strollers For 1 Year Old

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1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact Stroller

2. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Pink

3. Maxi-Cosi Zelia Stroller

4. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller

5. Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair Stroller

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Best Strollers For 1 Year Old Introduction

Looking for a stroller for your one-year-old?

They grow up too quickly, don’t they? One moment they cannot do a thing without you. Now, at 1, they seem to be absorbing everything that the world has to offer. It can be an intriguing period for you and an anxious one for you. Part of parenting is being able to allow your child to thrive.

There is no sense in clipping their wings in the name of safety. That being said, it is also your responsibility to ensure their safety. This can be a fickle balance for anyone to strike.

To make this selection process easier we went on a search. We looked both online and offline to find products that manufacturers had listed as being good fits for 1-year-olds. The next step was then checking what those who had used the products had to say.

Best Strollers For 1 Year Old

Their experience is invaluable. No matter what we find out ourselves, it won’t work out to be as valuable as what someone has experienced over a period of time. The final stage is always testing. This is when we take the products that have made our shortlist, and see what they have to offer. The 5 products that you will read about in this review made the cut.

A quick comparison chart for the Best Strollers For 1 Year Old



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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact StrollerKolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact StrollerOur Rating
Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll N Trike PinkRadio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike PinkOur Rating
Maxi-Cosi Zelia StrollerMaxi-Cosi Zelia StrollerOur Rating
Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight StrollerChicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight StrollerOur Rating
Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair StrollerCynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair StrollerOur Rating

Top 5 Best Strollers For 1 Year Old


#1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact Stroller



Cloud plus lightweight, compact stroller is the latest baby stroller in the market offered by Kolcraft Company. The baby stroller company is among the giant brands as far as the production of high-quality infant strollers is a concern. The company has been in existence of over some decades, and it has a strong reputation of design stylish as well as high-quality strollers.

Cloud plus infant stroller is designed using lightweight materials to make it perfect for travelling and day trips. Assembling the stroller is quite easy, and it tends to measure about 18″ W x 31.25″ D x 34″ H. hence able to meet all the requirements of Disney Size Approved.

The stroller is also fitted with a large canopy that can easily be adjusted depending on the weather situation. It helps to protect the child from intense UV rays during the summer.

The most beautiful thing about the stroller is that it can easily be folded into a small compact size. This makes it ideal for travelling in case you are an avid road trip. Another fantastic thing about the stroller is that it has a five-point safety restraining system. It also can accommodate about 40 lb and 40-inch height baby. Unfortunately, the stroller does not recline completely flat hence not ideal to act as a bed for a child for sleeping.

Besides that, the stroller is fitted with a large basket to create a massive room for accommodating both the parent and infant accessories.


  • Quite affordable
  • Has a lightweight design for easy transport
  • Large canopy for maximum protection from UV rays
  • Simple and easy to fold
  • Has a reclining seat that offers a five-point safety system
  • Large storage basket for accommodating both infant and parent accessories
  • Made from premium, long-lasting materials
  • The wheels can move smoothly in all terrains
  • The bassinet is well-padded to offer cosy comfort to the infant


  • Braking system can be quite hard to apply until you have done it a few times.
  • Placement of the cup holders are odd

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#2. ​​Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Pink

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll N Trike Pink



Radio flyer is another outstanding company that tends to produce high-quality products for growing children. 4-in-1 stroll N trike is one of the products that is offered by Radio Flyer Company. The product is made using high-quality materials and has a stylish design.

The price attached to the product is quite affordable, and it makes this product quite ideal for parents with low budget.

The most beautiful thing about the stroll n trike is that it has a four-way ride. It has an infant trike, steering trike, learning trike, and classic trike. These features give the parent to train their child on how to ride as they tend to grow from one stage to another. If you happen to have a child who is not yet grown, you can easily remove the footrest since their feet are not fully developed.

Besides that, the trike is fitted with an adult steer that helps to control, and the adjustable handle is filled with foam to offer a maximum and comfortable grip. Another fantastic feature is the adjustable seat. This relieves the parent the headache and cost of buying another one since the position can be adjusted to suit their age. Also, it has three secure point harness and high back seat to ensure infant safety while riding around the city.

The straps fitted on the seat help to hold the baby in position and ensure the safety of the child while riding. The presence of the adjustable canopy on the rider help to ensure the baby or infant is protected from excess UV rays that can cause sunburn, especially during summer.


  • Quite affordable for budgeted parents
  • Has four ways to ride hence ideal for all stages of baby growth
  • The footrest is removable in case of young riders
  • Sit is adjustable to suit any child regardless of their age
  • Ideal for children between nine to five years
  • Adjustable canopy offers maximum protection from sunlight


  • Quite tricky to lock the steering
  • Wheels are cheaply made hence less durable

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#3. ​​Maxi-Cosi Zelia Stroller

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Stroller



Zelia stroller is a high-quality baby stroller that has all features that can suit the preferences and tastes of the parents. The baby stroller is designed and offered to the market by Maxi-Cosi. This is the most excellent company in the industry with a strong reputation for providing high-quality strollers. The stroller is quite ideal for children between one to forty, eight months old. This implies that it can comfortably accommodate any weight of the child during that period.

