Best Strollers For Holidays Reviewed

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Our 5 Best Strollers For Holidays

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1. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

2. Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller

3. Hauck/Fisher Price Go-Guardian Palma Stroller

4. Tiny Wonders Black Baby Stroller

5. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

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In A Hurry?

Choosing from 5 is certainly easier than going through all of the products that are on the market. That does not make it a completely pain-free choice. This is why we decided to make it that little bit easier. We took our top 5 products and compared their features.

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

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After considering what we loved about them we chose the Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller as our top pick  – Click to check price on Amazon.

You will find that it is easy to fold as well as to open. This is a key feature when travelling.

There is also a lot of space to store things when pushing the child. There is a more detailed review below.

Strollers For Holidays Introduction

Off on a holiday, are we? This is always a great time to get a stroller. You may have just realised that the stroller that you have is no longer adequate for the child? Perhaps the airline has been the one to blow you bubble. They have all sorts of limitations on the stroller that you can take on the flight with you. Checking an expensive one in as luggage is usually a one-way road to countless emails seeking compensation for a broken stroller. That is a route better left untouched. You will end up with an inadequate stroller or having to buy one at a price inflated for tourists.

Besides, the last thing that anyone needs is stress when heading out on holiday. To ensure that you will not have to endure this we covered all bases. Our first step was to look at products that were manufactured with holidaymakers in mind. This is always a great thing to do. It cuts out some of the unnecessary legwork involved. Once we have a list of said products, we would then expand it by adding some of the ones that fit our billing but are not marketed to holidaymakers.

Armed with the products on our list, we spend a lot of time doing some research. It is at this stage that we consult those that have experienced these products. By getting their views, we avoid the pitfalls that they fell into. If one person can save some money from someone else having lost it, we have made progress. The list is much shorter after this stage. We complete the process by giving the few that a left, a bit of a test. You will be thrilled to know that there are 5 products that made our top picks.

A quick comparison chart for the Best Strollers For Holidays



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Britax B-Lively Lightweight StrollerBritax B-Lively Lightweight StrollerOur Rating
Britax B-Mobile Lightweight StrollerBritax B-Mobile Lightweight StrollerOur Rating
Hauck Fisher Price Go-Guardian Palma StrollerHauck/Fisher Price Go-Guardian Palma StrollerOur Rating
Tiny Wonders Black Baby StrollerTiny Wonders Black Baby StrollerOur Rating
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel SystemChicco Bravo Trio Travel SystemOur Rating

Top 5 Best Strollers For Holidays


#1. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller



Britax is a reputable company is the production of infant strollers that are of high quality, and this is the reason why they are quite popular around the world. Britax B-lively stroller is designed in a way that it brings out that luxurious and stunning appearance. The design makes it quite attractive when compared to other strollers in the market today.

The new Britax stroller is fitted with a footrest that helps to enhance comfort and total relaxation among the toddlers who love attention. Besides that, it has an extra-large storage space that can accommodate both the toddlers and parent accessories. Also, it can be accessed from both the front and back.

The ventilated canopy does a fantastic thing like protecting the child from direct UV from the sun and also prevent the accumulation of the heat inside the bassinet. The meshed canopy enhances the natural form of air, and this help to cool the baby, especially during summer due to heat accumulation. The most beautiful thing about the stroller is the infinite seat recline which create a conducive environment for the baby to sleep or those toddlers seeking attention.

Also, the stroller is compatible with all types of Britax and BOB car seat, making it ideal as a travel system stroller. The lightweight feature makes it easy for transportation, and it is a perfect stroller to consider when going for a vacation via aeroplane since you will not be charged. Another thing is that the stroller can easily be folded for more accessible storage and transportation.

The biggest issue with the stroller is the adaptor which is poorly fixed and can easily get lost, especially when travelling. Also, the price tagged to the stroller is too high, but I will say it is worth the value of your money.


