Best Nightlight for Feeding Baby, Nursing and Diaper Changes

Best nightlight for feeding baby

If you are a breastfeeding mom or have kids still in diapers, you need to have a night light. There are so many varieties of night lights available in the market that you will be spoilt for choice. However, choosing the best nightlight for feeding baby and making diaper changes can be quite challenging.

There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a night light to ease nursing at night. For instance, a night light should not emit any radiation since it can be harmful to the baby. Also, it should be easy to adjust brightness and most importantly it should not flicker. We shall discuss factors in detail in this article and also review some of the best nightlights for breastfeeding at night.

Best nightlight for feeding baby comparison chart

LumiPets Silicone night lightTouch sensors
8 different colors
Tap and remote control
VAVA LED Night lights for kidsLED light
Control buttons
20 Facial expression stickers
Long battery life
Hatch Baby Rest Night LightSound machine
8 white noise sounds
Time-to-rise alert
Different colors

Best nightlight for feeding baby and diaper changes reviews

1. LumiPets Silicone night light with Touch sensor and remote

The LumiPets nightlight is made from silicone, which is BPA free and washable. It is designed with a lovely cat face that children love and can be adjusted to 8 different colors. You control the colors and adjust its brightness by simply tapping it or using the remote that is included in the packaging.

This night light is not tiny; it has a handheld size that makes it very portable. It weighs around 8.5 ounces and thus, it is great for traveling. You also do not need to worry about running out of charge because it is recharged using a USB cable.

When the battery is fully charged, this little nightlight can last between 12-20 hours. However, it depends on the brightness mode you have selected.

Its gentle and calming glow coupled with its soft silicone body makes it a great item for children to cuddle and sooth themselves to sleep. The dim light makes it ideal for night time breastfeeding and changing diapers without waking the baby.

LumiPets nightlight can be placed anywhere in the baby’s nursery including the crib. It is absolutely safe for the baby to play with it. The baby can chew, squish or sleep on it and it will go right back to its regular shape. It is very durable.


  • Very lightweight
  • Can be adjusted to 8 different colors
  • Handheld size
  • Allows tap and remote control
  • Soft rubbery and cuddly
  • It does not get hot even when left on overnight
  • Easy to clean


  • Highly sensitive to touch


2. VAVA LED Night lights for kids

This egg-shaped night light is designed with the safety of your child’s eyes in mind. It has an LED light that lights uniformly without flickering. Hence, it cannot hurt your baby’s eyes.

In addition, the control buttons are easy to operate so even your children can turn it on or off and adjust the colors to what they like. Touching the top dims the light while touching the logo adjusts the color of the light. Powering off can be done by simply tapping the top of the light twice. This is definitely a fun experience for the kids.

Moreover, VAVA nigh light comes with 20 expression stickers for children to play with. The stickers have different cute facial expressions that the children can stick on the lamp and have fun before bed.

This nightlight is particularly great for breastfeeding moms as well. It can stay on for up to 80 hours when on weak light mode. While feeding baby, you can choose between white or yellow light, and warm or cool, depending on what you like.

Once it gets dirty, it can be cleaned with water since it is waterproof. It is also very portable, so you can carry it along when going to visit relatives, friends, vacation, or camping.


  • It does not get hot even when left on all night or when charging
  • It is handheld size perfect some children to hold
  • Provides enough light to feed the baby or change the diaper without waking them
  • Long lasting and rechargeable battery
  • Can be charged using a basic phone charger
  • Easy to control the brightness
  • Lightweight 


  • Does not come with a wall outlet, you have to get that separately. However, it comes with a USB.


3. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and sound machine

If you are looking for a night light that also sooths your baby to sleep, then Hatch Baby Rest Night light is ideal for you. This night light has a sound machine that helps to sooth a fussy baby by producing white noise. White noise creates a conducive environment through the gentle sounds that sooth babies such as rain, ocean, wind, and birds.

There are 8 white noise sounds you can choose from on this device depending on what your child enjoys.  Also, the colors can be customized to suit the theme color of your baby’s nursery.

The soft light coupled with the white noise makes it great for nighttime feeding and diaper changes while soothing baby to sleep.