The fabric used to design the stroller has been padded well to create maximum comfort for the child. Zelia stroller has a stylish design, and it tends to bring out that luxurious outlook when strolling with your baby down the street or in the park. If your baby falls asleep, you can comfortably recline the bassinet so that the baby can sleep comfortably.

Besides that, the canopy can easily be extended, and this can help to offer maximum protection of your child from direct sunlight. One thing that makes the stroller to stand out from others is easy to fold to enhance secure storage and also reduction of storage space.

The most beautiful thing about the baby stroller is that it can easily be customized so that it can suit the parent’s desired height.

The storage basket has plenty of room for helping to accommodate both the parent and child accessories while strolling around the city. The main drawback of the baby stroller is the price which tends to be too high. However, it is entirely worth the value of your money.


  • Can fully be recline to enhance resting
  • The canopy can easily be extended to offer maximum protection
  • It can easily be folded for secure storage
  • Has a storage basket to accommodate both parent and child accessories
  • The handles are adjustable to bring out that comfort
  • An ultra-padded bassinet to offer premium comfort
  • Can be customized to suit your height


  • Car seat tend to be hot hence uncomfortable for the child
  • Not ideal during the rainy season since the canopy is meshed

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#4. ​Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller



Chico is another giant company in the production of the baby stroller. The company tends to stand out from others due to high-quality strollers production.

Mini bravo stroller is one of the most excellent products offered by Chicco Company, and it has gained popularity across the world. Boasts of lots of praises from many parenting groups and Facebook groups. The baby stroller is made from high-quality materials, and it has a luxurious outlook. The materials used to design the stroller are lightweight, and this is the reason it is quite easy to carry into the car or train. It is termed as an ideal baby stroller for avid travellers. The most fantastic thing about the baby stroller is that it can easily be fit into the car seat with a single click attachment. The process does not involve the use of force or a lot of effort.Besides that, the stroller has been designed in a way that it can easily be folded into a small compact shape. This makes it easy for storage and also reduce the storage space. The bassinet has a reclining system that is quite simple and easy.

This helps the parent to adjust so that they spend less time bending to check on the baby. The handles are well-padded, and this helps the parent to have a comfortable grip. It also helps to ensure child safety when manoeuvring a busy street. The vented canopy help to protect the child from direct sunlight hence prevents the occurrence of sunburns on the child. Lastly, the stroller is fitted with two cup holders and a zipper storage compartment. This help to create room for the storage of baby and parent accessories.


  • The padding offers cosy comfort to the toddler
  • Folding the stroller is quite easy
  • Fitted with cup holders for both the child and parent
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry and put in the car
  • Offers maximum shade to the infant during summer
  • The handle offers a comfortable grip
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Has squeaky wheels that can disturb the baby
  • Footrest does not adjust at all

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#5. ​​Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair Stroller

Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair Stroller



Cynebaby is a giant company in the production of baby strollers. The construction of high-quality strollers is the reason for their popularity. All-terrain vista city select pushchair stroller is of the baby strollers offered by Cynebaby Company. The baby stroller is made from high-quality materials; thus, the reason why it is quite durable when compared to others.

The stroller is designed in a way that it can be a sleeping bed for a child between zeros to six months. It can also be easily be changed into a seat when a child reaches between seven to thirty-six months.

You should also note that the baby stroller is ideal for toddlers and infant. This will save lots of bucks that are needed to replace the stroller with another one that suits toddlers.

The most beautiful thing about vista city pushchair stroller is that it can manoeuvre in all terrains without any problems.

The wheels of the stroller are quite large hence able to withstand different resistant from different surfaces when pushing around the park or down the street. Besides that, fitting the bassinet into a seat is quite easy, and this is the reason why it is regarded as the best traveller baby stroller in the market.

The brake system of the baby stroller is topnotch hence help to ensure the safety of the baby while walking around the busy street in the city. Also, the bassinet can be changed in any direction so that the baby can enjoy the world while exploring with the parent. It also reduces the time spent by the parent to bend to see the child.

The frames used to design the infant stroller are quite high to prevent the child from dust while walking around the city. The canopy is adjustable, so in case of a sunny day, the parent can pull it up to protect the child from excess sunlight that can cause sunburns.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Big wheels for easy manoeuvre on any surface
  • Meshed sides for ventilation purposes during summer
  • Ideal for travelling or moving around the house
  • Easy to manoeuvre in a busy street


  • Too big when compared to other strollers

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Best Strollers For 1 Year Old Buyers Guide

So, which one will it be? Now that you have had a look at all of the strollers that we would recommend for a 1-year-old, you must have at least one that has picked your interest. Taking the time to do the comparison of our picks will go a long way to help you make up your mind. To do this properly, refer to the pros and cons. You will also find a buyer’s guide that will cover some of the things that we have considered when looking at these products.

