Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler (2020)

Our 5 Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler:

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1. Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller

2. Besrey Infant Baby Stroller

3. Belecoo Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

4. Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

5. Evenflo Lightweight Baby Stroller

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Prams For Newborns And Toddlers Introduction

There are few things that can come close to the difficulty that it can often be, to travel with more than one child. It usually gets easier as they grow older. Having a newborn and a toddler as part of your entourage is no walk in the park. Try doing that with the wrong pram and see where that lands you.

Having the right pram will mean that safety is at the forefront of everything that is done. This is a product that you would be able to use without the concern of putting your children at risk. When you have two children to worry about, the risk doubles. You will often find that the curiosity of the toddler may become one of the things that increase the level of risk that you face. This is a risk that would also affect the newborn. It is always down to the parent to ensure that this risk is mitigated.

Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler

If only getting the right pram were that easy. The sheer size of the market is such that it attracts all sorts of sellers. They do not all have the right intentions at heart. Some of their products are marketed as being much better than they really are. This leaves parents with a mountain to climb when it comes to choosing the proverbial needle in a haystack.

We have taken the time to search online as well as offline for some of the best prams for newborns and toddlers. This was not a process that was necessarily focused on big brands. The unsung heroes were paid attention to as well. In the end, we found 5 products that we could not be any more excited about sharing with you as we are.

A quick comparison chart for the Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler



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Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller

Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller

Our Rating

Besrey Infant Baby Stroller

Besrey Infant Baby Stroller

Our Rating

Belecoo Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

Belecoo Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

Our Rating

Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

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Evenflo Lightweight Baby Stroller

Evenflo Lightweight Baby Stroller

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Top 5 Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler


Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller

#1. Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller


This is a newborn baby stroller offered by Cynebaby Company. The company has a good reputation in the baby stroller industry due to the quality of the products offered to the market. The stroller is quite easy to fold, especially if you are an avid traveller. The folding feature of the stroller ensures that it can fit in any compartment of the vehicle or aeroplane.

 Besides that, the bassinet has a luxurious outlook and padding that offers maximum comfort to the baby while on the seat. The materials used to design the baby strollers are lightweight, and this is an important feature that fosters ease of transport. The most beautiful thing about the baby stroller is that the fabrics and other accessories used to design the stroller are eco-friendly.

Boosting lots of praises on parenting forums and Facebook groups. The stroller is easy to walk around the town and airport. The high-quality materials and solid construction are used to ensure that the stroller can hold up to 33 lb baby weight. The five-point safety harness also ensures maximum security of the baby once fitted on the bassinet. Reclining the seat is quite convenient and simple.

Assembling and folding the baby stroller is quite easy. Folding also helps to reduce the number of storage spaces available. The wheels are made from high-quality rubber, which is free from inflation, thus relieving the user the task of inflating it. Another fantastic thing about the stroller is that it can be used for all seasons. It has waterproof curtains and a foot cover that will keep your child warm during cold seasons.

The curtains can be rolled up during the summer, and this may help to enhance ventilation. Alongside that, the canopy offers maximum protection of the baby against ultraviolet rays from the sun. This helps to prevent sunburn from occurring.


  •  Has a solid construction
  •  Fabrics are eco-friendly
  •  Made from high-quality materials
  •  The padding enhance extra comfort
  •  Easy to assemble and fold
  •  Quite durable
  •  Lightweight for easy transportation


  • Canopy has a fake zipper
  • Bassinet tend to wiggle


Besrey Infant Baby Stroller

#2. ​​Besrey Infant Baby Stroller



Besrey is another giant in designing high-quality infant baby stroller that is quite popular in the market around the world. The infant baby stroller has two in one feature where the baby can sit on and also sleep. It is ideal for a child between one to thirty-six months. The bassinet of the stroller can easily be adjusted to either fit sleeping or sitting mode of the baby. Changing the bassinet is quite easy and straightforward.