  • Easy to open the stroller
  • Comfortable to push and turn
  • Ventilated canopy that offers protection against UV rays
  • Infinite recline seat to accommodate sleeping baby
  • Can easily be folded for easy transport
  • Has a lightweight feature
  • Entirely compatible with BOB infant car seat


  • Lack of cup holders
  • Not ideal for full-grown children

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#2. ​​Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller



Britax offers the B-mobile stroller. This is a giant brand in the stroller industry that so many parents are looking after anytime they expect a newborn. The B-mobile stroller is made using premium materials that make it last for a couple of years with minimal wear and tear.

If you are busy shopping for your new gears, then you won’t go wrong with B-mobile baby strollers.

Navigation through a busy street or crowded area with B-mobile stroller is quite easy as compared to other models in the market. Another exciting thing about the baby stroller is that you can easily fold it into small size for easy transportation and also reduction of storage space. The large canopy fitted on the stroller help to protect the baby from the sun and also rain while having a walk down the street or in the park.

The most exciting thing about this stroller is that it has a near-flat reclining system that helps to keep the baby comfy on the go. Also, fitting the car seat into the stroller is quite accessible since you require a single click and you are ready to go. The large storage room on the stroller help to accommodate both the infant and parent accessories comfortably.

The bassinet is well-padded to offer maximum comfort for the toddler, and the straps help to hold them in position. The biggest issue with the stroller is the unreachable basket storage since many parents have posted a lot of complaints about the feature. Accessing the basket storage from one end tends to many inconvenient parents. Also, the price of the item tends to be quite high when compared to others in the market. However, the price being charged is worth the value of your money since the stroller is made from high-quality materials.


  • Relatively lightweight hence ideal for travel
  • Can be folded with one hand for compact store
  • Has large canopy for extra protection against UV
  • Easy to navigate through a busy street
  • Has a near-flat recline to keep the baby comfy
  • Has the largest storage basket


  • Need to get car receivers off every time

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#3. ​​Hauck/Fisher Price Go-Guardian Palma Stroller

Hauck Fisher Price Go-Guardian Palma Stroller



Hauck is another giant company in the production of baby strollers. The products are usually of high quality, and they tend to meet all the carriage requirements. Hauck Company offers Palma stroller, and it tends to experience lots of love from many parenting forums as well as Facebook groups.

The stroller is made from high-quality materials that tend to make it last for a couple of years with minimal wear and tear. The design of the baby stroller tend to be astonishing, and this helps parents who are fashionistas to showcase whatever they possess in the street or the park. If you are looking for something with a luxurious appearance, then you can’t go wrong with Palma stroller offered by Hauck Company.

The price attached to the stroller tends to be quite affordable, and this is the reason behind the popularity recently in the market.  The baby stroller is quite ideal for those new parents with a low budget, and they want something that has a luxurious appearance. The most fantastic thing about Palma stroller is that it is lightweight and can easily be manoeuvred around a busy street or crowded areas in the city.

The massive size canopy help to protect the baby from direct sunlight which can cause the occurrence of sunburns on their face after prolonged exposure. Also, the stroller can easily be folded even by use of one hand. Folding result in a small compact size stroller hence help to reduce the space of storage as well as easy transportation. The Ergonomic handles will also give you a good time to steer the stroller around the city or in the park with ease.

Besides that, it also has a comprehensive view so that your child can explore and enjoy frequent outings with the parent. The straps help to hold the baby in position and also ensure the safety of the baby while having a walk down the street. The back of the seat is well-padded to offer cosy comfort to the child. Hence they will not feel tired after sitting for a couple of hours.