Is Stroller Allowed In International Flight

Most airline companies do allow stroller in the international flight, but they are stored in the bagged as luggage at no cost. The good news is that these airlines do not discriminate on the type of stroller being used by the passenger.

However, it is recommended to come along with a stroller that is lightweight and collapsible for secure storage. Also, there are no extra charges applied to these baby strollers. Large and more cumbersome strollers tend to attract bagged fee since they are known to occupy considerable space. It is advisable to avoid such types of baby strollers when going on vacation via aeroplane.

You will also be expected to take the stroller through the security checkpoints. Here you will be required to remove the baby so that a thorough search can be done. The most beautiful thing is that most international airports do have dedicated family queues that tend to attend to parents that came along with babies on strollers.

Most of these airlines usually recommend passengers with children on strollers to arrive early before boarding time. Parents with children will be allowed to board earlier than others so that children can have enough time to settle before the plane take off.

Is Stroller Considered Carry On

Yes, most foldable strollers are considered as carry on. Travelling along with your child can be hectic, and first-time travellers tend to be cautious with everything they come together with onboard. Most airlines across the world have different policies regarding baby strollers, and it is advisable to be well versed with these policies before coming along with the stroller.

One ticket usually allows one stroller in most cases, but there are other requirements as a passenger you are required to consider.

You will be required to come along with lightweight stroller that can easily be folded and it should weigh up to 9kgs. If you happen to come along with large and heavy strollers that tend to weigh over 9kg, then expect to incur some expenses. However, some airlines do not charge a fee to anything related to babies accessories while travelling. They will first be checked at the ticket counter. You can also get in touch with the airline prior to your flight to get this ironed out.

Collapsible and lightweight strollers are the most recommended by many airlines. They also are quite easy to manoeuvre around the airport while checking in. On the other hand, there is some international flight that has their strollers to assist parents that tend to travel with their children. Always tend to read airline travel policies before booking any ticket. These policies will guide you on what to bring on board and what you ought not to come with onboard.

Stroller and Pushchair Difference

New parents tend to find it tricky in deciding how to get out with their baby. The process of picking between a stroller and pushchair can be confusing. These two items tend to work the same way when it comes to transporting your child. However, they have some slight differences in terms of design and appearance.

Pushchair tends to be sturdier than the stroller, and it can easily be recline by the parent as either forward-facing or backward facing. A pushchair is quite ideal for newborns and old babies. It can withstand the baby weight regardless of their age. On the other hand, strollers tend to be lightweight and can easily be folded for easy transportation. They are suitable for older babies.

The most beautiful thing with a pushchair is that they can manoeuvre over different terrains with ease as compared to strollers. Besides that, they tend to last for a couple of years, and they have minimal wear and tear during that period.

However, strollers tend to fit in different travel system as compared to pushchairs since they are not bulky. They can easily be collapsed into a small compact size. If you are an avid traveller, then it is advisable to consider stroller rather than pushchair due to the ease of transportation.

Stroller Vs Travel System

These two items are quite vital when it comes to carrying the baby while having a walk down the street or in the park. However, they tend to have some slight differences despite serving the same purposes. It is advisable to know the pros and cons of each set before purchasing.

A stroller has a car seat and frames. The car seat is usually inserted between the stroller frames to create strollers.

Both the car seat and stroller frames are bought separately. This is the reason why strollers tend to be expensive. On the other hand, the travel system has both the car seat and stroller. These items are usually sold at ones. A travel system is much affordable than strollers. Strollers tend to be lightweight, compact, and convenient. They can hold an infant car seat securely.

Buying stroller frames and car seat separately tend to be cheaper, but this depends on the brand. A travel system is quite popular in the recent days, and the car seat tends to ensure baby is secure while driving. This is a convenient baby gear that is ideal for babies at birth throughout the growing stage. They occur in different model and allows the parent to choose something that suits their need.

Stroller or Carrier for Airport

When you are travelling for a far distance via aeroplane for vacation, it is advisable to go as light as possible. This will help reduce the weight of the luggage and also extra charges.

We recommend come along with baby carrier in many circumstances since you can easily rent a stroller to the place of destination. However, you can still bring them both because each is used in a different situation and type of attraction one wants to showcase.

The baby carrier is considered the best at the airport since you will not be required to remove the baby for security checks, unlike stroller. Also, baby carriers are quite flexible and lightweight when compared to the stroller. It is therefore advisable to leave strollers at home and rent at the destination point.

On the other hand, strollers offer an ideal place for the baby to take a nap rather than in the stroller. Carriers are great for infants and babies who like to be held up to get a nap. However, some infants tend to sleep well in a stroller but not that much. Also, front carriers are ideal for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding the babies on the go as compared to strollers. Therefore, choose one that ideally fit your tastes and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right stroller for your child can be a difficult task. Our reviews are meant to make this much easier. They review both the bad and the good things about each one of the strollers. This will give you all of the information that you need to be able to reach an informed decision. Our buyer’s guide will present you with answers to some of the questions that may have come up as you read through the reviews. Allow yourself some time to look through the reviews one last time after you have read the buyer’s guide. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.

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