If you have a toddler, there is a time-to-rise function that alerts them to wake up. It is therefore great for sleep training because you can set a healthy sleep routine for your children.

Most importantly, you can control the color, volume, brightness and sound using your phone app via Bluetooth so as not to disrupt the baby’s sleep. Also, you can turn rest on or off remotely and has a toddler lock to prevent your child from overriding your program settings.


  • A long-lasting battery that can stay on all night
  • Remains cool even after staying on all night
  • It grows with your baby; from infant to toddlerhood
  • Nightlight and sound machine all in one
  • Easy to customize the colors and sounds


  • You cannot add your preferred sounds on the sound machine


Reasons why you need a nightlight in your kids nursery

  • Sense of security

When you are transitioning your kids from co-sleeping to cot, they may develop separation anxiety leading to fear of sleeping alone at night. Most children also tend to fear imaginary monsters, which they believe are hiding somewhere in their room.

Thus, the presence of a night light gives them a sense of security. The light helps them to see every corner of their room and assures them that there are not monsters.

You, on the other hand, get to sleep without having to attend to crying babies in the middle of the night.

  • Ease of breastfeeding and changing diapers

Feeding a baby several times at night is not easy. If you do not have a nightlight, you have to switch on your room light so that you can get a good latch. This makes the room too bright for both you and the baby to fall back to sleep easily.

So, when you get the best nightlight for feeding baby, you will be able to see what you are doing. Also, the room remains relatively dark to encourage the baby to fall back to sleep.

  • Baby falls back to sleep immediately

The usual lights tend to be too bright. When you wake up at night and switch on the light, one thing that annoys you is its brightness.

You always wish to could fall back to sleep immediately after feeding but that is nearly impossible when your room or bedside light is on.

After a few minutes of feeding or changing a diaper, it is also difficult for both you and the baby to fall back asleep unless you switch off the light.

Luckily, nightlights give a perfect soft glow. The light they produce is enough to allow you to see the baby but not too bright to disturb them. Thus, you can nurse the baby as you sooth him to sleep without having to switch off the light.

  • Convenience

Most nightlights as we have seen in our reviews above are portable.

You can place it any place in the house where you can reach it easily at night. You can also place it next to your baby’s bed and leave it on through the night.

It is, therefore, more convenient than trying to reach out in the dark to switch on the lights when you want to feed the baby or make a diaper change.

FAQ about the best nightlight for feeding baby at night

Are nightlights good for babies and toddlers?

Yes, nightlights are good for both babies and toddlers at night due to several reasons.

Firstly, they minimize arousal caused by the bright room light; hence, encouraging them to go back to sleep easily.

Secondly, they provide assurance and a sense of security in the dark, which minimizes separation anxiety.

Thirdly, nightlights with a wake-up timer help to establish a sleep routine for your toddler

Are nightlights safe for the baby?

Nightlights are not harmful to the baby. However, you must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers to ensure your child’s safety when using a nightlight.

First, ensure that the light does not become excessively hot as this may be a fire hazard. Some nightlights are designed to sooth the baby by cuddling or playing with them before they fall asleep. So becoming hot may risk their safety.

Another important thing, you should not leave the nightlight in your baby’s crib while switched on. It may get wrapped up in her blankets are get excessively hot thereby causing a risk of fire.

Which is the best night light color?

Studies have shown that the best night light color is orange, red or yellowish. Most people think that blue has a calming effect but that is far from the truth.

Blue light tends to stimulate brain activity, which keeps one awake. Also, it has a negative effect on a person’s mood and may lead to anxiety and depression. White light has been reported to have a similar effect.

Therefore, when choosing a night light for your baby’s nursery, choose one that gives off a yellowish, red or orange color. These lights are known to sooth babies to sleep since they do not boost attention or brain reaction.

Luckily, most nightlights color can be adjusted to the one you prefer.

Can I let the night light stay on all night?

As aforementioned, a nightlight can be a source of reassurance and comfort for children and in particular toddlers. Thus, you can let it stay on all night if you have a toddler but ensure that it is not in their crib.

On the contrary, children under 1 year may not be afraid of the dark or monsters thus they do not even understand fear.

Therefore, you need the nightlight more than they do to facilitate night time feeding. So, there is no need to leave the night light on all night.

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