7 Best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles (2019 Reviews)

Best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

If you are reading this, it is because you have comotomo bottles and are wondering how to warm comotomo bottles or which is the best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles.

Comotomo bottles are very unique in regards to their shape, design and the material they are made of. Unlike most bottles, these bottles are made purely from silicone, which makes them soft and squeezable just like natural breasts.

However, silicone is quite firm so warming milk in comotomo bottles may take longer than usual.

Using a microwave is not a good option as it destroys nutrients in breast milk and also forms hotspots that can scald your baby if not careful. A good way to warm milk in comotomo bottles is to use a bottle warmer.

But, these bottles have a wide neck that makes it difficult for them to fit into most bottle warmers such as the Dr. Brown’s warmer.

Thus, if you are wondering which warmer is best for these bottles, below is a comprehensive guide. There is a wide range of bottle warmers you can choose from and some will fit the comotomo bottles as well as food jars when you start weaning.

Best bottle warmer comparison table for comotomo bottles

 BrandImportant featuresHeating time (minutes)
Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer and breast milk warmerAuto-shut off
Water bath
Fits standards and wide neck bottles
Munchkin High speed bottle warmerAuto shut off
Steam bath
Audible beeping alert
Fits nearly all sizes of bottles
Tommy Tippee travel bottle warmer and food warmerNo auto shut off
Very portable
Fits all sizes of bottles
No beeping alert
Philips Avent fast bottle warmerNo auto shut off
Water bath
Different temperature settings
LED indicator
First years quick serve bottle warmer
Auto shut off
Sterilizing feature
Fits standards and wide neck bottles
Boon Orb Bottle warmerAuto shut-off
LED indicator
Steam bath
No beeping alert
Born Free tru-temp warmerAuto shut off
Steam bath
Green light indicator
Insulated cooler

A review of the best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

1. Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer and breast milk warmer

Important features

One important feature of the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer and breast milk warmer is that it uses flowing warm water to heat milk and food rather than steaming and boiling which most warmers do.  The flowing water promotes circulation which ensures that the milk is warmed evenly. This is important because it prevents the risk of hot spots in the milk that can scald the baby during feeding.

The Kiinde warmer also ensures that the nutrients in the milk are not destroyed or lost during heating; hence it is a good bottle warmer for breastmilk bags. This is because it operates at a relatively low temperature and also has an auto shut off feature that prevents overheating once the milk reaches the set temperature.

It has a timer that allows you to set the time you want to warm the milk as well as know how much time is left before the milk is completely heated.

Kiinde’s water bath or reservoir is designed to fit all shapes and sizes of milk bottles, food jars and milk storage bags, which means that you do not have to buy another warmer once your baby starts weaning. It is also safe to use containers of all types of materials in the reservoir.


  • Comes with instructions that are easy to understand
  • It is easy to use
  • Warms milk evenly
  • No need to measure water or add more whenever you use it
  • Safe and efficient warming
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is heavy; hence it cannot be easily carried in a diaper bag
  • Takes longer time to warm milk especially frozen milk compared to other bottle warmers
  • The alerting sound after heating is complete is quite low 

Best bottles to use with the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer

You can easily use standard bottles with this bottle warmer as well as bottles with an extra wide neck. Hence, it is the best bottle warmer for Comotomo bottles and others like the Tommee Tippee and Playtex nurser bottles.

It is also the best bottle warmer for glass bottles since it is safe for all materials.


2. Munchkin High Speed bottle warmer

Important features

The Munchkin High Speed bottle warmer uses steam to heat the milk in the bottles. It has many important features such as a reservoir that stores enough water to heat several milk bottles without the need to refill. The steam from the reservoir heats milk evenly preventing the formation of hotspots.

The warmer has a timer that you can easily adjust according to how long you want the milk to heat.  Once the time up, the timer produces a beep to alert you that the milk has been heated. The presence of this feature makes it possible for you to do other chores like attending to the baby without worrying about the milk overheating.

The munchkin time saver is also among the best bottle warmers for breast milk since steaming coupled with the auto shut-off ensures the milk does not overheat, which helps to preserve nutrients in milk. Another notable unique feature that this warmer has is the lift-out basket that helps to lift bottles and food jars from the warmer once heated.


  • It is can be used with all sizes of milk bottles and jars since the lift-out basket on which the containers are placed is wide enough.
  • Has an auto-shut off timer
  • The munchkin high-speed bottle warmer instructions are very easy to follow
  • The beeping alert is loud enough once the milk is heated
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • The temperature is inconsistent. This means that the milk bottle may get really hot during heating which can be a safety hazard if not removed using the lift-out basket.

