24 Months vs 2t – Know the Differences!

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Whether you’ve been buying baby clothes for a while or are new to the game, you’ve likely seen baby and toddler clothing marked as 24 months or 2t. You’ve likely wondered what’s the difference. In this article, we will break down the differences between sizes 24 months vs 2t so that you can feel confident knowing that you’re buying the right size for your little one the next time you’re out.

Difference Between 24 Months and 2t

The difference between 24 months and 2t will depend on the brand of clothing. For some brands, the two sizes are the exact same. For other brands, however, the two sizes are quite different.

If you’re anything like most parents, you’ve likely seen these two sizes in the store. You may have figured you could buy either one for your child. While that can be true, it is worth noting that the two sizes may fit differently depending on the brand. 

Size 2t is generally fitted for toddler children. This is why the sizing is noted as “2”, as in age 2, and “t”, as in toddler. Because these clothes are marketed towards toddlers, you’ll notice that the cuts may be thinner, taller, and more form-fitting. Aside from size, you may also notice that the designs on the clothing may be a bit more mature than baby-styled clothing. They may even come in “mommy and me” matching style designs that both mom and toddler can wear. 

Simple Joys by Carter's Toddler Boys' 3-Piece Button-Up, Shorts, and Tee Playwear Set, Dinosaur/Trucks, 2T

Size 24 months, though marketed towards toddlers around the same age, may look and fit a bit different than 2t clothing.

Because 24-month-old wear is marketed as “baby” clothes, these articles of clothing may appear wider. This is true especially when it comes to the pants area, as they are generally made to leave extra room for diapers. Moreover, clothing labeled 24 months will likely come in colors, patterns, and styles that are more “baby-ish”. They’d have animal prints, cutesy designs, and softer fabrics. 

An easier way to remember the general differences between 2t and 24 months is to remember that 24 months refers to one month during which your baby might be that particular size while 2t could encompass the entire two-year-old year. Thus, the 2t size would naturally be better for older, taller, and thinner two-year-old children, while 24 months represents the size, shapes, and patterns akin to a baby only 24 months old who, by default, might be a bit chubbier and may still be wearing a diaper. 

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Girls' Snap-Up Rompers, Pack of 3, Navy/Pink/Yellow, Dots/Stripe, 24 Months

What Is Taller: 2t or 24 Months?

When it comes to sizing, 2t is generally much taller and thinner of a design. Some brands, however, treat 2t and 24 months much the same. 

For example, Gerber Children’s Wear treats sizes 2t and 24 months exactly the same. Other companies, however, such as Baby Gap, design clothes marked 2t and 24 months much differently.

For that reason, it is imperative to know what you’re getting and how brand sizes compare.

If you aren’t sure of the differences between brands and are unsure of whether or not a 2t or 24 months would work better for your child, you should consider:

  • how tall your baby is
  • how thin they are
  • whether or not they are still in diapers

You should also always consult clothing tags and online websites for size charts that may be available. If all else fails and you’re still unsure, buy both sizes, keep the receipt, and return the one that doesn’t quite fit! 

What Size Is 2t vs 24 Months?

It is important to know that not all sizes are uniform when selecting clothing in 2t or 24 months. Generally speaking, you can expect sizes 2t to be taller, thinner, and more mature-looking, however, some companies treat the two sizes as if they are the same.

For example, Children’s Place sizing for 2t vs 24 months is as follows: 

  • 32-33.5 inches (height) and 28-30 lbs (weight) for 24 months
  • 33.5-35 inches (height) and 30-32 lbs (weight) for 2t
The Children's Place baby girls The Children's Place and Toddler Graphic T-shirt T Shirt, Mommy 1, 5T US

On the flip side, Gerber’s sizing is the same for both 2t and 24 months and is as follows:

  • 32-34 inches (height) and 28-32 lbs (weight)

Is 24 Months the Same as 1t?

Sizes labeled as 24 months won’t be the same as 1t because clothing labeled as 1t are typically made for children that are a year old. The differences between a baby that is one year old and a baby that is 24 months old could be vastly different. Therefore, it isn’t wise to assume that clothing labeled 1t is synonymous with clothing labeled 24 months. 

