Crayon in Wallet Life Hack- Why It’s a Good Idea

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 08/31/22 •  9 min read
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You may have heard about the crayon in wallet life hack, but how does it apply to you? Typically, this hack is recommended for those who travel often. But honestly, as parents, don’t we spend much of our day out and about and in the car? We’re willing to bet you do! Therefore, keeping a crayon in your wallet may help you. too. Check out the following ways that keeping a crayon in your wallet may just change your life.

Crayon in wallet life hack

Why Would I Put a Crayon in My Wallet?

Of all the things you already have in your purse, diaper bag, and wallet, you may be wondering why you’d intentionally put another thing in there. We hear you!

As a mom or dad, you probably already have a crayon or two floating around anyway, so what makes putting a crayon in your wallet such a life hack?

crayon in wallet life hack

Experts Say Keep a Crayon in Your Wallet

There are many reasons why experts recommend you consider keeping a crayon with you at all times in your wallet. These include:

Keeping Your Wallet (and Cards) From Getting Warped

One of the most interesting reasons that people keep a crayon in their wallet is to keep their cards from getting bent and warped.

As a mom or dad, you likely know the ills of having a misshapen wallet that inadvertently affects the look, feel, and overall function of the cards inside it. By placing a single crayon in your wallet, you can fix this problem.

The crayon is stiff, straight, and narrow, and thus can easily keep your wallet from bending. 

Worried about the crayon marking up your billfold? So were we the first time we’d heard of this.

To counteract any mishaps, make sure the crayon stays in its wrapping (new crayons work best) or wrap any “naked” crayons in a dollar bill to keep it from rubbing off on your cards and cash. You can also opt to slip the crayon in an opening that isn’t being utilized for money or cards. If you find the crayon to be too big, simply break or slice it in half to fit your wallet’s size.

Easy right?

Note: Don’t try this with a jumbo crayon. Traditional “skinny” crayons work best. 

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Saving Another Child’s Life

Among the many ways you can reuse an old crayon, this one might be the most interesting. 

Say that you’re out and about with your children when you notice another child that seems to be acting strangely. He or she may look uncomfortable, may be oddly quiet, or may look unwell, hurt, or hungry. In these instances, it may be difficult to gauge what’s really going on, but if you’re truly concerned, using a crayon may help.

Simply pull a crayon out of your wallet and pair it with a small piece of paper. If the child seems old enough to read, write, “Are you ok?” or another message on it to solicit a reply. 

Of course, you’ll want to get the note to the child in an inconspicuous way, especially if you think the child is at risk. Pair it with a “Aren’t you so cute!” or another seemingly normal phrase to make what you’re doing less obvious.

Remember that even if you’re caught, handing a child a crayon and a piece of paper isn’t super out of the norm. Play it cool, get creative, and do whatever you need to do to ensure the child’s safety. The goal is to have it so that the child can write you back. Thus, this is yet another nifty and lifesaving crayon in wallet hack. 

Note: If you seriously believe a child is at risk based on something you’ve seen or heard, never hesitate to alert authorities

crayon in wallet life hack

Saving Your Own Life

In the unfortunate–and scary–event that you and your child are abducted, having a crayon on you could save your lives. For one, a crayon is quiet and inconspicuous, something that many captors may not even notice you using

As you write, a crayon doesn’t usually make the typical “scratching” sounds that a pencil or pen might. On top of that, crayons won’t run out of ink or have broken pencil leads the way that other writing utensils might.

As such, using a crayon to signal others by writing messages such as “help!” or drawings with arrows can do wonders for tipping others off that you are in danger.

Keeping Your Child Entertained

Hey, you knew this had to make the list, right? Some ask, “why keep a green crayon in your wallet”?

Well, apart from the aforementioned scary circumstances, there are some other practical functions for a crayon in wallet as well. 

Hiding a green, red, or any colored crayon in your wallet not only helps keep cards straight but serves for entertaining purposes, too! When your kid gets antsy, just pop out the crayon for some drawing activity, hand over some paper, and voila. You’ve got an instant way to keep even your youngest child calm with a sensory activity while you’re out and about getting stuff done!

crayon in wallet life hack

Having a Writing Utensil With You Everywhere You Go

Crayons aren’t only quiet when used, but they work every time you use them.

Unlike pencils and pens, crayons do not run out of ink, nor does the lead break. If the crayon itself snaps, you don’t have to reach for a new one. Simply keep writing with the broken crayon. This can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go and don’t have anything else to write with. 

But Wait…Won’t the Crayon Melt?

Many people have heard of the “Why put a crayon in your wallet when you travel?” life hack and claim it to be a bad idea. The people that hold this view usually are afraid that the crayon will melt whilst in their billfold.

So, is it true?

In some ways, these people are right. Still, according to Crayola, crayons will begin to melt at 105°F and will melt completely at 120°F-147°F. Our question to naysayers, however, is whether or not they think their wallet will ever actually become that hot?

It’s unlikely. 

Why Thieves Hate Crayon in Wallet

If we’re honest, there aren’t many specific reasons to place a crayon in your wallet to thwart thieves. 

Even so, it is possible that the extra bulk that adding a crayon brings to your wallet may make it more difficult for a thief to remove it from your pocket or purse. Outside of this, a crayon in wallet isn’t as much of a deterrent for theft. Rather, it is helpful for saving lives, entertaining kids, keeping you with something to write with, and other circumstances outside of theft. 

crayon in wallet life hack

Why Should You Put a Crayon in Your Wallet Before You Go Out at Night

We’ve already discussed the many perks of sticking a crayon in your wallet before heading out anywhere. If you’re out and about with your kiddos at night, however, you know that the chances of things going awry can be a bit higher.

As such, we strongly recommend placing a crayon in your wallet in case you encounter a child that needs help or in case you need help. It will also keep you from scrounging around for something to write with if your pencil or pen dies on you. 

Crayon in Wallet Life Hack Could Save a Life!

It may feel like a stretch to say that placing a crayon in your wallet could have a significant impact on your life. But honestly, it’s kind of true!

By placing a crayon in your wallet, you are prepared to help yourself, your children, and others in more ways than one. Such a little act would yield benefits to yourself, your kids, and even to strangers. 

So go ahead, Do yourself a favor and stick a crayon in your wallet; you may just thank yourself for it later! 


How can a crayon save your life?

Carrying a crayon in wallet airport, drugstore, mall, or anywhere can save your life. This is because, as you are out and about, you may encounter a situation in which you or someone else is in trouble or kidnapped. If this were to occur, having a crayon with you can be handy. It’s quiet, discreet, and always works when you need it. 

Why would you carry a crayon in your wallet when traveling?

Still wondering, “Why would you put a crayon in your wallet when you’re traveling”? The answer is that it’s smart! Using a crayon when you travel ensures the cards in your wallet stay straight and that you always have something to write with. On top of this, it can help you assist someone else who is in need, especially a child, if you think they might be in trouble. 

Won’t a crayon melt in your wallet?

It’s possible that a crayon might melt in your wallet, but isn’t likely. Brand-name crayons today tend to melt at higher temperatures. So unless you have your wallet sitting directly in the sun on the hottest summer day of the year, your crayon isn’t likely to melt.

Will the crayon rub off on my cards? 

To keep crayons from rubbing off on your belongings, keep them in their wrapper. You can also wrap other things around the crayon, such as a dollar bill, plastic wrap, or plain paper, to keep it from smudging. 

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