Best bottles to use with the Munchkin timesaver bottle warmer

The munchkin bottle warmer can be used with all sizes of milk bottles including those with extra wide base and neck.

3. Tommee Tippee travel Bottle warmer and food warmer

Important features

Traveling with a baby can be hectic especially when they don’t like cold milk or food. Traditionally, moms would heat water and put it in a flask which they would use to warm milk while travelling.  The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and food warmer is no different.

It is one of the best portable bottle warmers which can also be used to warm food as well. This warmer consists of two parts; an insulated stainless steel flask, which holds the heated water and the plastic tub/cup in to which the hot water is poured during warming.

The good thing about this warmer is that it easily fits into a diaper bag compared to carrying a regular flask and a large cup when traveling.  For this reason, it is the best travel bottle warmer in the market today.


  • It can be used for wide neck bottles
  • keeps water hot for quite a long time (approximately 10-12 hours)
  • It is large enough to fit baby food jars
  • Has 3 temperature settings, which allows you to choose the appropriate temperature
  • Does not require an electrical outlet


  • You need to have a lot of patience when warming milk using this warmer because it takes a lot of time.
  • It cannot fit into large cup holders in the car
  • Does not have a function to keep the milk warm.

Best bottles to use with the Tommee Tippee travel Bottle warmer and food warmer

This bottle warmer easily fits all bottle sizes including those with wide necks and bottoms; hence the reason why it is the best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles.

4. Philips Avent fast bottle warmer

Important features

The Philips Avent fast bottle warmer heats milk bottles through boiling and it is quite fast. The bottles keep circulating during heating which ensures that the milk is evenly warmed and hence no risk of hotspots. It also has a defrost setting that helps to warm frozen baby food and milk quite fast.

The fact that this warmer lacks an auto-shut off function means that in case you forget when warming milk, the water will continue heating until it evaporates. This can damage the heating system and cause the warmer to breakdown leaving you with no option but to buy another one.


  • It is quite fast
  • Has 3 different temperature settings; hence, allows you to control the temperature
  • Comes with a manual that clearly explains how to warm different milk bottles
  • It is easy to operate
  • Warms milk evenly


  • Does not have an automatic shut off timer so no shutting off once milk is heated.
  • You need to keep refilling water on every use

Best bottles to use with Philips Avent fast bottle warmer

This is obviously the best warmer for Philips Avent bottles as well as the munchkin latch bottles. It is also a good warmer for Playtex nurser bottles, Comotomo bottles and Tommee Tippee bottles, which have a wide neck.

5. The first year quick serve bottle warmer

 Important features

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a bottle warmer, yet you want to have the best experience when warming your baby’s milk and food, then the First Year Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is quite affordable. It is a cheap bottle warmer that warms milk fast and easy to operate. All you need to do is put a little amount of water in the reservoir which boils quite quickly producing steam that warms the milk. For this reason, it is the quickest bottle warmer in the market so far.

An important feature that many moms would love about this warmer is the automatic shut off function. Also, it can fit both standard and wide neck and base milk bottles whether straight or angled quite perfectly. Most importantly, it is BPA free, which means that it does not contain any harmful material that can be a health hazard.

For easy measuring of water, this warmer comes with a measuring vial, which you must use every time when refilling. Also, it comes with a lift-out basket to help in heating food jars and removing milk bottles from the reservoirs once heated. If you want to sterilize baby pacifiers, the basket has a lid for covering during sterilization.


  • Warms milk very quickly
  • Has an automatic shut off feature for safety
  • Come with a lift out basket, which makes it easy for you to remove the heated bottles
  • Fits most sizes of milk bottles and food jars


  • You must fill it with water with every use
  • You need to measure the amount of water to use every time

Best bottles to heat using the first year quick serve bottle warmer

Since this warmer fits most sizes of milk bottles including food jars, it is a good comotomo bottle warmer. It is also the best bottle warmer for food storage jars once baby starts weaning.

6. Boon orb bottle warmer

Important features

The Boon Orb Bottle Warmer uses steam to warm baby’s milk and food. This stylish looking bottle warmer heats bottles evenly through steam which prevents the formation of hotspots. The warming chamber is wide enough to accommodate most types of bottles as well as food jars.

The lift out basket that comes with this warmer makes it easier for you to lift out milk bottles, breastmilk bags and food jars from the warming chamber without getting burnt by the steam.

The boon orb warmer has an auto shut off timer which enables the warmer to shut off once the milk is heated. In addition, once the heating is done, the light on the front switches off. However, you have to keep checking to see whether the heating is complete since there is no beeping sound.