The lockable swivel wheel can rotate about 360 degrees which make it easy and smooth to push during the spring season. The most fantastic thing about the baby stroller is that you can easily double brake the pushchair with one foot hence ensures the safety of your toddler while strolling a busy street in the town. Also, it has a large bassinet which creates adequate room for the storage of both the child and parent accessories while having a walk down the street or in the park.

Besides that, it is fitted with buckles that help to hold the parts after folding. This gives the folded stroller a fantastic shape for ease of transportation and storage. The five harness adjustable safety points make the baby stroller ideal for all stages of your baby growth.

The removable handrail makes it easy to either put or hold your baby quickly. This is one feature that makes the baby stroller to stand out from others.

Also, the handlebar is filled with foam to ensure the parents have a comfortable experience when pushing the stroller down the street or in the park. Lastly, the baby stroller is fitted with a hand wrist strap that helps to enhance the security of the baby since it prevents the stroller from slipping.


  • Has to handle wrist rubber for maximum security
  • The handlebar is padded to enhance comfort
  • Has five-point safety harness that suitable for baby growth
  • A large bassinet to provide adequate space for baby storage
  • Fitted with double brakes for maximum security


  • Handle tend to wiggle and get locked
  • Master brake can be a little loose
Belecoo Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

#3. ​Belecoo Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler



This is another adorable baby stroller for newborn and toddlers offered by Belecoo. This is a company which is also a giant in the designing and making toddlers’ strollers. The baby stroller is made from high-quality fabrics and accessories that make to last for a couple of years.

Boosting lots of praises from many parenting forums and Facebook groups. The stroller does not give the parent a hard time of bending over to interact with the baby. The tremendous large view is quite ideal for those curious and adorable babies. They can see their parents while having a walk down the street and in the park.

The bassinet has strong stitches, which make it safe for the baby since it can withstand the baby weight. The most beautiful thing is that it is fitted with free inflation rubber wheels that do not involve the use of many efforts when pushing it on any terrain.

The installation and assembling of the baby stroller are quite easy as well as simple. The baby stroller has a luxurious appearance, and this makes them stand out from other strollers in the market. Besides that, the frames are foldable into a tight compact that can easily fit into your trunk, especially if you are an avid traveller.

One big issue with the stroller is that it tends to be significant in size and heavyweight. This feature makes it not ideal for transportation via the aeroplane. However, the four wheels are made from a nat-rubber which can last for a couple of years without replacement. The smell of the rubber wheel is healthy. Another feature that is making the stroller accessible is the adjustable height and ability to hold babies from zero to three years.

Lastly, the price of the product tends to be quite high, but it is worth the value of your money. The parent will only be required to buy once, and no extra cost of repair involves since it has high quality.


  • Has a clear baby view
  • Rubber wheels are free from inflation
  • Quite easy to fold for storage
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Ideal for babies between zero and three years
  • Has adjustable handlebar for increasing or decreasing the height


  • Cannot be carried by aeroplane
  • Not lightweight due to its colossal size
Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

#4. ​​Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller



Cynebaby Company has become a massive brand in the production of baby strollers that tend to stand out from others in the market. Cynebaby convertible bassinet stroller is made from high-quality materials that are quite durable and can save the parent from a couple of bucks that involve maintenance as well as repair.

The baby stroller is designed using a fashionable and comfortable outlook to offer all the requirements that the baby needs while having a walk with the parent down the street or park. The most beautiful thing is that the baby stroller is made from aeroplane aluminium material that is lightweight and sturdier.

Besides that, the wheels are free from inflation hence relieve many parents that task of refilling the wheels in case of air loss in the tires. Also, the wheels can absorb shock and resist rusting. It can easily be left outdoor since it is rust-resistant. It is fitted with a spring at the back wheel to offer double shock absorption, and it ensures the safety of your child from hurting shocks. The bassinet is made from Lycra stretch fabric, which ensures that the baby gets maximum comfort. The vented mesh enhance proper air circulation, making it ideal for a summer walk.

Another fantastic feature from the stroller is the reclining system. It enables the baby to sit in all positions. Besides, the baby stroller is quite stable and sturdier. It has the capability of holding from zero to thirty-six months old babies. The adjusting features on the baby stroller can accommodate all the growing baby stages hence reduce the need to buy another one as the baby has reached two years.