In addition, it might help to know that while there are toddler clothes marked as 1t, there are also clothing sizes marked as 12 months. Like 2t and 24 months, 12 months and 1t can get confusing as some clothes marked this way may fit the exact same. To know for sure, be sure to read the label on baby clothing to ensure that you are purchasing the best fit for your baby. 

Difference Between 2 and 2t

In some countries such as Australia, sizes are labeled as a simple “2” rather than 2t. Assuming that the clothes are children’s clothes, it is okay to assume that a 2 is labeled as such because it is designed for a two-year-old.

Therefore, in most cases, children’s clothes marked as a size 2 will be the equivalent to children’s clothes marked as a 2t. 

24 Month Clothes

Remember that 24 months clothes will have more room in the pant area for diapers. They may not be designed to be as form-fitting as clothing marked as 2t. You can also count on clothing marked as 24 months to be made with baby-like designs. They’d be fashioned with comfortable fabrics and styles, such as roomy baby bloomers, flowy infant tops, and soft elastic-waisted pants for the very young two-year-old. 

2t Size Meaning

When shopping for children’s clothes, you may be confused about what the numbers and letters on clothing sizes actually mean. In the case of clothing marked as 2t, you can bet that the “2” stands for age 2, and the “t” stands for toddler. 

Is 2t or 24 Months Best For My Baby?

Still, need a little help when it comes to deciding which clothing size might best fit your baby? Use the guidelines below to help you. Just remember that not all 24-month and 2t clothing will fit the same. Different brands fashion these two sizes differently, in accordance with their own standard of measure. Some brands, like Gerber, may not make any distinction between the two of them at all! 

24 Months

  • Wider and Flowier
  • Not as Thin and Tall as 2t
  • Leaves More Room in the Pant For Diapers
  • Elastic Bands and Softer Materials
  • Baby-Like Prints and Patterns


  • Taller and Thinner Design
  • More Mature Styles and Patterns
  • Less Focus on Comfort and More Focus on Trend
Simple Joys by Carter's Toddler Boys' Short-Sleeve Graphic Tees, Pack of 3, Navy/Grey/White, Stripe/Dinosaur, 2T

What If My Toddler Cannot Fit 24 Months?

If your toddler is not able to fit 24-month-old clothing, or if you think the clothing looks oddly shaped (remember, the two sizes aren’t always exactly the same), then by all means try 2t. See if that size fits better. Remember also that sizing in the world of baby clothes tends to be more of a general guideline than a hard rule. As such, you shouldn’t expect your baby to always fit clothing the way that it is marked, even if it’s marked as the “right” age for your child. 

Children grow and develop at different rates, and therefore, will wear different sizes at different ages. This is completely normal, and nothing to worry about!

What Size Should a 2-Year-Old Wear?

Your two-year-old should wear whatever size he or she is most comfortable in. It may take you buying a couple of sizes and trying them on your baby to see which fit is best. Once you determine the best fit for your baby, you should feel free to dress your child in that size, no matter if it is the “right” size as marked by the age on the tag. 

It could be that your two-year-old is wearing a size 4t in which case the “4” represents age 4 and the “t” represents toddler. Though it may seem as though 4t would be way too big for a toddler that is the age of two, the truth is that many two-year-old toddlers can wear this size. Especially if they are tall for their age! Thus, what size a 2-year-old should wear really depends on your toddler’s shape, height, weight, and the brand of clothing you buy! 

Simple Joys by Carter's Toddler Girls' Short-Sleeve Graphic Tees, Pack of 3, Grey/Pink/Navy, Unicorn, 2T

24 Months vs 2t: Could Be Different, But Could Also Be the Same!

As frustrating as it is, the differences between 2t and 24 months all depend on the brand. Some brands treat the two sizes the exact same, while others fashion the two sizes differently. 

To know for sure, it is best to try baby clothes on your baby. Keep trying until you find the correct sizes in the brands you typically buy for your child.

Remember also that your child may wear different sizes when it comes to both tops and bottoms, depending on their build. Just go with the flow and buy what fits best! We hope this helps… Time to go shopping!

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