Best stroller organizer for Uppababy Vista and Cruz (2022 Reviews)

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Our 5 top stroller organizers for Uppababy Vista and Cruz

1. Uppababy Carry-All organizer

2. Universal organizer by Ethan and Emma

3. Britax organizer with cup holders

4. Skip Hop Grab and Go organizer

5. Jolly Jumper caddy

5 Best stroller organizers for Uppababy Vista and Cruz

When going somewhere with a baby, whether to the park or shopping, you will always have a lot of things to bring along for you as well as for the little one.

For instance, you can never go somewhere with a baby without carrying a few diapers, baby wipes, baby bottle, small toys, your phone, keys and snacks and drinks. If you have a stroller, the basket is usually not ideal for such items; hence, you need a stroller organizer.

However, the majority of parents with the Uppababy Vista stroller have a hard time finding an organizer that is not only spacious but also fits well with their stroller.

This is why after thorough research, we prepared this review to help you choose the best stroller organizer for Uppababy Vista that will work perfectly.

A quick comparison chart for the best organizers

Reviews of the best stroller organizer for Uppababy Vista

#1. Uppababy Carry-All Parent organizer


A front zip pocket

Perfect for keeping your phone, keys,  wallet and other valuable items that you do not want to fall out.

Main compartment

It is huge enough to hold several items. It is divided into three pockets where you can put water bottles, 3 large cups or baby bottles among other baby items like teethers and pacifiers.

However, this compartment does not have a zipper but it is made deep enough to prevent items from falling out.

Velcro attachments

They fasten tightly on the stroller handles and prevent the organizer from sliding down.


  • Perfectly fits all Vista and Cruz stroller models
  • It is large enough to hold a large cup of coffee along with other baby items
  • Stays in place without sliding down the stroller push handles
  • Does not have to be removed to fold the stroller


  • Does not hold the beverage in place so you need to cover with lids to prevent spilling

#2. ​Universal stroller organizer for smart moms by Ethan and Emma


Main compartment

This compartment is quite large and can hold several items from diapers, teethers, pacifiers, baby wipes among others

Drink/cup holders

The drink holders are deep enough to hold drinks securely to prevent spills. In addition, they are insulated well to ensure to keep your beverages at the right temperature.

Mesh pocket

This gives you extra storage to put your phone and reach easily when it rings or listen to music as you stroll with the baby.

Detachable pouch

There is a pouch on the front of the organizer that can be detached by unzipping it from the main compartment. You can use this pouch to carry your valuables when you want to rush somewhere without the stroller.

Large mesh bag

This bag folds down from the organizer allowing you to store more items especially when you need to carry a lot of baby items like toys and food. You can roll it up and attach to the bottom of the organizer.

Collapsible frame

This helps moms to fold the stroller without first removing the organizer

Magnetic closure for the middle compartment

This is a very unique feature that you can hardly find in other stroller organizers. The magnetic closure helps you to close and open the main pockets silently without waking up the baby if he or she is sleeping.

Velcro straps

The Velcro straps are extended to ensure it holds securely and stable on the stroller handle. They are also very strong to prevent the organizer from falling off the stroller.


  • High-quality fabric that is easy to clean
  • Large storage space
  • The organizer handles are adjustable; hence, fits most strollers including the Uppababy Vista, Britax, Maclaren, Brio and Baby Jogger city select
  • Can fit on double strollers that have a middle bar
  • Comes with a Limited Warranty


  • The magnetic closure does not close tightly

#3. ​Britax stroller organizer with cup holders


This is rated one of the best parent stroller organizers that fit the Uppababy Vista strollers very well. This is due to the convenience it offers for parents to store baby items when traveling.

Its unique features include;

Insulated beverage holders

Britax organizer comes with two cup holders that can hold 2 medium coffee cups.  The good thing about this is that your warm drinks will keep warm and your cold drinks will keep cold because the cup holders are well insulated. The cups are also deep enough so the drinks cannot spill over.

Large center compartment

This compartment is large enough to accommodate a number of diapers, snacks, baby wipes and other baby items that you need to bring along with you with traveling.

Magnetic closure

The magnetic closure rather than a zipper allows you to open and close the organizer without waking up a sleeping baby.

Outside pockets

There are 3 pockets on the side of the organizer where you can keep will small items like keys and phones.

Collapsible design

You do not have to remove the organizer from the stroller because the collapsible design does not interfere with the folding of the stroller.

Internal frame

The caddy does not change shape when you put your items inside because it has an internal frame or rather a metal bar around the top. The frame also makes it easier for you to remove your cups and bottles or close the lids while still in the holder.