Another important feature is that the warmer comes with water measuring marks at the back of the chamber so you do not have to struggle wondering how much water to use during heating.

It is also a portable baby bottle warmer due to its small size. Hence, you can travel with it easily although you must have an electricity source.


  • Does not form hotspots in milk during heating
  • It is highly efficient
  • Has an auto shut-off
  • Comes with a chart showing you how to warm different types and sizes of containers.


  • It does not fit bottles with a very wide base such as comotomo bottles
  • Has no beeping sound to alert you when heating is done.
  • Some people find the instructions a bit difficult to understand

Best bottles to use with Boon orb bottle warmer

This is the best bottle warmer for baby food jars and bottles with an extra wide neck. However, it is not appropriate for glass bottles.

7. Born free tru-temp bottle warmer and cooler

Important Features 

Born free tru-temp bottle warmer and cooler is one of the best quality bottle warmers in the market. It offers all the important features that help moms to warm their babies’ milk with utmost safety.

To start with, it has an insulated cooler and two ice packs where you can keep two bottles of milk and they will remain cool throughout the day or night. It is, therefore, a good warmer for night time feeding.

Another feature is that it warms milk or formula at the appropriate temperature depending on the size and type of the bottle. All you need to do is dial the appropriate setting and the warmer calculates the temperature automatically based on whether the milk is at room temperature or refrigerated.

The warmer has a light indicator which shows you the progress when heating milk. When heating is complete, a green check mark appears.

It also has an auto-shutoff feature so you do not have to worry about milk or formula overheating.


  • Easy to operate
  • Automatically shuts off after heating
  • Consistent heating
  • Warms bottles quite fast
  • No need to fill the water chamber with every warming


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • The hooks on the handle are not strong enough; hence risky to carry it by the handle

Bottles to use with this warmer

Born free tru-temp bottle warmer fits both standard and wide neck bottles. These include Tommee Tippee, comotomo, Avent, Dr. Brown’s wide wide, Born Free and Medela bottles among others.

Why is warming Comotomo bottles difficult

Comotomo bottles are made of medical grade silicone. Silicone is a non-toxic material, which is extremely heat resistant. Thus, Comotomo bottles are heat resistant.

Although this is a good thing, being resistant to heat means that the bottles do not heat up as fast as other non-silicone bottles.

They require a high temperature in order to heat up completely.

Therefore, if you are using a bottle warmer, you have to set high temperature in order to ensure the milk in the bottle gets warm within a short time. Otherwise you may have to wait for 15-20 minutes for the milk in Comotomo bottles to heat up completely.

This is why heating comotomo bottles in a bowl of water may not be the best option.

The benefits of getting the best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

Saves time

The main reason why I opted to buy a bottle warmer was due to speed. When your little one is crying especially due to hunger, nothing irritates more than waiting for 15 minutes for the milk to get warm in a cup or bowl with water. First, you have to heat the water then place the bottle which can take forever if the milk is frozen.

But a bottle warmer heats the milk quickly even if it is frozen and it is also very safe. If it is at night, you can even move your bottle warmer to the bedroom so that you do not have to rush to the kitchen. The First years night craving bottle warmer and cooler is the best bottle warmer for night time feedings.

Good for travelling

Whether you are going to the park or visiting friends with your baby, you can easily carry your bottle warmer with you. If you are the kind of mom who travels a lot, all you need to do is choose a warmer that is light in weight and can easily fit in the diaper bag. So when travelling with your little one you do not have to worry about feeding him or her cold milk or formula or having to wait until you get back home.

Consistent heating

One thing I like about bottle warmers is that they heat milk consistently. Unlike the microwave, most warmers prevent the risk of hotspots in the baby’s milk. They distribute heat evenly around the bottle using steam or warm water, which prevents uneven heating of the milk.

Constant temperature

Another benefit of investing in a bottle warmer is that they maintain a constant temperature when heating. You can set the temperature you want to warm the milk at so that you do not have to worry about the nutrients in the milk being destroyed due to overheating. Most bottle warmers also have a timer that helps to automatically shut the warmer once heating is complete.

The main types of baby bottle warmers

There are different types of baby bottle warmers in the market. It is good to understand these types so that you can be able to make an informed decision on the type of bottle you want based on its purpose.

Portable baby bottle warmers

The portable baby bottle warmers help you to warm baby’s milk or food while on the go. I find them to be extremely simple and light in weight so it is easy to move them around the house.

Countertop/ standard baby bottle warmers

These are the most commonly used bottle warmers at home. They have a compact design that allows them to sit firmly on a counter. They have most of the basic features of a warmer such as auto shut-off, temperature control function, and water reservoir.