  • Has a zipped storage bag for storing baby accessories
  • Has exceptional swivelling anti-shock front wheels
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Has a solid construction to enhance stability
  • Has safety belts to hold the baby in position
  • Safety handrails to offer tender protection to the baby.
  • Convertible push directions to ensure it meets the baby’s preferences


  • Has fake zipper seams
  • Quite expensive product
Evenflo Lightweight Baby Stroller

#5. ​​Evenflo Lightweight Baby Stroller



Evenflo is another popular giant in baby stroller industry, and it is known for offering high-quality products for its customers. This lightweight baby stroller is quite easy to maintain in terms of cleaning and repair. It is made of high-grade plastics and highly durable metal parts. The baby stroller has a large storage room for infusing both the infant and parent accessories. Hence, the reason behind their popularity in the market.

If you are busy looking for something that has a modular travel system in a car and stroller comb then look no further instead consider Evenflow baby stroller. Besides that, the infant stroller has a reversible mode to enable the babyface in different directions with ease.

Above all, the baby stroller is high versatility since it can easily be converted into a carriage and travel system mode. The most exciting thing about the stroller is that it is designed with a stay-in-car base that enhances a quick and safe toddler seat connection.

It is also fitted with a large canopy to offer protection to the baby against ultra-violate rays from the sun, especially during summer. Another exciting feature of the baby stroller is that it contains a removable armbar that make baby transfer easier and also fosters cosy comfort.

The infant stroller can easily be folded into a quick slim design for secure storage and transportation.

The bassinet of the stroller is highly padded and has a warming effect hence ideal during winter. The padding ensures maximum comfort for your baby. The drawback of this infant stroller is that it tends to fade out in case you wash or wipe it with harsh soaps or detergents.

We, therefore, recommend using mild soap and detergents when cleaning the infant stroller. Also, the price tends to be high, but it is worth the value of your money when compared to the services it offers.


  • Quite flexible travel system
  • Highly versatile and lightweight
  • Simple to transfer in the toddler car seat
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Large canopy for protection against UV
  • Fitted with storage basket for storing baby accessories


  • Challenging to snap in the car seat

Best Prams For Newborn And Toddler Buyers Guide

Now that you have read about each of the products that we picked. Which one would you say is your favourite one? Some readers will still have some reservations, or perhaps questions. In which case, we have introduced the buyer’s guide. This is where you will find details about some of the things that would have been taken into consideration when looking at these products. You will also be able to see some answers to questions that you may have come up with as you read the reviews.

Stroller Vs Baby Wearing

Once the newborn has been given birth, you will be expected to have both stroller and babywearing at home. This will allow you to choose whichever is suitable for your needs according to the preference and tastes of the day. Strollers are commonly used in many homes due to their versatility feature. They can be used to have walked with your infant down the street or act as a bed where the baby can have a nap.

Unfortunately, these strollers cannot be used to travel along the trails, upstairs or move in a crowd. You will be required to use babywearing. Babywearing tends to make the hands of the parent-free, and this will make things easier like manoeuvring among a crowd of people, especially in the open-air market.

You are nursing the baby when hungry is much easier when you have a babywearing since you will only be required to hurry baby down a bit, unlike when you have a stroller. Monitoring the well-being of an infant on the stroller tends to be difficult since you will be unable to check their warmth or cold until you lift her. Babywearing allows parents to know the well-being of their loved ones since they can quickly feel the warmth or cold when carrying them.

Stroller or Pram for Newborn

Every parent loves to go out with their newborn but deciding which baby gear to use can be a little bit tricky. However, prams or strollers are the best gears to consider. Prams and strollers tend to serve the same purpose, but some slight differences help to differentiate them.

The good thing about prams is that they tend to lay flat so that an infant can have an easy time to breathe healthily and enhance spine development. Unfortunately, prams tend to be bulky and difficult to manoeuvre within a busy street within the city when having a walk with your newborn.

