Crib Vibration – Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

By Maria Wilcox •  Updated: 09/13/22 •  11 min read
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Have sleepless nights with your newborn caused you to seek out more information about crib vibration and its benefits? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Crib vibration is currently on trend, with some parents attesting that it’s solved all of their baby’s sleep woes and then some. But is buying a crib vibration machine for babies worth it? We’ll answer that and more in today’s post. 

crib vibration

Do Vibrations Calm Babies?

Yes, vibrations can calm babies. But that is assuming it is a safe and gentle vibration.

The reason that vibrations calm babies is relatively simple. When your baby was in the womb, he or she was very used to hearing rhythmic sounds. The sound of your heartbeat, the lull of your steps, and the gentle hum of your voice can all be heard by your baby in utero. As your baby is secure in the womb, he or she is gently swayed over the course of the day by your body movements. All of this sound and movement throughout the day feels calming for you baby.

Once out in the world, however, things are quite different. No longer is your baby in the environment he or she once was. Now the sounds are louder, harsher, and brighter. And now, unless your newborn is swaddled in your arms, he or she is likely feeling exposed and in need of comfort. So, what can be done?

Well, there are quite a few things you can do. Of course, the best thing is to simply hold your baby, or better yet, wrap them in a safe baby carrier. Here they can be flush with your skin and can still hear your comforting heartbeat as they used to in the womb. 

Having said that, you aren’t able to hold your baby all night and may be looking for ways to help your baby sleep. So, does crib vibration help? For some parents, it certainly seems that way!

crib vibration

Does Vibration Help Babies Sleep?

Yes, vibration can help babies sleep, but there are a few things to keep in mind about using a vibration machine before you purchase one. 


As with anything, you’ll first want to ensure that whatever vibration device you purchase won’t negatively impact their development. Despite much of what you see on the internet and other blog posts, there is evidence that whole-body vibrations may impact brain development in babies. For this reason, it is vital that you do your research and not overuse your vibration machine. It is also important that you only use a vibration machine specifically designed for the use of babies. Other vibration machines and devices may be too rough for a baby, may impede their sleep, and may do damage to their nervous system.

Note: There are risks with putting foreign objects directly in cribs with babies under the age of one. This could result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Outside of knowing that the vibration mechanism you use for your little one is safe you’ll also want to ensure that it is efficient. Though many parents love vibration devices, the fact of the matter is that some loathe them. Reasons cited for disliking them include the fact that babies can slide off of mattress pad vibrators, which wakes the baby. Thus, the vibration machine becomes more of an ineffective annoyance that disrupts sleep for both the baby and the parent. 

Because of these types of issues, it is important to read reviews and try these machines out for yourself to see if they are actually a good fit for your baby. If your baby isn’t getting any benefit from using it, it may be best to opt for a simple sound machine (a form of auditory vibration) instead. 


Another important factor to consider when using a vibration machine is the duration of its use. Remember that there are some studies that seem to indicate that prolonged vibration of babies may negatively affect brain development. Though many parents choose to use their vibration machines for a long period of time, we’d suggest keeping it limited. And if you think these limitations are just for physical vibration machines, think again. Some auditory sounds have also been found to disrupt brain development when paired with prolonged or inappropriate use. 


Last but not least, you’ll want to know what method you’ll want to use to vibrate your baby. There are various methods you can choose including sound, mattress pad, bassinet, or vibrating stuffed toys. Of course, not all of these would be appropriate picks for every age. It is up to you to note age recommendations on each product and to responsibly make use of each. Still, it helps to know that you’ve got options so you can select the crib vibration mechanism you think will be the best fit for your baby. 

Can You Make a Crib Vibrate?

There aren’t many–if any– actual vibrating cribs on the market. Most vibration mechanisms are meant to be placed in the crib, which may be a hazardous practice on its own. Nevertheless, there are bassinets (which are similar to mini cribs) that you can utilize that come with their own vibration features. The most popular vibration bassinets include those from HALO, Fisher-Price, Graco, and Delta brands. 

These include:

Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings Bedside Bassinet - Portable Crib with Lights and Sounds, Falling Leaves

Is a Vibrating Bassinet Worth It?

Now that you know what vibrating options are out there, you may be wondering if a vibrating bassinet is even worth the purchase. 

The answer? It honestly depends on your baby. 

Not every baby will love the sense of artificial vibration, and for some babies, it may even disrupt their sleep. Other babies may love it. Seasoned moms and dads will tell you to wait and see if your baby sleeps well before investing in something like this. If you do make the investment, many parents recommend checking out Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet as it will begin rocking your baby at the sense of his or her cry. Just beware of the price tag–it tends to be a bit expensive! 

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison , 19 D x 26 W x 41 H Inch (Pack of 1)
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Best Baby Crib Vibration Machine

Now that you’re equipped with the pros and cons of using vibration machines, we thought it might be good to share with you a couple of parents’ favorite vibration machines to get you started. Note that each of these vibration methods are good for babies of different ages, with some being safer for young babies than others. In addition, you may not find that every machine works well for your baby.

Okay, enough rambling… let’s jump in!

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad
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If you haven’t heard of this one yet, you’re in for a treat. The Lulla Vibe Pad is one of the most popular vibrating mechanisms around for baby cribs. It’s portable and can be stuck in your baby’s chair, bassinet, or crib. It has a strong vibration that can vibrate continuously or can be set within 30 minutes. It has a gradual shut off so as to not jar your baby out of their sleep. Parents attest that this lulls their baby to sleep, but they also complain about how much it eats batteries. The suggestion is to go with rechargeable batteries with the expectation of having to charge it a couple of times a week. 

Pros and Cons

  • Timer for 30 minutes
  • Portable
  • Cord-Free
  • Made with BPA-Free Material
  • Easy Access Power Off Button
  • Only Turns on When Power Button is Held for at Least 3 Seconds to Avoid Accidental Functioning
  • Requires frequent battery changes

Fisher-Price Plush Dog Baby Toy and Portable Sound Machine with Vibrations

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Want something for a baby or toddler who is a bit older? Try the Fisher-Price Cuddle Soother. These are stuffed animals that sing and vibrate. Though they are advertised as being suitable for birth and up, you should not put any stuffed animals or loose blankets in a crib for babies under one year. Thus, we recommend this vibration device only for babies older than one year. 

Pros and Cons

  • Customizable Settings
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose
  • Volume Can Be Controlled
  • White Noise Machine Will Play For 10 Minutes
  • Washable Once Electronics Are Removed*
  • Some Complain That the Sounds Are Too Loud For Nighttime Sleep
  • Cuddle Soother May Appear Smaller in Person Than What It Seems Online

Should You Try Crib Vibration For Your Baby? Maybe Yes, Maybe No…

Though there are many options out there for crib vibration for your baby, it is a personal decision whether or not you should utilize it. Not every baby will require vibration to fall asleep, and some babies may even grow dependent on it over time. Whether or not you use one will be up to you. Know also that some babies find the vibration to be more of a disturbance than a help.

Remember that too much vibration may or may not have a negative impact on your child’s brain development depending on usage. 

We hope this helps!


Are vibrating chairs good for babies?

Vibrating chairs may be calming for some babies. 

Does vibration help with colic?

Though there are many methods that can be utilized to reduce colic symptoms, vibration does seem to be one of the more effective methods. 

When can babies go in vibrating chair?

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure of when it is safe to use a vibrating chair.

Is it OK for baby to sleep in vibrating bouncer?

We recommend that your baby not sleep in any sort of bouncer or rocker. Bouncers and rockers are great for short and supervised usage while your baby is awake. 

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