Travel/car bottle warmers

Travel bottle warmers are good for travelling. Some do not need an electric source since you can heat the water at home using an electric kettle then pour it in the warmer and it will remain hot for a long time. Others need to be plugged into a power source such as the cigarette lighter in the car in order to warm milk or food.

Feeding-system bottle warmers

These are similar to the standard type bottle warmers in that they work the same although they are a little bit sophisticated. They usually have a cooler on which you can place a bottle to keep it cold before heating. An example of this is the First years night craving bottle warmer and cooler reviewed above.

What are the most important features of a comotomo bottle warmer?

  • Water reservoir

A water reservoir stores water that is heated during the warming of the milk. Some warmers, especially those that heat bottles through boiling, do not need their water reservoirs to be refilled with every use. However, warmers that use steaming must have their reservoirs refilled every time due to evaporation of water during heating.

  • Temperature control function

This is an important function in a bottle warmer. You need to be able to control the temperature at which you want the milk heated so as to avoid overheating. Most warmers have 3 different temperature settings such as cold, warm, or hot so you can choose the one you want.

  • Automatic shut-off function

This is considered a very important feature by moms. I too highly recommend that when shopping for a bottle warmer, you choose one that has an auto shut-off feature. This is because it allows the warmer to shut off once heating is done for safety reasons.

This function may be either timer-based on temperature-based. The good thing about a timer-based auto shut-off is that it allows you to set the heating time and lets you know how long before heating is done. A temperature-based feature, on the other hand, helps you to set the temperature to prevent overheating once the milk is heated.

I found that the Philips Avent fast bottle warmer does not have an auto shut-off feature which can be quite inconveniencing.  Dr. Brown’s Deluxe has a timer-based auto shut-off function which helps you to set the time you want to heat the milk while Chicco NaturalFit has a temperature-based auto shut-off.

  • Beeping alert

You may find that most of the time while the baby’s milk is heating, you are doing other things like changing diapers or trying to soothe the baby. If you are too busy, you may forget the heating milk which can be very dangerous if the bottle warmer does not have an auto shut-off function.

With some warmers, the bottles continue to heat despite having shut-off automatically. This is why you need to make sure that the warmer produces an audible beeping alert so that you can be able to remove the bottles immediately and prevent overheating.

Things to consider when looking for the best bottle warmer for comotomo 

  • What is the purpose of the baby bottle warmer?

So what is the primary purpose of your bottle warmer? Is it for night time feeding? Travelling? Or simply for home use at any time of the day? If you travel a lot, then you may opt to buy a bottle warmer that you can use to warm your baby’s while travelling.

If your baby feeds frequently at night, a bottle warmer that can store cold milk on one part and warm it up on another part would be ideal so that you don’t have to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night every time.

  • Does it have health and safety features?

When choosing the most appropriate bottle warmer for your baby’s milk, you must consider its health and safety features. An automatic shut-off function is a safety feature that prevents the milk from overheating thereby retaining the nutrient composition.

For warmers that produce steam when the water evaporates, an auto shut off feature prevents the warmer from further heating once all the water has evaporated. In addition, you should ensure that the warmer is not made from any harmful material. It should clearly be stated that it is BPA free.

  • Is the size and material of your feeding bottles and baby food jars compatible?

Different bottle warmers fit different sizes of bottles and jars. Chances are that a warmer that can fit bottles with a very wide base and neck can also fit baby’s food jars.

The best thing is to choose a warmer that has a universal warming chamber instead of a bottle insert. This is because a universal warming chamber can fit all sizes of bottles as well as breastmilk bags, and baby food jars. This means that you do not have to change your bottles so that they can fit in the warmer. Also, there will be no need to buy another warmer once your baby starts weaning.

  • How easy is it to operate?

So you have bought your baby bottle warmer and you are very excited to start using it. But, after several attempts of trying, you realize that the warmer is extremely difficult to operate even after going through each step on the manual. Frustrating huh!.

This is why you must make sure that the warmer comes with instructions that are very easy to understand and follow. The read and set dials must be easy to use and as simple as possible. Choose a bottle warmer model that does not require you to press the buttons with all your energy just to power it on or off.

  • How fast does it warm the milk?

The whole idea of a bottle warmer as I stated earlier is to save time. So how fast it can warm milk is very important. For instance, if it takes 15 minutes to warm milk that is not even frozen, then it is not worth your money.

Choose a model that has been shown to warm milk quickly while still maintaining its nutritional value such as the first year quick serve bottle warmer which warms in 2 to 5 minutes.

  • Is the baby bottle warmer portable?

Will you be able to move the bottle warmer from the kitchen to the bedroom or nursery at night or carry it when travelling? This is an important question you should consider when purchasing a bottle warmer.