  • Quite affordable
  • The canopy helps to protect the child from direct sunlight
  • Tend to be quite lightweight hence easy to manoeuvre
  • Small folding size for secure storage and transportation
  • Ergonomic handles to enhance smooth steering
  • Has five-point belts for keeping the baby safe


  • Cannot accommodate a car seat

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#4. ​​Tiny Wonders Black Baby Stroller

Tiny Wonders Black Baby Stroller



Tiny Wonders Company offers Black baby stroller. The company boasts lots of reputation from many parenting forums and Facebook groups. The quality of strollers made by the company are of high quality, and they tend to be quite durable when compared to other products in the market. The general design of the black baby stroller is robust and can comfortably accommodate any weight of the toddler without breaking out like others.

One thing that makes this baby stroller to receive lots of praises is the ability to be adjusted in different angles so that it can offer cosy comfort to the sleeping baby. Besides that, the stroller is designed with a high-quality dual brake system that helps to ensure the baby is safe when having a walk with the parent. The storage basket fitted on the stroller is quite significant to create enough room for the storage of baby and parent accessories.

Also, the storage space can easily be access by the parent without facing any problem.

The large canopy offers maximum protection of the child from direct sunlight rays hence prevent the occurrence of sunburns. Also, the canopy meshes to allow entry of fresh air inside hence cool the baby from accumulated heat. Another fantastic feature is the ease to clean. The fabric can easily be removed for washing, or you can opt for wiping with a wet towel.

The lightweight design of the stroller makes it travel-friendly since you can easily manoeuvre around the streets despite it being busy. Unfortunately, the seat tends to be rocky and rough. This makes it quite tricky for the babysits for a couple of hours. Also, it is not ideal for babies over the age of two years.


  • Has different angles of adjustment to hence sitting comfort
  • Has a dual brake system to foster the safety of the baby
  • The storage basket is large enough for baby accessories
  • The canopy is meshed to enhance airflow
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to fold for travelling


  • Not ideal for babies over two years

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#5. ​​Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System



Chicco is a giant brand in the production of travel baby stroller. The products tend to be of high quality hence the reason behind their popularity. Bravo Trio baby stroller is designed to enable parents to travel with their young ones from one point to another. The materials used to design the baby stroller are of high quality, and this is the reason why it tends to last for a couple of years with minimal wears.

Bravo stroller has the capability of holding up fifty pounds baby with ease, and this is the ideal strollers for infants in all stages of growth. The most exciting thing about the stroller is that the dual fold handle can easily be reached and also convenient to tear down. Folding the baby stroller is quite easy, and it tends to fold into a compact size that helps to make it easy for storage as well as travel.

If you are a parent who is a road trip avid, then you can go wrong with bravo baby stroller since it can easily be packed in the car trunk. The fabric and stroller frames are quite easy to clean. Also, the material can be removed from the stroller in case you want to wash them.

Besides that, the infant car seat can easily be removed from the stroller and install. The clips tend to hold it in position and secure the baby well.

The most beautiful thing is that the tray has a parent tray that helps to hold refreshments and essential items while having a walk down the street or hanging out in the park. Lastly, the stroller has multiple reclining seat position so that it can bring out that cosy comfort for the child while having a nap. Also, the canopy is quite large, and it can be adjusted so that it can offer maximum protection from UV rays from the sun. Prolong exposure of the child to excess sunlight can result in a negative impact on their skin.


  • Suitable for children up to fifty pounds
  • Carry handle is easy to reach
  • Has a compact folding for secure storage and transport
  • The canopy can easily be removed from the stroller frames
  • An infant car seat is easy and straightforward to install
  • Has an exceptional reclining system
  • Has a parent tray for holding refreshments


  • Lack of child’s shelf or cup holder

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Best Strollers For Holidays Buyers Guide

Now that you have had a chance to read through all of the reviews, you probably have a lot of questions. Some of them would have come out of the reviews that you read. There may be terms and functions that you have yet to encounter. This is the role of the buyer’s guide. It is written to answer some of the questions that you may have. We have also considered how to do certain things with the strollers.

What Stroller Accessories Do I Need?