Adjustable straps

You can adjust the straps of the organizer to fit your stroller. This is why Britax organizer is a good fit for most major stroller brands like the Uppababy Vista, City Select, BJ City Mini GT stroller


  • Light in weight
  • Does not get in the way of the seat even when in a reclined position
  • Magnetic closure does not open unnecessarily
  • Strong Velcro that holds very well
  • The fabric is easy to clean and durable


  • Tends to lean a bit to the side when full

#4. ​Skip Hop Grab and GO stroller organizer


This universal organizer has a number of unique features which makes it a great fit for Uppababy Vista stroller. These features include;

Adjustable straps

The adjustable straps enable this stroller caddy to fit securely on most strollers. For the vista stroller, the straps wrap around the handle very well.

Insulated cup holder

The cup holder keeps drinks cool or warm and stretches to accommodate different sizes of bottles and cups.

Side pocket

This zippered side pocket is perfect for storing small items for quick access such as spare change, keys, and cellphone.

Detachable wristlet

This pouch wristlet can be unzipped from the main compartment and be used to hold other valuables when on the go.

Headphone outlet

The headphone outlet is a big plus for parents who like to listen to music as they stroll with the baby in the stroller.


  • It is very spacious
  • Durable fabric
  • Fold easily with most umbrella strollers


  • The front wheels tend to touch the organizer when you fold without removing it from the handle
  • Might be too bulky when full

#5. ​Jolly jumper stroller caddy


Two Deep Cup holders

The 2 cup holders are deep enough to hold a cup or bottle securely without swinging or moving as you push the stroller. Thus, it is also a pretty good organizer for a jogging stroller like baby jogger city mini.

Front pockets

These pockets are perfect for putting your cell phone and small items like toys for quick access.

Middle large compartment

This compartment is large enough to hold a number of baby items. In addition, it has a zipper to prevent them from falling out.

Small compartment

This zippered compartment hangs off at the back of the organizer near the parent and has 3 different areas to keep items like coins, wallets, toys and many more

For Velcro loops

The 4 Velcro loops enable this parent console to be adjusted to fit any stroller. You, however, need to consider the angle of your stroller’s handlebars so that you can adjust the straps accordingly. It fits perfectly on strollers with horizontal handlebars but for the vista stroller which has an angle of 45 degrees, you may need to do a little adjustment. But it is a perfect fit.


  • Vista stroller can fold with the parent console attached
  • It is very sturdy
  • Very versatile
  • Fits double strollers too
  • Strong Velcro that stays on


  • Comes in the way when positioning the baby’s seat upright or reclined

Why do you need an Uppababy Stroller organizer?

The Uppababy Vista stroller usually comes with a storage basket underneath. Although the basket is usually very spacious, it does not keep all items in an organized manner since it does not have compartments.

You are forced to throw everything inside, which makes it very difficult to access baby items while on the go. This is why a stroller organizer comes in handy.

With a stroller organizer, you can carry your baby’s bottles, teethers, diapers, food jars, baby wipes, and small toys. There is also space for your cup of coffee and pockets to hold your valuable items like wallet, cellphone, and keys.

If you do not like the features on the Uppababy Vista parent organizer, there are several alternatives that perfectly fit the Uppababy stroller as we have discussed above.

What to look for when shopping for the best stroller organizer for Uppababy Vista

Various compartments

As the name suggests, stroller organizers are meant to help you keep your items well organized when traveling. For this reason, you need to ensure that the organizer or caddy you choose has compartments and pockets to help you to separate all the items. For instance, you can keep diapers in one compartment and teethers and small baby toys in another. Pockets also come in handy for items like wallets, keys and cellphones that require quick access.

Cup holders

Cup holders are an absolute necessity on an organizer to help you carry your drinks. If you want your hot drink to remain hot or keep cold if it’s cold, then you need a stroller caddy that is well insulated. You may also need to buy one with two cups holders, for your baby’s milk bottle and your cup of coffee.


It is important to ensure that the stroller caddy is made from high-quality fabric that is easy to clean and does not stain. Bearing in mind that you will be carrying drinks like coffee and milk in the cup holders, the material should be easy to clean by simply wiping off. An organizer that is made from good quality fabric like polyester will last long and serve you for a long time.

Light in weight

A bulky organizer can be cumbersome to carry around. When you add your items it could be even heavier and make it hard to push the stroller. This is why you should get one that is lightweight to help you maneuver and yet large enough to accommodate all the items you need when on the go.

Strong Velcro

Most stroller organizers attach to the handles of the stroller using Velcro loops. If the Velcro loops are not strong enough, the organizer will keep sliding down the handles or fall off. Ensure that the loops can also be adjusted to fit tightly on the handles of your stroller.

Folding the stroller

Many parents seem to be bothered by the fact that they have to remove the console before folding the stroller. If you are one of those parents who find this annoying, then get an organizer that can fold while attached to the stroller. This must be light in weight and flexible.


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