When Can My Baby Sit in a Bumbo Seat

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If you’re a parent, then there is no doubt you’ve seen Bumbo seat being advertised for infants. But are they safe? If you’ve been wondering, “When can my baby sit in a Bumbo seat?” or “When can baby sit in Bumbo chair?” you’re in luck. We are exploring whether or not a Bumbo seat is the best seat to help your baby sit up. 

Baby Learning to Sit Up Chair: Baby Learning to Sit in Chair

Is it bad for babies to sit up too early?

Yes and no.

It can be bad to force your baby into a sitting position too early, especially if they don’t yet have head and neck control. And because good head and neck control isn’t completely accomplished until around 4 months of age, you’ll want to skip on any seat helpers until then. 

Can you sit a 2 month old baby?

A 2 month old baby can be gently propped up or sat on your lap, but a baby this young should never be placed in a Bumbo seat or other seat helper. A baby at his age isn’t able to support his or her own head, and thus a Bumbo seat is not only inappropriate but will also dangerous.

Is it bad to sit a baby up at 2 months?

Forcing a baby this young to sit up in a seat helper is indeed a bad idea, however, you may use something like a Boppy pillow or another soft pillow to gently prop your child up. 

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When doing this, be sure that you are there to closely supervise, and avoid doing this near hard or sharp objects that baby might fall into if he or she happens to topple over. 

And whatever you do, never ever prop your baby up on an elevated surface. 

Can I put my 3 month old baby in a sitting position?

Despite many seat helper claims about devices like these being usable beginning at 3 months, the truth is that doing so is generally impossible given that good head and neck control has not yet been established. Thus, it is best to wait until your baby is 5-7 months old before using a Bumbo seat or another seat helper. 

Even at 3 months old, a seat helper is still inappropriate. 

baby sitting up

Helping Baby Learn to Sit Up

How can you help your baby learn how to sit up?

Like many things your baby does, learning to sit up is something that he or she will generally master on his or her own. 

Unless your baby has a physical delay of sorts, your baby should generally be able to sit up on their own by 4-7 months. 

Rather than force your baby to sit up, it is a far better idea to teach them to strengthen their muscles so that they can sit up. This is best achieved by ensuring your baby has free range of movement and also has plenty of tummy time in a safe location.

Teach baby to sit

Again, it isn’t necessary for you to “teach” your baby to sit. Learning to sit will happen in due time. Rather than force your baby to sit, focus on building his or her core, back and neck muscle strength and before you know it, your little baby will be sitting up in no time. 

How to help a baby learn to sit up

The best way to help your baby learn to sit up is by training his or her muscles to become stronger. And as counter-intuitive as this might seem, you shouldn’t force or lock your baby into a sitting position to achieve this. Indeed, the best way to strengthen your baby’s core, neck and back muscles is to allow them to utilize them in a free-flowing and natural way.

Activities like tummy time and time on their backs in a safe environment allow for free range of movement, and thus, builds the strength of babies so that they are better apt for sitting up when the time comes. 

Help baby learn to sit up

If you “help” your baby to sit up on his or her own, be sure to use a soft pillow, a Boppy pillow or your own body to support his or her head. But remember, assisting your baby to sit up isn’t training your baby’s muscles to become strong which is vital in the sitting up process. For this reason, you will want to focus on tummy time and free range of movement to allow baby the opportunity to build his or her strength. 

Helping baby to sit up

When doing tummy time, place your baby flat on his or her tummy in a safe location that is close to the floor and is free of any sharp, poisonous, hard or otherwise dangerous objects. 

Place soft and age-appropriate toys around your baby to encourage your baby to turn, pivot and attempt to grab these toys. It is these natural movements that build muscle strength to enable your little one to sit up in due time. 

Help baby learn to sit

Remember, the best time for a baby to sit up on his or her own is once your baby gains good head and neck control, generally between 4-7 months. Milestones aren’t a race, but rather, babies develop at their own pace. 

Don’t rush the process…you may end up doing more harm than good. 

baby boy sitting up

The Bumbo Seat

If you aren’t familiar with the Bumbo seat, allow us to introduce you. 

The Bumbo seat is an incredibly popular floor chair that props babies up that are unable to sit by themselves unaided. It is a low to the ground chair that is portable and comes with elevated leg holes so that your baby sits comfortably sitting up on the ground. 