Infants tend to need a couple of things when going out for a walk either down the street or to relax in the park. Carrying baby accessories in the baby backpack can be another burden that many parents want to avoid when travelling or going out with their newborns. The good news is that many strollers tend to have storage space at the bottom, and others have side pockets for storage of babies’ accessories.

But what these accessories are quite essential to be fitted on a stroller before rolling out with your young one? A cup holder is the first thing to consider on a stroller since it tends to help hold babies milk and even the parent refreshments. Toddlers, once they reach a certain age, tend to be playful, and it is advisable to get things like toys that will entertain them throughout while strolling.

Sun shield is a very vital accessory that any parent should never leave it behind since it helps protect the baby from intense rays of the sun. Hooks are other accessories that are important for parents with strollers that lack storage space. They can use the hooks to hold baby backpack on the handles. Lastly, the locks. Thief cases are quite everywhere, from cars to baby strollers. Clamps help to protect the stroller from being stolen, especially from the parking lot. However, they are quite expensive.

How do you attach a Britax car seat to a stroller?

The Britax car seat is made in such a way that slots directly into the stroller with ease. It really is as simple as that. The one thing that you may want to be mindful of is to make sure you get the hang of it before needing to do it with the baby in the seat. Once you have done it once or twice it becomes fairly straightforward. If you are to ever encounter problems with this, the likelihood is that there is some debris stuck in the slot. This can easily be removed.

How do you collapse a Britax stroller?

Collapsing the Britax stroller is a key part of moving it about. It is also how you make it compact for storage. Fortunately, you will find that it is very easy to do. The first step is to press the safety release button that is located on the side of the stroller. It is usually grey. You will find it just underneath the frame. This is the button that controls the mechanism that keeps the stroller open. When you press it, it releases it. You can then simply pull the stroller up from the seating area. This causes it to fold upwards. We have yet to encounter any issues with it. If you do, you can try it a few more times. You may also consider oiling it.

How do you recline a Britax B Ready stroller?

There is a recline lever that is located on the rear end of the headrest. This is a locking mechanism. When released, it automatically locks the stroller into whatever reclined position it is in. To recline a Britax B stroller you would need to pull this lever. Once the lever has been pulled, the seat is not free to move. You would then recline it. When you are satisfied with the position to which it has reclined, you would simply let go of the lever. That’s all.

How do you adjust the straps on a Britax B Agile stroller?

The straps on the Britax B Agile are a key part of keeping your child safe while on the move. There are two straps that you will find on this stroller. The first one is the more common one. This is the harnessing system that you use to keep your child strapped in. It is designed in a backpack sort of mechanism. There are two things that you can pull on either side of the strap to either tighten or loosen it as your baby may require at the time.

The second strap is found underneath the seat. It has a completely different purpose. This is the strap that you would use when you want to change the seat’s recline position. You will need to press the grey slides on the straps. When they are pressed the seat becomes mobile. You can move it upward or downwards, as you would desire. Once you have reached the recline position that you want the seat to be at, you would simply let go of the grey slides. This will tighten the grip on the straps again.

The only thing to be mindful of is to do the adjustment when the child is not in the stroller. That way, you will be able to do it with one hand. Once the child gets into the stroller, you may require some assistance to use this mechanism. The person assisting you would need to support the child’s weight while you handle the reclining.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have considered all of the products that we picked. Which one do you fancy? Five picks are a good number to start with. They are easier than picking from a wide range of products that are on the market. You would probably have found that this does not make it as easy as most people would imagine. Each of the products on the list is a great choice that would make a good addition to your holiday gear.

The first thing that we would encourage you to do before reaching your final decision is to compare each product. Knowing what each product has to offer before choosing it will go a long way in managing your expectations. Take the time to read the buyer’s guide as well. This will provide you with additional things that you can also take into consideration. If we had to boil it down to a few things that are must-haves are compatibility, sturdiness and key features. The key features would be the things that you absolutely love, and would not compromise on.

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