Baby’s Eyebrows – Your Questions, Answered

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Ever wonder what’s going on when it comes to your baby’s eyebrows? Sometimes, you may notice them to be sparse, a different color than the rest of your baby’s hair, or even non-existent! In today’s post, we will dive into why baby’s eyebrows vary so much and when you should begin to worry about your baby’s eyebrow growth. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started. 

When Do Babies Form Eyebrows?

When Will My Baby’s Eyebrows Come In?

Believe it or not, babies form their eyebrows in the womb long before they are born.

Hair follicles begin to form at around 20-22 weeks gestation. This includes the hair above their eyes known as eyebrow hair. 

Despite this fact, many babies are born with eyebrows that seem virtually non-existent. However, it isn’t that your baby was born with no eyebrows. Rather, your baby’s eyebrows are too light, fine, and sparse to actually be seen.

Over time, this eyebrow hair will darken up and become more coarse and visible, just as the hair on your baby’s hair may change, too. When this actually happens is usually around 2-3 months.

However, changes to eyebrows can happen anytime and may be different from baby to baby.

Baby face with light brows and blue eyes

Are Babies Born With Brows?

Yes, most babies are born with eyebrows, even if you can’t see them.

The eyebrows are usually very sparse and light, like peach fuzz, but will become darker and more pronounced over time. 

When Do Baby Eyebrows Come in After Birth?

Most baby eyebrows will come in 2-3 months after birth. Although remember, your baby’s eyebrows are likely technically already there.

Still, if you are looking for the color and thickness of traditional eyebrows, this may take some time to develop even after the 2-3 month mark.

Try not to worry or rush the process. Baby eyebrows that are light and sparse aren’t typically a cause for concern. 

Why Are My Baby’s Eyebrows So Light?

If your baby has light eyebrows, try not to fret. This is a totally normal occurrence and happens often with freshly born babies.

Once your baby is a bit older, it is likely that his or her eyebrows will darken. If they don’t, you can likely blame genetics. If mom and dad have sparse or light eyebrows, then this is most likely the cause for your baby’s light brows.

Why Does My Child Have No Eyebrows?

In most instances, a baby that appears to have no eyebrows will eventually grow them over time.

As previously mentioned, your baby likely does have eyebrows, but the brows may be so light that you may not be able to see them clearly. It is rare that a baby is actually born with no eyebrows at all, or eyebrows that stay light after the age of 2.

Still, if you find your child’s eyebrows still don’t darken over time, you may take your concerns to your pediatrician for tailored advice.

3 Month Old Baby No Eyebrows

A three-month-old baby with no eyebrows may not be a cause for concern.

However, if you are really worried about this, you may consider reaching out to your child’s pediatrician for help and possible explanations. 

boy  with sparse brows wearing jacket

How to Grow Newborn Baby Eyebrows

It may be tempting to want to try to rush the process of growing your baby’s brows, but trust us, their eyebrows don’t need any help.

If you are genuinely concerned with your baby’s brows (or lack thereof), you may wish to speak to your pediatrician about your options. Natural solutions such as applying baby-safe oils like coconut or avocado may do the trick.

However, you should be careful to avoid getting this in your baby’s eyes. 

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Moreover, you may consider switching up your baby’s diet (if he or she is ready for solids). Or even switching up your own diet if you are breastfeeding in order to get your baby more nutrients to stimulate eyebrow growth.

Some great foods to encourage hair growth in general in a baby include:

baby face with darkening brows

How to Shape Baby’s Eyebrows

If your baby’s eyebrows seem to be a bit unruly, you may consider adding a little lotion or petroleum jelly to your thumb or index finger. Gently smooth this over your baby’s brows to help your baby’s eyebrow hairs lay down. 

Whatever you do, don’t use adult methods of eyebrow shaping, such as razors, plucking, threading, or makeup use. This is harmful to babies and their skin.

Instead, it is much better to leave your baby’s beautiful brows as they are… even if they seem virtually non-existent! 

How to Darken Baby’s Eyebrows

The best way to darken your baby’s eyebrows is to simply wait it out. We don’t recommend adding makeup to your baby’s face or using other methods that might irritate their delicate baby skin.

It simply isn’t worth it. Rather, recognize that your little one is still young, but will grow eyebrows in due time. 

When Will My Baby’s Eyebrows Darken?

When Can You See Baby’s Eyebrows?

Baby eyebrows generally grow darker around 2-3 months of age. Depending on genetics, however, it may take a bit longer for your baby’s brows to darken.

Try not to take matters into your own hands when it comes to darkening your baby’s brows. The natural process for brow darkening will happen over time. 

How to Treat Cradle Cap on Baby’s Eyebrows

How to Get Cradle Cap off Baby’s Eyebrows

To remedy cradle cap or dry skin on your baby’s eyebrows, consider treating the area with a natural oil such as coconut or avocado oil. Allow this oil to sit for a few minutes to soften the skin and cause flakes to easily buff off. 

Next, gently clean the eyebrow area with a baby-safe and tear-free soap to remove the oil you applied. Once the oil is removed, take a very soft baby hair brush or baby toothbrush, and gently brush away any lingering flakes or crust beneath your baby’s brows.  

Whatever you do, be sure not to allow the oil to stay on your baby’s eyebrows as doing so may clog pores and make the cradle cap even worse than before.

Why Are My Baby’s Eyebrows Red?

Why Does My Baby’s Eyebrows Turn Red?

Baby eyebrows can turn red due to tiredness, irritation, or stress. Sometimes, baby brows can even turn red when happy, coughing, or sneezing! Thus, red brows are a common occurrence, and generally aren’t anything to worry about.

Why Do My Baby’s Eyebrows Turn Red When Tired?

Just as the eyes can grow red when tired, your baby’s eyebrows can do the same thing.

It may be that your baby is rubbing his or her brows. Or most likely that it is just your baby’s body’s way of letting you know that he or she is ready for some shut-eye! 

Baby’s Eyebrows Turn Red When Crying

In addition to baby eyebrows turning red when tired, your baby’s eyebrows may also turn red when crying.

Red eyebrows when crying are about as common as red cheeks and eyes when crying. It is absolutely not anything to worry about! 

1 Month Old Baby with sparse brows


What would cause one of a baby’s eyebrows to be gray?

Gray hair, whether on top of a baby’s head or on your baby’s eyebrows, is uncommon but can happen to children and babies. It is usually the result of genetics, and rarely, can be the result of nutritional deficiency. It can also be a sign of a rare disorder known as poliosis. To know for sure which is the case be sure to speak to a pediatrician. He or she will be able to perform the tests necessary to determine the cause of your baby’s gray eyebrows and what, if any, remedial action should be taken. 

Why are my baby’s eyebrows crusty?

There may be times when your child’s eyebrows appear crusty. This may be because something has attached to the hairs of your baby’s brows, such as old milk or oatmeal from a past meal, but oftentimes, crusty eyebrows are the aftermath of dry skin forming beneath the brow or can be a signal that cradle cap has taken over. Either way, neither of these scenarios is harmful to your baby, though you’ll likely still want to seek a remedy.

Baby Has No Eyebrows? It Likely Isn’t Cause For Concern

Though it may sometimes seem that babies don’t have any eyebrows at all, the truth of the matter is that most babies are born with eyebrows that they developed early and in the womb. As time goes on, these eyebrows darken and become more visible, usually by the age of 2-3 months. If you don’t see your baby’s eyebrows darkening by this time, try not to worry. It is likely due to genetics and your baby’s brows should appear in due time. If they do not, we recommend you reach out to a pediatrician with your concerns.

We hope this helps! 

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