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Shopping for kiddos can be hard, especially when it comes to sizing. If you have a growing toddler you may be left wondering what size is after 5T? If that’s you, no need to worry. We’ve got all the information about children’s clothing sizes in today’s post.

What Size Comes After 5t?

What comes after 5t?

The technical answer to this question is that the next size up from 5T will be a 5, then 6T, then 6. But there’s a little more to it than that. 

Before diving into the meat and potatoes of what sizes come after 5T, we’d like to start off by breaking down the system behind sizing in children’s clothes. 

Whether you are wondering about the differences between 24 months vs 2t or are wondering about 5t sizing, the fact of the matter is that children’s sizing can get tricky. Especially when you consider the fact that sizes and standards vary in different parts of the world. 

In the United States, for example, toddler sizing is typically broken down by age. It will be denoted with the letter “T” along with the number corresponding to the child’s age. These sizes are merely approximate and by no means indicate that it is the size that your child WILL wear. Rather, sizes marked in such a way are designed for the size a child might be for that age group. But you, as the parent, will need to make the determination for what sizes actually fit your child. 

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What Size Comes After 5t in Clothes?

As previously mentioned, the size that comes after 5T isn’t necessarily clear-cut. It ranges from size 5 to 6T and then 6, but as you may discover, not all of these options will always be available to you. 

When shopping for clothing for young children, it is important to realize that different brands carry different sizes. And even the same sizes can sometimes be radically different from company to company (and even within the company!).

For this reason, it really helps to know your child’s measurements and to take them with you when you are shopping in person or online. 

Knowing your child’s measurements removes all of the guesswork and allows you to properly match your child to the best fitting clothing, even if the sizing isn’t what you’d normally get. By now you likely know that some brands can run bigger, shorter, longer, and slimmer than others. So knowing your child’s measurements can really be a game-changer when it comes to selecting the right fit. 

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Difference Between 5 and 5t Clothes

The difference between size 5 and 5T clothes isn’t always crystal clear. Depending on the brand, there may hardly be a difference between the two sizes.

Often, however, the difference between the two sizes will be the most noticeable in terms of length and space within the garment. 

For example, you may find that pants marked as size 5 may fit your child more snuggly and that the legs on the pants are longer. This is because pants made for children size 5 are made to fit the longer and slimmer body of a 5-year-old. Meanwhile, 5T clothing is made to fit the way they might fit a toddler, who quite possibly, may still be in a diaper.

And while most of us do not consider a 5-year-old a “toddler”, it’s worth noting that there are many toddlers that are tall for their age and may need size 5 clothing although they are still shaped like toddlers. 

Being much pudgier and often in diapers, these young but tall children may need clothing that is larger than the average child their age, but a regular size 5 in the children’s clothing section may not quite fit right due to its lean cut. This is often therefore the reason for the differences in 5 and 5T clothing for children. 

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Difference Between Size 5t and 6

Is there a difference between size 5T and 6? Yes! And depending on the brand, the size differences could be quite radical! 

Take these size differences at Children’s Place for example. We’ve compared a toddler shirt 5T with girl and boy’s shirts in a size 6. 

Notice how much these differ:

Children’s Place Toddler Shirt (Both Boy and Girl):

  • Height: 41-44 inches
  • Weight: 39-45 lbs
  • Chest: 22-23 inches
  • Waist: 22-22.5 inches

Children’s Place Shirt Size 6 (Both Boy and Girl):

  • Height: 44-46.5 inches
  • Weight: 45-50 lbs
  • Chest: 23-24 inches
  • Waist: 22.5-23 inche

As you can see, the differences between the two sizes are enough to really make a difference in how well your child’s clothes fit. Remember, however, that every brand will fit differently in accordance with its own sizing guidelines. Therefore, it is essential to know your toddler’s measurements before you start shopping. 

Your other option? Simply buy a size larger than what you think your child will actually wear so that you are able to give your child time to grow into the clothes. This, of course, is much better than buying clothing that will potentially be too small as you won’t have to deal with the hassle of returning or donating items that don’t fit. 

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What Size Comes After 5t For Toddlers?

What Size Underwear Comes After 5t?

Most underwear comes in the same sizing as children’s clothing. Remember that it is important to take your child’s measurements to ensure the right fit for your child before purchasing, especially when it comes to underwear. Know the size of your child’s waist and hips before making the purchase so you aren’t putting yourself at risk of wasting money. 

As mentioned, you may also simply buy the underwear a size larger than you normally would in order to allow your child time to grow into them.

What Size Comes After 5t For Girls?

What Size Comes After 5t For Boys?

Both boy and girl sizing will often run the same size. However, it is always best to check ahead of time. \

Rather than worry too much about the differences between boy’s and girl’s sizing in children’s clothing, it may be best to focus more on what sizes are actually available in the brands you are interested in, as some brands may offer sizes that others don’t (such as size 6T).

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What Size Comes After 6t?

Didn’t know there was a size 6T? Neither did we! But upon further research, it turns out that there are a few clothing brands that carry size 6T.

Like 5T versus size 5, the differences in these sizes tend to be that one is leaner and longer than the other. The same is true for sizes 6 and 6T. After 6T should usually come size 6, closely followed by size 6X (which is the same as 6 and a half) and 7. 


Do certain types of clothing fit differently than others?

Yes! Oftentimes, you may find that certain types of clothes, even within the same brand, fit differently than others. It is for this reason that we recommend trying clothing on your child first before making purchases whenever you can. Some online shops like Amazon allow you to try clothing on before you purchase them when buying select items. This can be very helpful when you aren’t sure which size will fit your child the best. 

What if my 5-year-old does not fit 5t clothes?

There is no need to worry if your 5-year-old cannot actually fit 5t or size 5 clothes. Feel free to buy him or her the size they need, even if it is much bigger (or smaller) than what another child their same age may be wearing.

Do I have to shop in the toddler section for my toddler?

Remember, it is always in your best interest to buy the clothing that best fits your child rather than try to adhere to what you “think” you should buy. In other words, if your toddler fits children’s clothing better than they do toddler clothing, then, by all means, shop the children’s section! 
Just be sure to keep your toddler’s comfort a priority and not purchase anything that may be too form-fitting or that may cause discomfort in any way. Children are very active and they need to be comfortable throughout the day. 
Bear in mind also that children’s clothes aren’t usually designed with extra space in the pants for a diaper the way that toddler clothing is, so if your baby is still wearing diapers you’ll want to make sure you purchase the correct sized clothing that will also allow more room for a diaper.

What Size Is After 5T? Check and See…

All in all, it is very important that you check the various size offerings from brands you buy from to determine which might make the best fit for your child. Remember that the general succession of sizes that would follow 5T would be sizes 5 and 6, however, there are some companies that offer size 6T as well. 

Before picking out clothing for your child, be sure to take some measurements or consider going in-person to select clothing so that you can try the clothes on your child before making your final purchases.

We hope this helps. Until next time!

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