Also, prams are non-collapsible, and this implies that they tend to occupy ample space and not ideal for long-distance travel. On the other hand, strollers are not safe for a newborn since the seat does not recline fully to accommodate the delicate infant. The most beautiful thing with strollers is that they can easily be converted into car seats. They tend to be compatible with almost all types of car seats.

Travel strollers are collapsible, and this implies that they can easily be folded so that they can be easy to transport. They tend to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre in a crowded street.

Are Stroller Fans worth It

In one word, YES! Keeping the baby comfortable during summer is the desire of every parent while having a walk in the park or down the street. During summer, the sun is too hot, and exposing your child direct to UV rays from the sun can be dangerous. The stroller canopy may offer enough shadow and protect your child from occurrence from sunburns. Unfortunately, the heat can cause the baby to be uncomfortable, making many to start crying due to heat accumulation the bassinet.

The use of fan strollers will play a significant role under such a situation since they will help to keep the child calm. The fans will also create a conducive environment that will encourage the child to relax and have a sound sleep in the process. The incredible thing about the fans is that they easily are attached to the stroller, and they tend to perform their duties well.

Besides that, stroller fans are lightweight and straightforward to put on or off. Also, it does not consume a lot of battery hence can serve for a long duration of time.

The stroller fans can easily be turned and twisted so that it can cool all the parts of the body of the baby with ease.

Are Stroller Rain Covers Safe

Suffocation is the main concern that most parents will have when it comes to using rain covers on their child’s stroller. With good reason. We have all heard horror stories involving plastic objects and minors. The virtues of these products are not to be ignored either.

No parent will ever want to be caught by rain while strolling with the baby down the street or in the park. People with strollers and baby will love to consider stroller rain covers. But are stroller rain covers safe?

Well, stroller rain covers are much like umbrellas, and they tend to protect the baby from being rained on during ify weather. The rain covers are quite safe since they tend to be easy to apply and remove; hence, you do not need to spend much time on it. These gears tend to be safe for the child since they do not tightly hold the stroller. They leave some space so that they can allow entry of fresh air inside the bassinet.

They are proven to be safe for the infants since they do not subject them to suffocation. They also cost-effective since the prices are quite low, especially if you are a budgeted parent. Besides that, they can easily be folded and be kept in the bassinet storage space. They are also lightweight hence easy to transport.

One thing that makes stroller cover amazing is the ease of washing. They can easily be cleaned together with baby clothes. Try them out and enjoy the impeccable features.

Why Does My Stroller Squeak

The squeaking sound from your stroller can be disgusting, and it can even make the baby uncomfortable while having a walk in the park or down the street. The irritating noise can be an indication that there is something wrong with your stroller, and I need some quick fix.

Squeaky noise can be due to loose wheels. Loose wheel happens due to moving the stroller in rough terrain or hitting the bumps while walking around the city.

Also, the noise could be due to near-flat tires. The limited air in the tire triggers the squeaking sound as you take the ride with a stroller. An old age stroller tends to produce squeaky sounds due to rusting and reduced wheel rotation. It is recommended to replace such type of strollers.

Another possible cause of squeaky noise is the worn brake pads. These parts tend to vibrate a lot when having a ride down the street hence producing the sound. Besides that, uneven wear of the stroller tires can also produce squeaky noise when riding. This occurs after a period of heavy usage since the threads on the wheels tend to wear out.

Once the threads on the wheel have worn out, the tires tend to have a weak grip on the surface while riding hence the reason behind the noise.

Final Thoughts

We have considered all of our top picks. Any of these products will be a great addition to your family. They will serve your newborn and toddler very well. There are mainstay features that should not be left out when purchasing such a pram. Once the features are covered, you will also want to ensure that your personal preferences are not neglected. This is a product that you will use for a while. You best get something that you find aesthetically pleasing.

Going through the reviews will ensure that you are fully aware of what each product has to offer. Pairing your knowledge of the features and what you find in the buyer’s guide will put you in a great position for making your choice. For those that may still be on the fence, our top pick is a good bet.

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