A portable bottle warmer should be light in weight and not take up too much space on the counter. You would not want to buy a warmer that is extremely heavy to carry or one that will consume too much space on your kitchen counter or wherever you want to place it in the house.

  • How easy is it to clean?

Some bottle warmers can be extremely difficult to clean. Those with a water reservoir tend to get slimy if the water is not changed for a while and others get mineral deposits that reduce their efficiency.

So purchase a bottle warmer that you can easily take apart during cleaning and then set it up with ease. However, you should not take apart the unit or deep it in the water during cleaning. Based on this review, Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is difficult to clean since you cannot disassemble it.

How to clean a baby bottle warmer

Watch video on how to clean the First Years Baby Bottle Warmer

Water bath or Steam heat bottle warmer, which one would you prefer?

A water bath works by simply circulating the water around the milk bottle. This takes a lot of time compared to steaming but has a lot of advantages. For instance, the slow heating prevents overheating of the breast milk hence nutrients are retained. It also allows the milk bottles to heat evenly which prevents some areas of the milk becoming hotter than others.

In bottle warmers that use steam heat, the water in the reservoir is heated to a point where it starts to evaporate. This produces steam which in turn heats the milk in the bottles. One advantage of a steam bath is that it is faster compared to the water bath. However, steaming does not heat the bottles evenly which encourages the formation of hotspots in the milk. Also, the steam produced is usually at a very high temperature which can destroy the nutritional value of the milk. Boon Orb and Dr. Brown Deluxe are examples of warmers that use steam heat.

Based on this, I would recommend the use of bottle warmers with a water bath such as the Kiinde Kozii, Philips Avent fast and Chicco NaturalFit two in one.

Recommended bottle warmer for comotomo bottles

As you have seen in the review of the bottle warmers above, each bottle warmer has different features depending on its purpose. Some are good for travelling, others are good for night time feeding, while others are the best for breast milk, formula or baby food. Based on this, you need a bottle warmer that has a majority of the most important features and can serve multiple purposes so that you do not have to purchase different bottle warmers when all you want is a warmer that can efficiently and safely warm your baby’s milk or food.

I recommend the First year quick serve bottle warmer due to several reasons.

It fulfils the checklist of the most important features that bottle warmers should have in that it is;

  • The quickest bottle warmer available that uses steam to warm milk.
  • Has an auto shut-off function which is a safety feature that allows it to shut off once heating is complete.
  • Comes with a lift out basket for safety when removing heated bottles from the water,
  • It is affordable compared to most of the other bottle warmers
  • Has a measuring vial that helps you to refill the reservoir
  • Fits both standard and wide base milk bottles and food jars
  • You can use it to sterilize baby pacifiers and bottle nipples
  • Comes with a cover for covering the basket during sterilization
  • It is BPA free
  • Once your baby starts weaning, you can easily warm food jars without having to buy another warmer.

Are there any alternatives to the best bottle warmer for comotomo bottles?

If you are wondering how to warm comotomo bottles without a bottle warmer, there are a few alternatives to a bottle warmer. But before you get all excited and do the happy dance, let’s look at the three main alternatives and why I would not recommend them.


I bet all households have a microwave so I understand why you would gladly jump at this alternative. Apart from not spending a dime from your pocket, all you need to do is take your milk bottle, place it in the microwave, set the temperature and wait for the milk to heat. However, heating baby’s milk in a microwave is a recipe for disaster because:

  • There is a high risk of hot spots forming in the milk which can burn your baby if the milk is not well mixed.
  • You do not know the right temperature to heat the milk, so you can easily overheat. Overheating destroys nutrients in breastmilk so your baby will miss out on the appropriate nutrients provided by breastmilk.

Placing in a bowl of warm water or running under hot tap water

Okay, so a microwave is not a good alternative, but can I run the bottles under hot tap water?

Yes, you certainly can. But…picture yourself holding a crying baby in one hand while on the other hand, you are holding the milk bottle under the running hot water. If the milk is frozen, I can promise you one thing, you will be standing there for a long.  You can, however, place the bottle in a bowl of hot water but this will also take a while compared to the time taken by a good bottle warmer.


If you are a stay at home mom who only leaves the house for not more than 30 minutes, breastfeeding is a good alternative to a bottle warmer. This way, you are sure that your baby is getting 100% of the nutrients from breast milk since the milk is coming straight from the source and at the right temperature. But truth be told, you cannot manage to stay at home all year-round without visiting friends, family, going to the park or holiday. Sometimes you may need to leave your little one with someone else, and in that case, you will certainly need a bottle warmer.

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