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Do Bumbo seats help babies learn to sit up?

What age can you put your baby in a Bumbo seat?/What age can you use a Bumbo?

When can baby sit up in Bumbo?

Although Bumbo USA claims that their chair can be used from 3-12 months old, the truth is that the chair will likely best be utilized anywhere from 4-8 months old. 

Past that, you may find your use for the Bumbo seat limited.

When can I use a Bumbo seat for baby?

Past the 4-8 month mark, you may find that your baby is already sitting up on his or her own and no longer has use for the Bumbo seat. Moreover, it may be that your baby will no longer fit in a Bumbo seat after a particular time because your baby’s legs may no longer comfortably fit in the leg openings. 

From what age can babies sit in a Bumbo?

Though Bumbo makes claims about its use ranging from 3-12 months, most people will likely find it useful for 4-8 months or less. 

Children that are experiencing physical or developmental delays, however, or who may be smaller, may be able to utilize the Bumbo seat for longer and may see more benefits from using it. 

If you are unsure about whether or not a bumbo seat will fit your child’s needs, talk to your pediatrician. 

Are Bumbo Seats Good? Are Bumbo Seats Bad?

While many people find Bumbo seats to be incredibly useful, they can have a negative impact on your child, especially if used the wrong way at the wrong time. Remember that tummy time and free range of motion is always best for babies provided that both are done in safe locations.

Are Bumbo seats bad for babies?

Bumbo seats can prohibit your baby from developing strong neck, back and core muscles that come from natural and free range of movement during tummy time and other unrestricted activities. 

Is Bumbo good for baby?

Bumbo seats aren’t necessarily good for babies for the reason mentioned in this post. We recommend thinking through why you desire to have a Bumbo seat and whether or not the purchase will be worth it in the long run.

What can I use instead of a Bumbo seat?

Chair for babies to learn to sit up – What is a good Chair to help baby sit?

There are many chair to help baby sit up before they are actually able, but this isn’t necessarily good for your baby. 

If you really want a Bumbo seat alternative, we recommend a simple soft pillow behind the back of your baby, with you in close proximity to avoid any tumbles. 

Remember that a chair to help the baby sit isn’t necessarily needed. It is far better to allow your baby free range of movement. 

If you are looking to contain your child, you can do so by placing your child in a Pack-N-Play or playpen of sorts instead of a Bumbo seat. This will allow your baby to still experience free range of movement while guarding them from any harms or dangers in their immediate environment. 

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Seats to Help Babies Sit Up: Seat to Help Baby Sit Up

Other seats that can help baby sit up include:

  • Cloth Chairs
  • Walkers
  • High Chairs
  • Bouncers
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Loungers

Tips to Encourage Child to Sit Up

  1. Always sit baby up in a safe environment and never on elevated surfaces. 
  2. Remember that your baby is best sat up in your lap or supported by a soft pillow.
  3. Never place a baby in a Bumbo seat or other seat helper before they have good control of their head and neck.
  4. Don’t overuse your seat helper if you choose to use one. Doing so may stunt your child’s ability to develop the muscle strength needed to sustain a sitting position on their own.
  5. Don’t use the Bumbo seat or another seat helper once your baby can no longer comfortably fit within it. 
  6. Allow your baby plenty of time on their backs and tummies with soft and age-appropriate toys around them to encourage free range of movement.
  7. Once your baby is between 4-7 months, you may attempt to sit your baby up and let go for a few seconds before catching them again to see if and when they are ready to sit. This is good practice for your baby but should be supervised at all times.
  8. Never prop your baby up and leave him or her for any period of time. 
  9. Be very aware of hard and sharp surfaces, including furniture, as you use a seat helper or are encouraging baby to sit. 
  10. Talk to your pediatrician about any physical concerns you may have about your child and whether or not a Bumbo or another seat helper might be useful. 
baby sitting up unsupported

When Can Baby Sit in a Bumbo Seat? Less Time Than You Might Think!

So, when can baby sit in a Bumbo chair?

Only between 4-7 months. After or before that, Bumbo seats and other seat helpers are likely unusable. 

Before making a seat helper investment, we recommend talking with your pediatrician and considering the above information before making your purchase. We hope this has helped educate you on the dangers, and potential benefits, that a Bumbo seat or Bumbo chair might offer. 

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